Is your PS5 blinking Orange and you’re unsure of what this means? Have you left your PlayStation on, but you have been inactive for a while?

The PS5 flashing Orange light is not anything to be concerned about, and should only occur when your Sony console is transitioning from the ‘Power On’ status into ‘Rest Mode’.

Once your PS5 has entered this idle mode, there should be the PS5 solid Orange light that appears through the middle of your device. This light may be seen as more yellow or amber, depending on your PlayStation.

In this easy to follow guide, we well expand on why your PS5 is blinking Orange, as well as provide you with additional information on how to manage the rest mode on your console so you know what to do if your PlayStation 5 gets stuck with the flashing Orange light.

Why is My PS5 Blinking Orange?

PS5 Blinking Orange

Why is PS5 blinking Orange?

A PS5 blinking orange light means your console is going into rest mode. This mode is also known as the PS5 standby status. Your console will automatically go into this setting when it has been left idle for a certain period. The PS5 rest mode uses less power while still allowing your PlayStation to perform tasks in the background.

A PS5 will blink Orange when it is transitioning from ‘Powered On’ into ‘Rest’ mode.

Once your console has successfully entered this low-power mode, your PS5 will display a solid Orange light. 

Why Does my PS5 go into Rest Mode?

PS5 will automatically blink orange, and enter rest mode when your console recognizes you have been inactive for some time. This is to save power while you are not currently using the device.

When your PS5 is in standby mode, you have the option to switch your console off, otherwise, if you leave your PlayStation in rest mode, you will still be able to;
  • Charge your controller
  • Keep an active game postponed
  • Complete game updates

Once you decide you are ready to exit out of the rest mode, your PS5 will resume a solid White light, and you will be able to pick up where you left off, whether you had a game paused, or you were making use of a downloaded app.

How to Exit PS5 Rest Mode

When you want to exit out of the PS5 rest mode, you can do so by pressing down on the PS button for a couple of seconds.

How to Turn PS5 Into Rest Mode

You can purposefully put your PS5 into rest mode, and not have to wait for your console to do it automatically.

To do this, simply;

Step 1. Press on the PS button on your controller

Step 2. From the menu provided, press the ‘Power’ option

Step 3. Select ‘Rest Mode’

Your PS5 will show a blinking Orange light while it is updating into rest mode.

PS5 Stuck Blinking Orange Light

PS5 blinking Orange

PS5 stuck blinking Orange

Is your PS5 getting stuck on a blinking Orange light? If your PlayStation 5 is frozen with a flashing Orange light, this will mean your console is not exiting out of rest mode and is having difficulty transitioning into the ‘power on’ state with the PS5 solid White light. 

There are a few reasons which could be causing your PS5 to be stuck with a blinking Orange light;

Reason 1. PS5 Power Supply Issue

Your PS5 uses less power when it is in rest mode compared to when it is powered on. If your console does not receive enough power to be active in full capacity, it may get stuck in rest mode.

Reason 2. PS5 Hardware Problem

There could be an internal hardware problem with your console. This could include a loose cable or a damaged component within the PS5.

Reason 3. Overuse of PS5 Sleep Mode

Other users of the console have reported that their PS5 will stay blinking Orange if they have left it in rest mode for an extended period.

Reason 4. PS5 Applications not Properly Shut Down

Your PS5 can sometimes glitch in rest mode if open applications or web browsers on the console have not been properly closed before your gaming device goes into standby.

How to Fix PS5 Stuck on Blinking Orange Light

PS5 blinking orange

How to fix PS5 stuck on blinking Orange light

You can fix your PS5 from being stuck with the blinking Orange light issue by completing a ‘Power Reset’ on your console. This will involve disconnecting your console from its main plug point and leaving it off for around 30 seconds before you plug it back in.

Further solutions to stop the PS5 blinking orange light to be stuck include;

Fix 1. Reboot PS5

Step 1. Press down on the PS button for no less than 20 seconds

Step 2. Allow your console to reboot itself

Once your console has started up again, check to see if the PS5 solid White light is visible instead of the Orange LED.

(Fun fact; Sony started manufacturing ‘Pocket Radios’ in 1957. They were supposedly the smallest radios to ever be produced. They later came into an issue where the radios were too large to fit in shirt pockets. In order to stick to owning the ‘smallest’ radio devices, they made shirts specifically for their salesmen that had big enough shirt pockets to put them into).

Fix 2. Change PS5 Power Cable

The cable you are using to connect your PS5 to power may be the issue. Try swapping to a different cable to see if your console gets out of rest mode.

Change your power supply to make sure it is not the plug point that is interfering with your console.

Fix 3. Shut Down Open PS5 Applications

If you want to manually your PS5 into rest mode, make sure you shut down any open applications or web browsers that could cause your PlayStation to experience the PS5 stuck on blinking Orange error.

Why is My PS5 Controller Blinking Orange?

Your PS5 controller will blink Orange when it is low on battery and needs to be put on charge. While it is on charge, there will be a solid Orange light, and once the device is fully charged, the LED will switch off.

Before your PS5 controller will flash Orange, there will be a Blue light to confirm it is turning on.

What Do PS5 Lights Mean?

Playing PS5 game

What do PS5 lights mean?

Your PS5 will display many different colour lights. Each colour will mean something different on your console and can be displayed as a solid or blinking light. As previously stated, the PS5 blinking Orange light will mean your device is transitioning into rest mode, and the PS5 solid Orange light will confirm it is successfully idle. 

Here are the meanings of the other light displays you will see on your console;

No Light

This will confirm your console is powered off.

Note, when your PS5 is switched off, your controllers will not be able to charge and programs will not be installed.

PS5 Blue Light

Your console is in the process of turning on. This is when the PS5’s system wakes up and reconnects to the PlayStation Network.

If the PSN server is down, this could interfere with your console starting up successfully.

PS5 Solid White Light

Your PlayStation is on and functioning properly.

PS5 Blinking White Light

Your PlayStation is shutting down completely.

Please note, if your PS5 only displays a blinking White light, or the Blue light does not change, then your console may be frozen, and you will need to unplug it for around a minute.


With this simple guide, we hope you now understand why your PS5 is blinking Orange, and that you are now able to notice if an issue is occurring on your console with the knowledge of what the other PS5 light displays mean.

If you are experiencing any further issues on your Sony PlayStation, we advise you check out their Support Page, where you should find the answer to your concern. They do have an ‘Online Assistant’ feature that you can make use from this page, if you need further help.

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