Does Peacock keep buffering every time you try and stream a movie or program? Is your Peacock display blurry?

A weak internet connection is the main cause for users to experience the Peacock playback error when they try and utilise their streaming app.

Is Peacock not working on your Samsung TV?

From a simple update of the app to changing the image quality settings, this directory will guide you through everything you need to know to help you understand why Peacock keeps buffering, as well as provide you will simple solutions that you will be able to execute so you can get back to utilising your Peacock streaming service with ease.

Why is Peacock buffering?

Peacock keeps buffering

Why does my streaming TV keep buffering?

Peacock will keep buffering if you are logged in to your account on multiple different devices. You can stream Peacock simultaneously on a maximum of three different devices. Although this is available to make use of, it can interfere with how well the video streaming app downloads the necessary amount of data to play a video without having to buffer.

Peacock requires at least a 2.5Mbps download speed to be able to stream without buffering. If all three devices are connected and playing at the same time, this will put pressure on the amount of bandwidth received.

Other reasons that will cause the Peacock buffering limit to be reached include;

Reason 1. Peacock Quality Settings

The app streams on a high definition which can be the reason why Peacock keeps freezing when you are trying to stream a video.

If the quality settings on Peacock cannot be supported by your device or your internet connection, this will be why Peacock will keep freezing.

Reason 2. Weak Internet Connection

You will incur a Peacock playback error if it is not connected to a stable internet connection that supplies an adequate bandwidth speed.

Peacock will attempt to download the required amount of data needed to play your desired video before it proceeds to stream.

If the software cannot complete this phase, this is when the content will automatically stop because it will need to download more data.

Reason 3. Peacock Server Status is Down

If the Peacock server is down, you won’t be able to stream without experiencing any issues.

The server could be unavailable due to planned maintenance works being done to improve the performance of the streaming service, or there has been an unexpected outage.

You can check Peacock’s server status here.

Reason 4. Lack of Memory

If you are accessing Peacock on a device that is low on memory, the service will not be able to download the necessary cache files that are used to improve the apps performance and stream videos without any interruptions.

Reason 5. Outdated Peacock app

Your Peacock app installed on your device may be outdated.

This can sometimes cause your Peacock TV to keep buffering if the software is outdated, or there are contaminated files included on the device.

How to Stop Peacock From Buffering

Peacock keeps buffering

How to stop Peacock from buffering

You can stop Peacock from buffering by signing out on all the different devices you have logged in to your account on. This will ensure your streaming is not affected by the number of connected devices using the same network simultaneously. You can log out of all other devices by accessing; Account Page > Devices Tab > Other Devices > Delete Other Devices.

To prevent Peacock from stopping during a program, you can use the following easy solutions;

Fix 2. Change Peacock Quality Settings

If you have the resolution setting to 4K on the app, this will require more bandwidth to be able to stream your program without Peacock stopping.

Amending the imagery to a lower quality can help prevent Peacock from displaying a Black screen due to being frozen as it won’t need to download as much data.

How to change video quality on Peacock:

Peacock will automatically play at a high definition resolution, you can, however, change the quality by updating your screen resolution from your TV.

Fix 3. Reboot Internet Connection

Rebooting your network will refresh your internet connection and give Peacock an improved, stable connection to be able to stream without any interferences.

Step 1. Remove your Wifi router from its plug point for a couple of minutes

(Make sure you turn the modem off first).

Step 2. Reconnect your router and switch it back on

Once your internet is active again, relaunch Peacock and reattempt to stream the program you were having difficulty with.

(Did you know; You can download Peacock for free, and have access to 7,500 hours worth of programs and movies before needing to have an active subscription. It is, however, currently only available in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria and Italy).

If you are downloading large files, or active on an online video game while you are trying to watch something on Peacock, this will also cause Peacock to keep buffering. Disconnect any devices that you do not need to use while you are on the app.

Fix 4. Clear Memory

Clear the memory of the device you are accessing Peacock on. This will create more space for the cache files from the app to be downloaded onto your device.

Erasing unnecessary files that are taking up space will stop congestion that is potentially causing Peacock to keep stopping when there is not enough space to download data.

Fix 5. Update Peacock app

There may be a pending update that is waiting to be downloaded.

A newer version of Peacock will become available when the online video streaming service has had improvements and fixes.

Making use of an outdated Peacock app will create issues like the Peacock buffering limit being reached.

Why does Peacock not work on Samsung TV?

Peacock keeps buffering

Why is Peacock not working on Samsung TV?

If Peacock is not working on your Samsung TV, it could be because your Samsung model version does not support the downloadable application. Peacock is compatible with Samsung TV’s as long as your model is 2017 and newer. If your Samsung model is older than 2017, you will be unable to download Peacock onto your Samsung TV.

If your Samsung TV is a 2017 or newer model, you can download the Peacock app from the ‘Apps’ section on your device. For older Samsung models, there is a way around getting the app onto your Samsung.

How do I get Peacock TV on my Samsung Smart TV?

For Samsung models older than 2017, you will need to make use of a secondary device that is compatible with the Peacock app.

This can include an Amazon Fire Stick or a Roku device. Once you have downloaded Peacock onto one of these devices, you should be able to stream the service on your Samsung TV.

Peacock App Frozen on Samsung TV

If the Peacock app keeps freezing on while you are trying to stream content on your Samsung TV, this will be mainly due to a poor internet connection. To stop this from happening on your device, you can activate one of the following troubleshooting tips;

  • Exit out of Peacock completely and restart your device
  • Power reset Samsung TV by unplugging it for two-three minutes
  • Reconnect your Wifi router
  • Update the Peacock app

Once one, or all these fixes have been completed, Peacock should stream without any further problems.

Why is Peacock so Blurry?

Blurry TV

Why is Peacock so blurry?

The picture displayed on your Peacock streaming service will be blurry if your home network is not supplying the app with enough internet speed to download the image successfully. This could be because your device has not established a secure connection with your internet. 

To improve the image displayed, and get rid of the blur, you can proceed with one of the following;

  • Decrease the image resolution setting
  • Reset your device
  • Refresh internet connection

With the root cause of a blurry image being a poor internet connection, Peacock should stop showing you a distorted image once it has reconnected to a stronger, more stable network.


Now that you understand why Peacock keeps buffering, we hope you were able to fix this problem on your device, so you can get back to enjoying Peacock’s selection of 910 movies, and 345 TV programs to choose from.

If you have any further issues with your Peacock account, you can drop us a question or, alternatively, make use of the apps support page.

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