One of the most common queries we face regarding payment is “Why PayPal keeps declining my payment?”. This error can be a little distressing if you are not able to make your payments in a timely fashion. However, the issue of declined payments on PayPal is less complex than it seems. 

PayPal is an online commerce company that helps users facilitate payments between different parties. Through it, you can create a third-party account connected to your debit/ credit card. By doing this, you’re able to send and receive money anywhere in the world. 

As we’ve highlighted, resolving your issue of “Paypal keeps declining my payment” is a simple one. Continuing forward, you will find out exactly why your payments are declining. Furthermore, we’ll also discuss the steps you can take to resolve the problem and how many times PayPal will retry your payment.

Why Does My Payment Keeps Declining?

Why Does My Payment Keeps Declining?

Online payment platforms such as PayPal quickly and conveniently make out payments to vendors as well as your family and friends. However, you may be asking yourself, “Why PayPal keeps rejecting my payments?”.

Typically, when PayPal rejects your card payment, it’ll display a message:

“The debit/credit card you have entered cannot be used for this payment. Please enter a different credit or debit card number.”

Below you will find a few reasons why this comes up: 

  • you have exceeded the card limit on your PayPal system.
  • Your browser is not accepting site cookies. We suggest clearing out any existing cookies and trying again. 
  • Your PayPal account doesn’t correspond with the details provided. 

A few more reasons may be:

  • Your account is not verified: If you have recently installed a PayPal app on your phone, the chances are that your account isn’t verified yet. Thus, make sure you confirm your account before starting to make payments. 
  • Your card isn’t confirmed: Just set up a new payment card on your PayPal? Keep in mind that whenever you set up a new payment card in your PayPal app, it must go through a verification process before you can begin using it.
  • Not enough funds in your balance: You could be running into a payment issue if your account does not have the required funds to process the payment. Be sure to double-check your account before moving on to other solutions. The amount is deducted in case you do not have a sufficient balance on the linked card.
  • Security reasons: It’s not uncommon for prolific payment platforms such as PayPal to closely monitor its transactions. This is mainly done to avoid fraud or other suspicious activities. If you believe that your account was compromised due to certain activities, get in touch with your card issuer. Often, the bank declines your payments if it suspects your card is stolen. 

How Do I fix PayPal Refused Payment?

How Do I fix PayPal Refused Payment?

According to PayPal’s official website, there are three things you can do to resolve this issue. All three are fairly simple: 

Solution #1: Call Customer Service: 

The first solution is pretty straightforward and should be at the top of your list. If you find yourself in this situation, contact customer care for more assistance. You can either navigate to the Resolution Center, Ask the Community, or Message Centre. Moreover, you can also ask for different types of help such as Personal Help, Business Help, or Technical Help. PayPal’s customer service is available around the clock to help its users. We recommend giving this service a go. 

Solution #2: Contact Your Card Issuer: 

The second solution for when youre asking yourself, “Why PayPal keeps declining my payments?” is to get in touch with your card issuer. Alternatively, you could link a credit card to your PayPal account. Below is a list of some of the most common international banks that accept car transactions via PayPal:

  • Axis Bank 
  • SBI Card
  • HDFC Bank 
  • ICICI Bank 
  • Citi Bank 

There are the general steps you need to take to enable international transactions on your cards: 

  • Log in to Online Banking 
  • Navigate to the Cards tab
  • Select Debit/ Credit Cards 
  • Click Requests 
  • Enable International 

Depending on the interface of your banks’ portal, these could vary slightly. 

Solution #3: Contact the Vendor:

A reason why you’re payments are declined is that there is an issue on the vendor’s end. To be able to resolve this, you need to get in touch with your vendor. Additionally, we suggest logging into your transaction details page to view your seller’s responses. 

How Many Times Will PayPal Retry Payment?

How Many Times Will PayPal Retry Payment?

PayPal will retry your initial payment once every five days. This happens for a maximum of 2 retries. Thus, you can repeat the process twice more after the initial payment. Keep in mind that retrying payment is only an option if you have entered a debit card. A retry is not possible with a credit card payment. 

Is It Possible for PayPal Payments to Bounce? 

Is It Possible for PayPal Payments to Bounce?

Yes, this is possible. Bounced payments are those payments that are not cleared. This could be the result of a direct debit failing and you using backup funding. In that case, your PayPal payment will most certainly get bounced. You can prevent this from happening by making sure that your account and associated cards have sufficient funds to complete the transactions at hand.


Encountering any sort of error while trying to make important payments can be nerve-wracking. However, errors such as PayPal declining your payment are very easy to resolve. All you need to do is get in touch with either customer service, your vendor, or your card issuer.

Other things to keep in mind are that PayPal only retries payments a total of two times. This happens at intervals of 5 days. We hope you found this guide helpful. If you did, leave us a thumbs up down below!