If Paramount won’t play 1883, the series, or certain episode may have a format error that is preventing the program from loading successfully.

When this error occurs, it will be a technical issue from Paramount’s side, which will need to rectified on their database. If 1883 won’t stream because of an issue with the app on your device, a simple app update, or a refresh of your internet connection will help fix this problem.

With this straightforward guide, you will understand why Paramount won’t play 1883, and what methods you can use to fix this problem, so that you can carry on watching 1883 without any further interferences.

Why won’t 1883 play on Paramount Plus?

Paramount won't play 1883
Paramount won’t play 1883

The series 1883 won’t play on Paramount Plus if the service is experiencing a technical issue. If Paramount upload content in an incorrect format onto the database, you won’t be able to stream the show without experiencing any issues. We cannot pinpoint what the exact cause for a technical issue to occur is. However, it will relate to the 1883 content that is already on the Paramount Plus app.

Another reason why Paramount Plus won’t play 1883 is if an episode has not yet been aired. Sometimes, if there is an error with a certain program, the service will take the show down and reupload it. During this time, your app may not refresh the changes, and you will still see the 1883 episode available to watch.

There were reports that episode four of 1883 would not play on the app after it was added to the Paramount library. This was later confirmed it was due to a reschedule of the release because of an issue that occurred.

Do you have to pay to watch 1883 on Paramount?

Paramount won't play 1883
Paramount won’t play 1883

You need to have an active Paramount Plus subscription in order to watch 1883. Because this series is exclusive to Paramount+ only, you won’t be able to watch it for free on a different platform. The standard subscription is $4.99 a month. This will include ads during your program. Alternatively, you can opt for the premium version for $10. This will remove ads.

If you are new to Paramount Plus, you can obtain a thirty day free trial run where you will have access to the online video service’s library for thirty days before you will need to submit the first payment.

You will be able to cancel your account before the trial run is up. This will ensure you don’t need to pay anything, and you can watch 1883 for free.

Are all episodes of 1883 available on Paramount Plus?

All episodes of 1883 should now be readily available to stream from your account.

Why is Paramount Plus not playing?

Paramount won't play 1883
Paramount won’t play 1883

Paramount won’t play 1883 if the server is down. When this error occurs, your device will be unable to reach the apps database because the request to play the series will not get processed. The Paramount+ server can go down when there is an unplanned outage, or if there is maintenance work being done to improve the performance of the streaming service.

Whatever the reason may be, you will be unable to fix a server issue. You can however, check the service status of Paramount. This will allow you stay up to date, and know when the app is functioning normal again.

Additional reasons why Paramount won’t play 1883 include;

1. Poor network connection

Due to Paramount Plus being an online video streaming service, your device needs to connect to a strong Wifi signal, otherwise you will experience streaming issues like buffering or freezing.

Did you know, Paramount requires at least 4Mbps of bandwidth to play a video in standard quality?

2. Outdated Paramount app

You should update your Paramount Plus app every time a new version is available. This will ensure your device the and apps server stay compatible.

3. Adblocker enabled

Do you make use of an adblocker program for your browser? If you do, this can interfere with Paramount Plus not playing programs. If you have a standard subscription, the service will include ads when you stream content.

When these cannot play due to a third party app, Paramount+ will not be able to play 1883.

4. Browser error

If your browser has issues connecting to the Paramount database, this will stop your app from streaming. A browser issue could include faulty cache files stored on your device, or an outdated operating system.

How to fix Paramount Plus streaming issues

Couple watching a show
Paramount Plus won’t play 1883

To help fix the Paramount Plus playback errors, you can force close the app and restart your device. Unplug your device for at least thirty seconds before you connect it again. This will ensure you completely exit out of any active Paramount files. Relaunch the app and try and play 1883 again. It may be a good idea to log out of Paramount too before you power restart your device.

If this method does not work, you can proceed with one of the following fixes;

1. Refresh internet connection

Refresh your Wifi connection to help improve the signal strength. You can check your internet speeds to ensure you receive at least 4Mbps bandwidth.

2. Update Paramount app

Make sure your Paramount app is up to date with the latest version. This will stop any compatibility issues to arise between the app on your device and the server.

You will find an ‘update’ button from your Google Play or Apple app store.

3. Disable adblocker

If you have an adblocker that is active on your device, turn this off so Paramount Plus will be able to play 1883. This will allow ads to play if you have a standard subscription.

4. Update browser

If your browser has an error, will need to either restart it, or update your browser’s firmware on your device. Once this step is complete, you can try play 1883.


With this easy to follow guide, we hope you now understand why Paramount would not play 1883, and that you were able to fix this error if it was due to a playback issue.

Keep in mind, 1883 is an exclusive series to Paramount+. If you would like a better viewing experience, you can upgrade to the premium subscription.

If this problem persists, we recommend that you contact Paramount with a direct query. Here, you will be able to send an email or make use of their online chat service.