The Paramount Plus Xbox is now available, giving access to users to more than 30,000 movies and series. With the latest subscription, you can stream Paramount Plus on Xbox and watch TV series and movies from CBS, Nickelodeon, MTV, etc.

If you have Paramount Plus, you can stream on up to three devices simultaneously, so you can easily stream famous Paramount originals like “Sponge on The Run, 2020” or the flagship “Star Trek” series on your desktop, mobile, and even on Xbox simultaneously.

In the guide below, you will find all the information, from installing Paramount Plus Xbox to learning how to set up an account and stream on Xbox. 

Installing Paramount Plus on Xbox

paramount plus on xbox

Paramount Plus is very diverse in terms of both genres of content available and the types of devices you can stream on it. You can stream Paramount Plus on Android, iOS devices, Windows, Smart TV, Chromecast, and now even on Xbox.

To install Paramount Plus Xbox on the latest versions of Xbox, follow the simple steps below:

  • Make a Paramount Plus account if you already don’t have an account. It’s better to make it on mobile or computer before accessing it on Xbox.
  • Connect your Xbox with your Smart TV.
  • Ensure that Xbox has access to a stable internet connection.
  • Go to “Home Screen” on your Xbox.
  • Navigate to “Store”
  • Open the “Apps” section and open “Microsoft Apps Store”.
  • At the app store, search for “Paramount Plus”.
  • To install the app, select “Install”.
  • After installation, log in to your Paramount Plus account.

Now you can stream your favorite movies and episodes on Paramount Plus Xbox.

How Can I Watch Paramount Plus?

watching paramount plus

Paramount Plus is one of the most inexpensive streaming services available. You can subscribe to the essential plan for $5 per month and $49.95 per year or the ad-free premium plan for $10 per month and $99.99 per year. On Paramount Plus Xbox, you can watch originals like Star Trek, iCarly, breaking news, live sports on CBS, NFL, and everything else according to your taste and mood.

How Does Paramount Plus Work?

Also, you don’t necessarily need to make a new account to stream Paramount Plus. You can use your Amazon Prime Video account to watch Paramount Plus on Xbox. Below we’ll walk you through this simple process.

If you have an want to add Paramount as a channel on Amazon prime installed on your Xbox, then follow the following quick steps:

  • On your Xbox, open the “Apps.”
  • Find the “Amazon Prime Video” app from the list of apps.
  • Launch the “Prime Video app on your Xbox.
  • Search for “Paramount Plus,” or you can select Paramount Plus from the “Prime Video Channels’ category.
  • Click on “Learn More” at the top of the screen.
  • Choose the “Premium plan” and click on “Start your free trial.” Once your free trial is over, you will receive a bill through your Amazon Prime Account. This option is only available for the Paramount Premium plan and not the “Essential plan”.

This will allow you to watch Paramount Plus on Xbox without installing the app.

Casting or Screen Mirroring 

Paramount Plus is almost available on all the latest Xbox versions, including Xbox One S, One X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. However, Xbox 360 does not support the app. But worry not if you are an Xbox 360 user. You can either use the “All cast” feature or “Screen Mirroring” feature on your android device to stream on Xbox. 

For this, the primary mechanism is the same for both android and iOS devices:

  • Depending on your device, download the “Paramount Plus” app from the google play store or apple store.
  • Launch the app and enter your login credentials.
  • In the case of android devices, choose your content and click on the “cast iron”. For iOS devices, go to “Control center” and click on “Screen Mirroring.”
  • The device will look for possible devices to pair with in the surrounding.
  • Select your Xbox device for painting.
  • Select the media content you want to cast on Xbox.

After selecting, Paramount will cast your content on the Xbox via your android or iOS device.

How To Sign Up and Install Paramount Plus on Xbox

paramount and xbox

Xbox apart from being one of the most popular gaming consoles can also be used for watching media content. Many Xbox users use it to stream popular shows, while there are two ways by which you can sign in from your Xbox. Below you can find the process to sign in to your Plus account on Xbox i.e., via the Paramount Plus app or through the browser. 

Sign In through App

  • On the Paramount Plus app, select “Sign in” if you already have an account or make a new one by “Signing up.”
  • Select option “On my TV.”
  • Enter your login credentials: email address and password you used while subscribing to the Paramount Plus package
  • Once signed in, you can now enjoy the content on your Xbox.

Sign In Through Browser

  • Open the browser on your Xbox.
  • Go to Paramount Plus’s official website.
  • Click on the “Sign In” option.
  • A website will open along with a code.
  • You’ll be presented with a website and a code, note this code.
  • On your mobile, tablet, or computer, open the website.
  • Enter the activation code you received before.
  • Click on “Activate”
  • Sign in to your Paramount Plus account on the computer 
  • This will refresh your screen, and you can start streaming Paramount Plus Xbox


Due to the unique story cast, Paramount Plus is considered a great source to watch excellent and entertaining media content. With the Paramount Plus app, you can stream thousands of series and movies on any smart device, android, windows, iOS, whichever. Hopefully, this article has covered all the points you might need to know before streaming Paramount Plus on Xbox. Still, if there is any query, you can always contact the Paramount Plus help center. With their customer service, your issues or query will resolve within a short time without delaying your streaming.