If Paramount Plus won’t cast to your TV, your configuration settings could be incorrect.

Have you checked to see that the device you launch the Paramount app on is paired to the same Wifi network as what your TV is connected to? If these are different, this could be why the app won’t show up on your TV screen.

The online video service should always be active on the latest available app. If you try and stream on an old version, playback errors will arise due to incompatibility issues.

We have generated this easy to read guide that will help you understand why Paramount Plus won’t cast to your TV. We will also provide you with simple solutions you can execute on your devices that will help fix this problem so you can get back to streaming your favourite shows without any further interferences.

Why is my Paramount Plus not casting to my TV?

Paramount Plus won't cast to TV

Paramount Plus won’t cast to your TV if the device you use does not connect to the same Wifi network. If both platforms operate on a different internet connection, Paramount won’t display on your TV screen. The device you use to launch the app won’t be able to pair with your television if it’s on an alternative network.

Other reasons why paramount plus won’t cast to your TV include;

1. Outdated firmware

The device you use to open Paramount Plus and cast to your TV needs to operate on the most up to date operating system available. If it is still on an old version, this will be why you’re unable to cast your program.

2. Bluetooth is not on

Bluetooth needs to be active on for both devices in order for the cast to work between your device and TV. If one is off, Paramount Plus will not show on your TV screen.

3. Faulty Chromecast device

Your chosen device that you use to connect to your TV may have a fault with its hardware. If it is damaged in any way, this can prevent the device from picking up your channel.

4. Poor Wifi signal

To stream Paramount Plus without any error codes, or playback issues like buffering, it needs to connect to a strong internet connection.

4Mbps bandwidth is the minimum requirement. If the app won’t cast to your TV, it may be due to a weak Wifi signal.

5. Incorrect configuration

If you’ve made an error when you set your Chromecast up, your device will not cast Paramount Plus to your TV.

There are certain settings that you need to ensure are in place before a cast will work between your two devices.

How to fix Paramount Plus won’t cast to TV

Paramount Plus won't cast to TV
Paramount Plus won’t cast to TV

Make sure the device you use to open Paramount Plus on, and your smart TV are both connected to the same Wifi network. This will ensure you will be able to pair the two together. You may need to forget each network on the platforms and reconnect them to the same network. Once this is done, you can relaunch Paramount Plus. It should now cast to your TV.

If you already connect your devices to the same Wifi network, or this step did not work for you, you can proceed with one of the following additional solutions;

1. Update firmware

Update the firmware on the device that you use to open Paramount Plus on. You can find this in the settings section.

Once the update has been downloaded, complete a restart before you try and cast again.

Tip, check your smart TV to see if it is due an update too, however, this should happen automatically.

2. Turn Bluetooth on

Check to see that the Bluetooth setting on your device and TV is on. Enable this feature to make sure they can establish a connection for the cast to take place.

(Did you know; Paramount Plus has around 32.8 million subscribers. After it released in October 2014, it had around 100,000 active accounts).

3. Check your device

If your Chromecast device is faulty, it will be unable to process a cast from one device to your TV.

Make sure there are no damages. Try and use a different port in the event that this is why Paramount Plus won’t cast to your TV.

4. Refresh Wifi signal

Refresh your Wifi signal to improve your network strength and get rid of any connection errors.

To do this, simply turn your router off and unplug it for no less than a minuted. Once you reconnect it, open Paramount Plus and attemt to cast the channel to your TV.

Note, it’s a good idea to check what your internet speeds are to ensure you meet the minimum requirement of 4Mbps.

5. Check configuration settings

Check to see that the configuration settings are correct on both devices. You may enabled something that should not be, or certain setting is not on.

Is Paramount Plus compatible with Chromecast?

Paramount Plus won't cast to TV
Paramount Plus won’t cast to TV

Paramount Plus is compatible with Chromecast, however, the app needs to continuously be updated to the latest available version. If you operate Paramount on an old version, it will start to experience issues and won’t cast to your TV. Automatic updates will ensure the online video service updates as soon as an upgrade is available, and is a good idea to turn on.

If you’ve only just got a Paramount Plus subscription, or you’ve only just made use of a Chromecast device, you can use these steps to help you connect your streaming app to show on your TV screen;

How to connect Paramount Plus to Chromecast:

Step 1. Make sure your account is active, and install the app into your mobile/tablet device

Step 2. Log into your profile

Step 3. Check that your TV and device are on the same Wifi network

Step 4. Select what you want to watch on Paramount and push play

Step 5. Click the ‘Google Cast’ image on the screen

You should now have the option to choose your Google Chromecast device that you’ve connected to your TV. Your program should now show on your TV screen.

Why does Paramount Plus keep freezing on firestick?

Guy watching a movie
Paramount Plus won’t cast to TV

Paramount will keep freezing when you try and stream from a Firestick that does not have enough memory space. Every time you launch the app, cache files will be stored on your Firestick. this is to help improve the performance of Paramount, and quicken the loading times by storing information onto your device. However, over time these files will become too full.

This can cause the software to become corrupt, which can be a catalyst for Paramount Plus to freeze when you try and stream a program.

How do I fix Paramount Plus on Firestick?

The first step you should take to fix Paramount Plus from freezing on your Firestick, is to clear the cache files.

Step 1. Open Settings and select ‘Applications’

Step 2. Click on ‘Manage Installed Applications’

Step 3. Choose Paramount Plus

You will now be able to press ‘Clear Cache’ and ‘Clear Data’.

You should also check the Paramount Plus server status. If the service is down, the app won’t perform, and you will incur playback issues.


With this simple, yet straightforward guide, we hope you were able to fix your Paramount Plus app from not casting to your TV, and that you now understand why this error occurred.

Always ensure your device and the Paramount app are up to date with their software versions, otherwise you may have continuous playback issues.

If the issue persists, we suggest you contact Paramount directly. Here, you will be able to choose your desired contact method.

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