Are you experiencing Paramount error codes, and you’re unsure of what they mean, and how to fix them?

Because Paramount is an online video service, error codes will occur when there are playback issues. These can transpire from an outdated browser, or operating system.

Although there are many different error codes, they can all be fixed with a few simple solutions. These methods will involve completing updates and simply restarting your app.

We have created this easy to follow guide where we will go through what each Paramount error code means, what causes the issue, as well as provide you with simple methods you can execute to resolve the error codes so you can get back to streaming without any further setbacks.

What are the Paramount error codes?

Paramount error codes

Paramount has a few different error codes, all of which mean different things. Because this app is an online video streaming service, every error code that you can experience on Paramount will prevent you from being able to play a program or show. All of these error codes can be grouped into the main causes and fixes, which we will later delve in to.

Before we move onto what the issues are that cause Paramount to display an error code, lets look at what the most common error codes are.

There may be multiple different codes that are a result of the same cause. These will be grouped together;

  • Paramount error code 4201 and 1200
  • Error codes 1106, 6999, 3002, 3005, 6290 and 6310
  • Code 7
  • 14
  • Error 111
  • 404
  • Paramount Plus error code 3304
  • Paramount Plus error code 3205
  • Error 3004
  • Paramount error code 6320
  • 3200
  • Paramount 3301 error
  • Error codes 4200 and 6100
  • Paramount content unavailable
  • Paramount Plus Fatal Error

Besides the ‘Fatal Error’ code on your screen, you can fix all of these malfunctions with a few different troubleshooting methods. However, it’s important to first understand what the causes are for each group or errors, so you can act accordingly on your device.

What are the causes of the Paramount error codes?

Paramount error codes
Paramount error codes

The Paramount error codes can appear on your screen if the apps server is down. If your device is unable to access the online streaming database, it won’t be able to load any videos. A server error can transpire from an outage or maintenance works. You won’t be able to stop a server error from occurring, however, you are able to check the Paramount service status. Once the server operates without any interferences, you should no longer experience playback issues.

The different Paramount error codes will have different causes;

1. Paramount error codes 4201 and 1200

An enabled adblocker, firewall or antivirus software will be the cause for these two error codes. These programs will block Paramount from having access to the internet and display sponsored messages.

2. Errors 1106, 6999, 3002, 3005, 6290 and 6310

These error codes will appear when Paramount does not load to a next page successfully. This will occur when you select a video to play, but the app is unable to load the content.

3. Code 7

If you access Paramount through a Chrome browser on a Windows PC, the Paramount 7 error code can occur when there is an outstanding browser update.

4. Error code 14

An outdated Windows operating system can be the cause for this error code on Paramount.

5. Paramount error 111 and 404

If there was a power failure and your PC shut down, this error will occur the next time you try and launch a video on Paramount due to an error with your browser.

The 404 error will also occur when there is a problem with your browser.

6. Paramount 3304 error code

And enabled adblocker will be the cause for this error code. If you make use of the Chrome browser, and your hardware acceleration is on, this can also be the reason why your video won’t stream.

7. Paramount Plus error code 3205 and 3004

This error code will occur when there is a problem with your internet connection. It could be that your network is too slow, or intermittent.

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8. Error 6320

This error code will appear when you stream Paramount from a Fire or Android TV. When the cache files are too full or corrupt, the error 6320 will occur.

9. Error 3200

The Paramount error 3200 will transpire on a Smart TV, console or comcast device when there is a playback error.

10. Paramount 3301 code

A faulty browser will cause this error code.

11. Error 4200 and 6100

If you are trying to watch Paramount on a mobile device or a PC, outdated firmware will be the cause for these error codes.

How do I fix Paramount Plus error codes?

Paramount error codes
Paramount error codes

One of the most common solutions to help fix a Paramount error code is to force close the app and restart your device before you launch the service again. This will erase any corrupt files that may have been temporarily stored while Paramount was open, or from a specific program that contained faulty software.

Other solutions that will help get rid of a Paramount error code include;

1. Disable third party programs

If you have an adblocker, firewall or antivirus software enabled, you will need to turn these off. Once you’ve done so, restart your device to refresh your settings.

2. Update your browser and OS

An outdated browser is one of the main causes for the Paramount error codes to occur.

Check to see that your browser is on the latest version. If an update is available, allow the download to be completed before you relaunch the app.

Along with your browser, make sure your device’s operating system is up to date too.

3. Reset internet connection

Reset your network to ensure your internet connection receives adequate speeds and to help improve your bandwidth.

Turn your router off and unplug it for a few minutes before you reconnect it. Once your internet is working again, check your internet speeds to ensure you receive at least 4Mbps bandwidth.

4. Reinstall Paramount app

Remove the Paramount app off of your device and reinstall the app. This will get rid of any faulty files.

Before you reinstall the app, turn your device off and on again.

If you have experienced the Paramount fatal error code, you will need to contact Paramount directly. Include what show the error code appears on.

Why does Paramount Plus buffer so much?

Paramount error codes
Paramount error codes

Paramount will buffer so much when you try and stream content over a poor internet connection. Certain programs and shows on the app will require a lot more bandwidth then others. If your device cannot supply adequate speeds, the video will stop because it will need to download more data to play the content. Paramount requires at least 4Mbps to stream without any buffering issues, however, the app will need more if the video is of larger content.

When Paramount buffers, you may experience a Black screen. In order for you to stop your online video service from buffering so much, you will need to refresh your internet connection.

Sometimes, your device can be the issue if your Paramount app is outdated, or, it cannot keep a secure internet connection.

Ensure your Paramount app is on the latest available version, and that your network connection is stable.


With this guide, we hope you will better understand what each Paramount error code means, and how you can fix the issue with one of the simple methods we have provided. These solutions will also help you solve other problems like no sound on the app.

If you keep experiencing an error code, or your video constantly buffers, we suggest you make use of Paramount’s online help page.

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