Does Paramount display a Black screen when you try and stream a program, or as you’ve logged into your account?

With the app being an online video service, it’s imperative that your internet connection stays stable, and provides a minimum bandwidth speed of 4Mbps. If your network is problematic, this could be why Paramount has playback issues.

Your device should also be up to date with the latest firmware available. This will help keep the system requirements up to date, so there are no compatibility issues.

We have generated this easy to follow guide to help you understand why Paramount has a Black screen, and provide you with four straightforward solutions you will be able to execute so you can resolve the blank image display problem.

Why does Paramount have a Black screen?

Paramount Black Screen
Paramount black screen

Paramount will display a Black screen if you try to stream content during the apps busiest time period. If you try and make use of Paramount with slow internet connection while the service has high internet traffic, your device will be unable to display a clear image. Paramount’s peak time frame is between 4pm and 11pm.

A weak internet connection is therefore another reason why Paramount will have a Black screen. Paramount requires a minimum of 4Mbps in order to stream content without any playback issues.

Other reasons why Paramount (Plus) will have a Black screen include;

1. Enabled ad blocker

If you access Paramount through your browser, and you have an adblocker enabled, this can interfere with streaming service connecting to the internet.

The app will automatically have ads included on the service. If these get blocked, you will experience the blank display.

2. Pending app update

An outdated Paramount app on your device can cause conflict with the server. This is because your request to access the Paramount database may not be processed due to the updated specifications.

3. Faulty device software

If the device you are using to stream Paramount on has faulty firmware, this will interfere with app being able to playback without any errors.

Corrupt files may be the cause for the Paramount Black screen if you have not updated the operating system.

4. Paramount server is down

When the Paramount server is down, certain functions and features will be limited. This will prevent the app from being able to function normally.

You can, however, check the service status of Paramount. If this site confirms it is in fact down, you will need to wait until their technicians resolve the problem, whether its due to planned maintenance or an outage.

How to fix Paramount Black screen

Paramount Black Screen
Paramount Black screen

If you can, refrain from accessing Paramount during it’s peak traffic time. This will be between 4pm and 11pm. If, however, it is during this time that you need to watch a program, you will need to improve your internet connection to ensure it is fast enough to display an image. When Paramount gets congested with a large amount of subscribers all streaming at the same time, the service will slow down, and require more bandwidth.

You can refresh your internet connection to help improve the bandwidth speed you receive. To do this, unplug your modem for a couple of minutes after you switch it off.

Once your router reconnects, test your internet speeds to ensure you receive at least 4Mbps.

If this has not solved Paramount from displaying a Black or blank screen, you can proceed with the next solutions;

1. Disable adblocker

Disable any active adblockers that are current on your browser. This will allow Paramount+ to access the internet and process any of its sponsored messages.

Tip, restart your device after you turn off this feature to ensure you refresh the settings.

2. Update Paramount app

Update your Paramount app to stop any playback issues such as audio or display errors from occurring.

From your app store, find Paramount and press the ‘Update’ button if one is available. Once the download is complete, relaunch Paramount and see if it still produces a Black screen.

(Did you know; Paramount was founded in 1912 by a Hungarian named Adolph Zukor. He originally named the online video service ‘Famous Players Film Company’ before he changed it in 1916).

3. Update device OS

Your device’s operating system should be updated to the latest available version. This will prevent any incompatibility issues from arising between the Paramount app and the device you use to stream.

You can also log out and log back in to your account to see if a refresh of your account will fix the Black screen issue. Sometimes, however, the Paramount Black screen with sound issue can transpire due a build up of cache files.

How to clear cache on Paramount Plus

Paramount Black Screen
Paramount black screen

In order to clear the cache files stored on your device from watching Paramount, you will need to access your browser settings. Once you erase the Paramount cache, you will free up space on your device, and get rid of any faulty files that may be reason why your display is a Black screen.

If you make use of Google Chrome, all you will need to do is; Launch Chrome > More > More Tools > Clear Browsing Data > Select All Time > Tick Cookies and Other Site Data & Cached Images and Files > Clear Data.

For Safari users, simply go; Open Safari> History > Clear History > Select Pop Up Menu > Choose Time Frame > Erase

Once the cache has been cleared, it will not only help get rid of Paramount’s Black screen issue, but also improve the video quality.

Paramount Plus content unavailable

Content unavailable

Paramount may state that content is unavailable if there is an internal issue with the program on their database. When this error occurs, the app will be unable to load a certain show. This can be caused by a malfunction from the Paramount server, or, the program has corrupt software that will prevent it from playing on your device. In this instance, Paramount would need to remove the file and re-upload it with the correct format.

A couple of other reasons why you may experience content unavailable include;

  • A firewall is active
  • And adblocker is on
  • Antivirus program is enabled

A quick fix would be to disable any of these programs if it (they) is currently active on your device. Restart your device once you have switched them off to ensure Paramount can reload under the new configurations.


With this simple guide, we hope you now understand why Paramount was displaying a Black screen, and that you were able to fix this display error with one of the easy solutions provided.

If, however, the problem persists, you may want to contact Paramount direct as there could be an underlying issue with your online video service.

You can contact them through their online Help page. Here, you will be able to make use of their online chat feature. Simply press the ‘chat box’ button that appears on your screen.

(Quiz Question; who was the founder of Paramount).

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