Your Oculus won’t connect to the hotel Wifi if you are trying to access a public network, or you are trying to join with an incorrect password.

Rebooting your headset, or completing the pairing process again can help your VR device connect to the hotel Wifi during the initial setup phase.

We have created this simple guide that will explain why your Oculus Quest is not connecting to the hotel Wifi, and what steps you can take to fix this issue, so you can get back to being a virtual explorer.

Why is my Oculus not connecting to hotel Wifi

Oculus Won't Connect To Hotel Wifi

Why is Oculus not connecting to the internet

Your Oculus Quest will not connect to hotel Wifi if your device cannot pick up the network, or you are trying to join an ‘open network’ that won’t support your Oculus.

Reason 1. Oculus can’t find network

Sometimes, your Oculus will struggle to pick up a specific network.

Your hotel room could be too far from the Wifi router, or, the Wifi signal is too weak.

A weak signal will result in your headset being unable to find the network.

Reason 2. Trying to connect to a public network

A public network has a ‘Captive Portal’ where you need to complete a few instructions before it will connect you.

Open networks, where you do not need to input a password are sometimes not as stable as a protected Wifi network, and generally do not work when you want to complete the initial setup phase on your Oculus.

(This network may work after your headset has been set up).

Reason 3. Incorrect password

Your Oculus headset won’t connect to the hotel Wifi if you are inputting the incorrect password.

Reason 4. Wifi does not support Oculus’s ‘initial’ set up phase

It has already been noted that there is a potential issue that may cause your Oculus Quest headset to not automatically find a Wifi network during the initial set-up phase.

This will entail an error message requesting you to turn your Wifi connection on.

Reason 5. The wifi is changing bands

If the hotel’s Wifi is being problematic, changing from a 2.4 GHz band to 5 GHz will interfere with your headset being able to connect.

The connection will get lost when you are trying to join the network.

How do I fix the Oculus Quest not connecting?

Oculus Won't Connect To Hotel Wifi

What do you do if you can’t connect to hotel Wi-Fi?

You can fix your Oculus Quest from not connecting to the hotel Wifi by checking the Wifi settings and resetting your headset.

Fix 1. Make your mobile a hotspot

If the hotel only provides you with a ‘Captive Portal’ Wifi network, you will not be able to complete the initial setup phase on your Oculus.

Enable your mobile as a hotspot, and connect your headset to it.

Once you have completed the initial stage, you can try connecting to the hotel Wifi again by going through the browser in your headset.

Note, this can use quite a bit of mobile data. If you do not have an unlimited data plan, we advise you first try our other easy fixes.

Fix 2. Check password

Your Oculus Quest not connecting to the hotel Wifi could be just because you are inputting the incorrect password, or you are including a typo.

Check that you are using the correct password, and you are typing it in correct.

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Fix 3. Reconnect to Wifi

If you ‘forget’ the network you are trying to link to, and reconnect to it, this could help fix your Oculus from not connecting to the Wifi.

There may have been an unintentional glitch when you first tried to connect to the network.

Fix 4. Reboot headset

Step 1. Put your headset on

Step 2. Press down on the ‘Power’ button on the right-hand side

Step 3. Keep holding it down until you see the shutdown screen

Step 4. Click ‘Restart’

Once your Oculus has restarted, try connecting to the Wifi.

Fix 5. Complete a factory reset

Step 1. Switch your Oculus headset off

Step 2. Press down on the ‘Power’ and (-) volume button at the same time until the ‘boot’ screen appears

Step 3. Highlight the ‘Factory Reset’ option by using a volume button and clicking on the ‘Power’ button

Confirm by selecting ‘Yes’

Fix 6. Pair your Oculus again

Note, you will need to have the Oculus mobile app installed on your phone.

This step should help your Oculus connect if it is experiencing issues during the setup phase;

Step 1. Turn your Wifi off and on (on your mobile)

Step 2. A pairing code should appear on your headset stating: ‘You may be able to continue the setup process using the Oculus mobile app’

Step 3. Launch the Oculus mobile app on your phone

Step 4. If you haven’t already set the app up, you will need to do so now

Step 5. Click on ‘Oculus Quest 2’

Step 6. Your headset should complete the pairing automatically, or it will request the pairing code that was displayed previously

Once your Oculus is paired, you can click on ‘Controller or Headset Problem?’ and follow the on-screen instructions.

Fix 7. Change Wifi Network

You may have tried to connect to the incorrect network in the hotel, which is why it is not working.

From your headset:

Step 1. Get the ‘Universal Menu’ up

Step 2. Click on ‘Quick Settings’ by highlighting the clock on the left-side

Step 3. Select ‘Wifi’ and choose the network you want to connect to

Make sure you input the correct password.

From your mobile app:

Step 1. Switch your Oculus Quest 2 on and launch the mobile app

Step 2. Select ‘Device’ and choose the headset you are using

Step 3. Click on ‘Wifi’

Choose the network you want to connect to and put the password in.


We hope our guide was able to help you get your Oculus to connect to the hotel Wifi.

If you have tried all 7 easy fixes and your headset is still experiencing connection issues, you may need to contact Oculus for further assistance.

You can submit a support ticket by using this link to chat with one of their support members, or you can send an email.