The Nintendo Switch doesn’t come without its error codes. Usually, Nintendo errors are fixed pretty quickly if the error is on their side. However, how do you go about fixing errors with your device? The majority of the Nintendo Switch Error codes start with 2813, but the numbers follow detail each issue.

Here are some of the most common issues with Nintendo Switch Error Code 2813, what they mean, and of course, how to fix them.

Nintendo Switch Error Code 2813

Nintendo Switch Error Code 2813

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If you’re unsure as to why you’re getting an error code on your Nintendo Switch, we have the answers to your queries. Whether it is an issue with your device, your router needs a reset or if the Nintendo servers are down, we’d recommend using the Down Detector to find out more.

Based on reports submitted by users, you can find out if there is a high number of errors similar to yours. If the Down Detector doesn’t highlight any issues with the online service at Nintendo, it is more than likely your device.

But not to worry, we can help! By sharing information on what each of the error codes means and of course, how to troubleshoot these. We hope that these fixes are able to provide you with a fully working Switch again.

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Why can’t I make a purchase on my Switch?

Nintendo Switch Error Code 2813

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When trying to make a purchase on your Nintendo Switch, you may encounter errors, these vary from payment issues to internet connection errors and the eShop undergoing maintenance. To understand what your error code means, here are some of the codes related to the Nintendo eShop.

Error code 2813-2473

The error code 2813-2473 indicates that the purchase you are trying to make was refused by the card-issuing company. This is likely due to an identity authentication verification error. This can happen for numerous reasons such as outdated card information, insufficient funds or it being flagged by your bank.

How to fix

To fix the Nintendo Switch Error Code 2813 2473, here are some quick and easy ways to get this resolved:

  • Remove your card info and try to enter the details again
  • Add funds to a Nintendo eShop gift card or use PayPal as an alternative.

Error code 2813-0988

This code is related to an error with your eShop. It is likely you will be unable to connect whilst this error is present. You may get this code due to Nintendo performing essential maintenance on their eShop. Unfortunately, this error code means you will be unable to fix this error code via troubleshooting.

What does the error 2813-0055 mean?

The error code 2813-0055 is created when you are unable to redeem a download code.

There are a few reasons as to why you may get this error, these are:

  • You are attempting to redeem a download code for a game that hasn’t been officially released for purchase yet
  • Your code may not be valid at the time of day you are trying to use it at – as different titles become available at different times in the day
  • The code can only be used in the country it was purchased in, e.g. it has to be linked to an account in that country.
  • The same applies to regions, e.g. a European code will not work in America.

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Error code 2813-0065

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You may receive this code when attempting to download a code in the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch. Similar to the error code 2813-0055, this indicates that either the software for the download code has already been purchased by you or another user on the console.

If you notice the software isn’t downloaded, it may have been previously downloaded then removed or archived. In order to resolve this issue, you will need the person who downloaded the content to then redownload the software. This is because if you were not the one who purchased the content you cannot choose what happens with it.

Once this is redownloaded you should find that your Switch game works how it should.

How do I fix the error code 2813-0009 on Nintendo?

The error code 2813-0009 is an error with the Nintendo eShop. Which is likely to occur when you’re attempting to make a purchase. If you receive this error code, it is an indication that it is a temporary service issue with the Nintendo eShop.

In this case, Nintendo recommends heading back to your Switch home screen, then attempting to reopen the eShop once again. If the issue is still happening, to find out whether it is a Nintendo issue or a console issue, check the Network Maintenance page here.

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Error code 2101-0001

With this error code users of Nintendo Switch have reported a black screen, error messages and game crashes. If you are getting this error code or experiencing other hardware issues, here’s how to fix them:

  1. Restart the console, by holding down the power button for three seconds
  2. Next select power options > Restart
  3. If your console does not respond after this time, hold the home button for 12 seconds
  4. This will force your switch to close down
  5. Turn it on again, and check that your Switch has the latest update installed.

Unfortunately, if none of these fixes helps your Switch, this may need to be repaired by Nintendo, you can find out more about this here.

What does Error Code 2124-4517 mean?

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This error code isn’t one you see often, this is because it means you are unable to use the online services on your Switch. Due to being restricted by Nintendo. If you get this code you may also get an error message which states ‘The use of online services on this console is currently restricted by Nintendo. In this case, you are likely to be temporarily banned from online play some reasons for this include:

  • Fraudulent transactions
  • Violation of Nintendo Code of Conduct

Nintendo does not specify how long you will be banned for with this, however, if you believe they have banned you by accident, you can speak to them via customer service to find out more.


Nintendo has a variety of different error codes such as Error Code 2813. Although these codes can be frustrating when you’re trying to download games or play online. However, most of them can be fixed by simple troubleshooting methods, therefore you should easily be back to gaming in no time.