When trying to connect your Nintendo Switch to your wifi router, you may come across the Nintendo Switch error code 2110 which indicates that your console has a problem connecting to a broadband network.

The 2110 error code predominantly means that your Nintendo gaming console cannot pick up its previously connected network.

Merely restarting your Nintendo Switch has been known to fix this problem, but if the error code 2110 continues, our swift tutorial will direct you through the other measures you can take to fix the Nintendo Switch error code issue from appearing on your screen, so you can proceed with enjoying Mario Kart, or Animal Crossing.

What is the Nintendo Switch error code 2110

Nintendo Switch error code 2110

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The Nintendo Switch error code 2110 is a network-based issue where your Switch cannot successfully connect to wireless internet. This is due to your console being unable to pick up a previously saved, or an incorrectly configured network. 

If the network you are trying to connect to on your Nintendo Switch was initially set up incorrectly, this can result in the network not showing up as an ‘available’ option for your switch to connect to.

The Nintendo Switch error code 2110 will include an additional number, such as 2110-2003, 2110-1100, or 2110-3127.

This error code will be accompanied by;

  • ”Unable to connect to network device”
  • ”Please check the status of the network device and try again”

What causes Nintendo Switch error code 2110?

Because the Nintendo error code 2110 is related to your network connection, the majority of the causes are internet-based;

Cause 1. Software issue

Your Nintendo Switch’s software may be due to an update. If the software of your console is outdated, this may cause issues with the console connecting successfully.

Nintendo Switch users have advised updating the software has helped them fix this error code problem.

Cause 2. Disconnected internet connection

Your Wifi router may have disconnected from its network provider, or your network service provider went down.

Your Nintendo Switch will not be able to work if it is not connected to a stable, secure internet connection.

Cause 3. Cable Issue

If you are using your console while it is ‘docked’, and the error code 2110 is appearing, this could be due to your wired setup being faulty.

A problematic LAN cable will interfere with your Switch receiving a good network connection.

Cause 4. Incorrect DNS setting

You may have an incorrect DNS setting inputted on your console that does not match with your Wifi router’s settings.

This error will generally be associated with the Nintendo Switch error code 2110-3127.

How do I fix error code 2110

Nintendo Switch error code 2110

How to fix error code 2110

NB: After attempting one of these fixes, try connecting your Nintendo Switch before proceeding with a different method.

Fix 1. Restart Switch device

Restarting your Nintendo Switch can refresh your console from having connection problems, and be able to pick up its previously connected network.

Step 1. Press down on your ‘Power’ button on the top of your console

Step 2. Hold this button down for around 15 seconds

Step 3. Once your Nintendo has turned off, wait a couple of minutes

Step 4. Turn your Switch back on

You can now check to see that your Nintendo picks up your network, and connects successfully.

Fix 2. Update DNS settings

With error 2110-3127 associated mainly with the DNS settings of your Nintendo Switch, manually updating the ‘Domain Name System’, can help fix this problem.

Step 1. On your home screen, click on ‘System Preferences’

Step 2. Go into the ‘Network Settings’ on the network you are trying to gain access to

Step 3. Select ‘DNS Settings’

Step 4. Update the DNS information to:

  • DNS Settings: Manual
  • Primary DNS Server:
  • Secondary DNS Server:

Note, these are the standard Google DNS settings.

Save this update and try connecting again.

Fix 3. Power reset your internet connection

Resetting your wifi router will refresh its connection to its service provider, as well as your Nintendo Switch device.

Step 1. Switch your wifi router off and unplug it

Step 2. Plug it back in after a few minutes have passed

Step 3. Turn the router back on

Once your wifi is back to being connected, try reconnecting your Nintendo Switch.

Fix 4. Use a wired connection

You may be able to bypass the Nintendo Switch error code 2110 if you use a wired connection for your console.

For the complete steps on how to get your Nintendo connected to the internet via a cable, use this link.

Fix 5. Delete saved network

If your Nintendo Switch is not picking up its saved network, deleting it off of the device and reconnecting as a brand new internet source can help fix the error code 2100.

Step 1. Go into ‘System Settings’ from your home screen

Step 2. Click on ‘Internet’ and then ‘Internet Settings’

Step 3. Select the wifi network you should already be connected to

Step 4. Choose ‘Delete Settings’

You can now go back and search for your network to connect to.

Fix 6. Remove obstructions

Your wifi router may be too far from where you are using your Nintendo Switch, or, there may be too many obstructions between the router and your device.

Get closer to your modem, and remove any large objects that may be blocking the connection.

It is recommended to be at least 10-15 to your router.

If you have any Bluetooth-enabled devices around your Switch, turn them off as the Bluetooth frequencies can cause interferences.


We hope our guide has helped you eradicate the Nintendo Switch 2100 error code from stopping you from being able to connect your wireless network.

If you are still struggling with this error on your gaming console, you can make use of their customer support page, where you can opt to speak to an agent via chat or text message.

You are able to call Nintendo if you prefer speaking to someone directly;

  • North America – 1-800-255-3700
  • Europe – +44 (0)345 60 50 247
  • Australia – +61 3 9730 9900
  • Japan – +81-75-662-9600

Keeping up to date with Nintendo’s server and network status is easily done, and recommended, as this can interfere with your Switch accessing a network.

Because the error code 2100 can appear on your screen with many different number combinations, we suggest you save our guide as a favorite, so it is easily accessible in the future.