Is your home network connection strong and stable, but your Roku won’t connect to the internet?

If your Roku device is unable to connect online, you will not be able to access your streaming services like Netflix, and Roku’s exclusive content.

The setting for the network connection on your Roku device may be set to ‘wired’ instead of ‘wireless’ or, your Roku device has a software issue that has interfered with it being able to establish a connection to the internet.

There are a few reasons why your Roku won’t connect online.

We have published this guide to help you understand why this issue has occurred, and provide you with 5 easy fixes so your Roku can stay connected.

Why won’t Roku connect to Wifi

My Roku won't connect to the internet

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Your Roku will not connect to the internet if the settings on your device are set for a wired connection when you are using a Wifi connection. 

Reason 1. Incorrect network settings

During the initial setup phase of your Roku, you will be given the option to choose if your device is going to be connected via a wired (ethernet cable) or wireless (Wifi) network.

If you have chosen the incorrect option, your Roku will not be able to connect.

You can ‘Check Your Connection’ which will help you see if your Roku is connected or not;

Go to ‘Settings’ > Network > Check Connection

You will not be able to select ‘Check Connection’ if your Roku is not connected to your network, you will only be able to select ‘Set Up Connection.

Reason 2. Your router has been updated

It has been expressed by other Roku owners, that their device stopped connecting to the internet after their Wifi routers experienced an update.

The update changed the router settings, which resulted in the previously linked Roku device losing its current connection.

Reason 3. Weak internet

A poor internet connection is the main reason for your Roku to experience connection problems. Your device will not connect if the signal strength is weak.

Roku requires adequate internet speeds to be able to stream without any setbacks likes buffering or freezing.

  • 1.5Mbps is needed for standard streaming
  • 3.0Mbps for High Definition

You can check your internet speed here.

Reason 4. Roku software needs updating

The software on your Roku could be due to an update.

The operating system can lose its compatibility with general settings on your device if it is kept on an older version.

How to fix a Roku that won’t connect to the internet

My roku won't connect to the internet

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The first step in fixing your Roku from not connecting to the internet is to check the network settings. 

Fix 1. Check your Roku network settings

Step 1. Click on the ‘Home’ button

Step 2. Select ‘Settings’

Step 3. Choose ‘Network’

Step 4. Now press ‘Set Up Connection’

Step 5. Make sure you have selected ‘Wireless’ 

You will now be able to choose your network and enter your password to connect your Roku.

Once your Roku has connected, you will be able to select ‘Check Connection’ under the ‘Settings’ tab.

Fix 2. Reset Wifi router

If your router has been updated, you may need to complete a power reset.

If your network service provider experienced temporary downtime, resetting your router will be beneficial in refreshing the connection.

Step 1. Unplug your router from the mains (remember to switch your router off)

Step 2. Wait a few moments before plugging it back in

Step 3. Once you have plugged it back in, turn your router back on

Note, if your router updated and specific settings were changed that you are unable to amend, you will need to contact your internet service provider.

Fix 3. Update Roku software

Your Roku software will automatically be updated, however, the last update could have been interrupted, or corrupted software was installed during the update.

You can check for an update manually;

Step 1. Click on the ‘Home’ button on your remote

Step 2. Select ‘Settings’

Step 3. Choose ‘System’ followed by ‘System Update’

Your Roku device will now check for a manual update once you have pressed ‘Check Now.’ If an update is available, wait for it to be installed.

Note, your Roku will reboot itself after completion.

Fix 4. Restart Roku system

If you decide you want to restart your Roku system, you will need to re-connect your Roku device to your network.

On a Roku TV:

Step 1. Select ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘Power’ followed by ‘Power’

Step 3. Now confirm by choosing ‘Restart System’

On a Roku device:

Step 1. Click on ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘System’

Step 3. Confirm by pressing ‘Restart System’

(Did you know, you can use your mobile as a remote when you use Roku by downloading the app onto your phone.)

Fix 5. Factory Reset your Roku

Completing a factory reset should be the last option when fixing your Roku.

If you proceed with this reset, keep in mind;

  • All saved data will be erased
  • Your Roku account and device will no longer be linked
  • Preferred settings will be lost
  • The initial setup phase will need to be completed again

Step 1. Click on the ‘Home’ button on your remote

Step 2. Find and select ‘Settings’

Step 3. Press ‘System’

Step 4. Choose ‘Advanced System Settings’

Step 5. Click on ‘Factory Reset’ followed by ‘Factory Reset Everything’

You will now need to follow the instructions that appear on your screen.


From this guide, we can conclude the main causes for your Roku not connecting to the internet is your settings being incorrect on your Roku, and problems with your internet connection.

Along with the reasons being explained, we hope the steps we have provided have helped fix your Roku from not connecting online.

If however, you are still experiencing issues with your Roku connecting, or you would like to query any other issue you may be having,  you can check out their online support page.

You can also contact their customer support team, where one of their advisors will respond to your query.

Roku has a support page on Twitter where you will be able to stay up to date with all the latest news and software updates.