Accidently holding a set of keys down or unknowingly changing the format can result in your Hotmail screen becoming too large for you to navigate the Hotmail email account.

When the format has been changed or the Zoom function has been engaged you will notice that the font size is a lot bigger and can now find yourself having to scroll the page left and right just to read what is on display.

Returning your display to a usable size is a simple process, this quick and easy tutorial will take you through the simple steps needed to shrink the screen on your Hotmail account returning it to a smaller size so you can send and receive your emails in no time at all.

Outlook screen too large
The outlook screen is too large

Why is Outlook so big on my screen?

You may have held down your mouse wheel and moved the cursor this could have resulted in the zoom function being activated.

By selecting the Zoom while reading option and then ticking the box “Remember my preference” your account will automatically remember and lock the level of your zoom.

Check to see if the icons on your desktop have increased in size as this could indicate that the overall screen resolution has been changed which can also increase or decrease the size of your Hotmail accounts icons and fonts.

How do I get my Outlook email back to normal size?

Press and hold down the control key found on the left-hand side of your keyboard, now by simultaneously pressing the 0 key the screen will return to its default size

You can also use your mouse wheel in conjunction with holding down the control key to zoom in and out.

How do I get my Outlook email font back to normal size?

It may be the font size that has been changed by following these steps below you can select the font size of your choice

  1. Select the option button found in the top right-hand corner of your screen once selected a dropdown will appear, now select more options
  2. Press the message font and signature button
  3. Simply choose the font size of your choice
  4. Now select save

Hotmail email screen resolution

Your screen resolution could be causing your large Hotmail screen size, by selecting the Start button on the windows options then selecting Settings, System followed by Display you can now toggle different screen resolutions, remember the higher the resolution the smaller the icons, fonts, and graphics will appear on your screen.

If the screen resolution keeps changing itself you may need to update the drivers of your graphic card after you have downloaded and installed the latest version, restart your outlook and see if this has fixed the problem.

Why is my Outlook Inbox font so small?

The default size of the font could be too small for you to read especially if you are using a high resolution, you can toggle the zoom on the message view by using the ribbon and then selecting the message body found on the message tab.

Select the format group, clicking Zoom. now increase to the desired size by selecting the custom view


With your screen restored to its default zoom setting you should be able to browse your email account.

If you are still experiencing problems with the Hotmail screen size or you are having any other problems with Microsoft Outlook, visit the support page here

Microsoft also has a customer service number you can contact them here 0344 800 2400