Are you scratching your head to find out “why Minecraft won’t let me log in to my account”? Are you experiencing login issues on all your gaming devices? Don’t worry; we’ll show you how to troubleshoot the Minecraft sign-in problem with the help of easy-to-follow troubleshooting steps.

Minecraft is a sandbox game which means that it is an open-ended survival game without specific guidelines. Over the past few years, the game has become a household name and is fascinating to players of all ages.

However, the players occasionally face some issues with Minecraft Java and bedrock edition. Not being able to log in to their account is one of the most common ones. Let’s discuss why you face this issue and what methods you can adopt to get your gaming profile and account access back.

Why can’t I log into my Minecraft account?

Why can't I log into my Minecraft account?

If you are asking why Minecraft won’t let me log in? it could be due to any one of the following reasons.

  • You are using incorrect credentials to log in to the game.
  • Your internet connection is unstable, resulting in a sign-in error.
  • You have not updated the game for a while.
  • You are switching between networks while Minecraft is loading.
  • Minecraft sign-in data is corrupted and needs to be cleared.
  • You are trying to log in to the game on multiple devices and causing a conflict.
  • Minecraft server is down for maintenance or experiencing a technical error.

Do I need Microsoft account to play Minecraft?

Do I need Microsoft account to play Minecraft?

The developers of Minecraft, Mojang Studios, have announced that from now on, players will need a Microsoft or Xbox live account to play the game’s Java and Bedrock editions on any device.

Mojang added that the move is inconvenient, and tens of millions of players will need to sign up for a Microsoft account. However, the change is necessary for security reasons and can result in better parental control for children with a robust chat and invitation blocking system.

How do I fix my Minecraft account not logging in?

How do I fix my Minecraft account not logging in?

Try the following troubleshooting steps if you can not log in to your Minecraft account via Microsoft or Xbox live credentials.

Use correct login credentials

Quite often, sign-in issues originate when you use incorrect login credentials to access your gaming account. Most passwords are case-sensitive and usually contain a combination of special characters and numbers.

Therefore, ensure that you are typing in the correct username and password in the game login box. However, if you forgot the credentials, reset the account password and try to re-login to Minecraft to see if this works.

Restart Minecraft and device

Minecraft support suggests that if you are facing login issues, try these steps.

  • Close down the game on your device.
  • Restart the device that you are using to play Minecraft.
  • Restart the router that is providing the internet connection for the game.
  • Finally, restart the game and sign back into your Minecraft account using correct Microsoft credentials.

Check network connection

Sometimes, your network connection is to blame for the Minecraft login issues. Therefore, to check the stability of your internet connection, test other apps on another device. Additionally, if you use WiFi, switch to a wired connection that is usually more stable than wireless.

Also, you can run a speed test on your internet connection to verify that you have an adequately fast and stable connection.

Stop switching networks or devices

If Minecraft won’t let you log in to your Minecraft account, try to stop switching between WiFi to cellular data and vice-versa on the game’s login page. Furthermore, you may need to stick with one device instead of attempting to access your gaming account on multiple devices.

Use brute force approach

A few times, an overcrowded server or a temporary system glitch won’t support additional players on the gaming platform. For an effective workaround, try a brute-force approach of trying to sign in repeatedly to your gaming account.

Clear account sign in data

Minecraft sign-in data often corrupt and cause a login error, and you may need to clear it to fix the issue. To do this:

  • Restart the game and navigate to the game settings.
  • Now select the Profile option and choose Clear Account Sign in Data.
  • Next, confirm the action and wait for a few seconds.
  • Finally, restart the game again and see if that fixes the sign-in issue.

Check server status

If there is an issue with the Minecraft service and their servers are experiencing an outage, you can’t log in to the game. There is nothing much you can do except wait for the devs to resolve the issue. Visit the game’s official Twitter page for updates on the outage. Also, you can check the¬†service status on any third-party website.

Install Xbox app

If all of the above fixes fail to work in your favor, a final workaround for you is to install the Xbox app on your Xbox, Windows 10, Android, or iOS device. You can install the Xbox app via your device App Store. Afterward, try to sign in to Minecraft with your Xbox live credentials and verify that the login issue is fixed.

How do I fix my Xbox login problem?

How do I fix my Xbox login problem?

Some Minecraft players have reported they can’t log in to an Xbox device using their Xbox live or Microsoft login details. We recommend that you download and install the Xbox Companion App to overcome the issue.

However, you may need to use an older version of Xbox Companion. So if you are getting the login error despite having the app, try and use an earlier Xbox companion version, and see if this fixes the issue.


Minecraft sometimes won’t let you log in to your gaming account. We hope you have followed the quick and easy troubleshooting steps in this guide to fix the Minecraft sign-in issues via Microsoft or Xbox live credentials. Furthermore, these workarounds are suitable for all the devices that you use to play the Minecraft game.