Are you trying to access new Worlds’ but Minecraft is displaying the ‘Outdated Client’ error on your screen?

Do you have a pending update available for your Minecraft app? If your answer is yes, this is the main cause for Minecraft not being able to connect to the server or access the different realms.

If there is no available update, but your app is still not connecting, there may be a secondary issue relating to your Minecraft app. This can include a server error or corrupted files on your device.

This guide will supply you with how to update your Minecraft app on all the different gaming devices as well as help you understand what may be causing the Minecraft outdated client error on your sandbox game.

Why is Minecraft Saying Outdated Client?

Minecraft outdated client

Why is Minecraft saying outdated client?

Minecraft will state there is an outdated client when you are trying to join a Minecraft realm from an outdated version of the app.  This is due to the Minecraft realm and your app being incompatible because they are both on different versions. The Minecraft server will be unable to recognise your game when you try and receive granted access to the platform.

Minecraft should update automatically, however, there can be instances where your Minecraft app will not update.

Why isn’t my Minecraft updating?

If the Minecraft app has not been updated on your device, this could be due to the following;

  • Minecraft server is down
  • The update was interrupted
  • Your device is not compatible with the latest version
  • Corrupted software on your device

How to Fix Minecraft Outdated Client

Minecraft Outdated Client

How to fix Minecraft outdated client

If you want to fix the error ‘Could Not Connect. Outdated Client’, you will need to ensure you have updated your Minecraft application to the latest available version. This will ensure your game gets recognised by the Minecraft realms and servers and processes your request. 

As long as your app is on the same operating system as the server, you should not experience the Minecraft Outdated client problem.

Minecraft users have reported, however, that their app is already on the latest version without an outstanding update available when their game has stopped them from being able to play. How do you resolve this issue if this is the case?

Fix 1. Restart Your Device

To restart your device is a simple step but can sometimes erase any temporary software issues that may have transpired on the platform you are using to launch Minecraft.

Fix 2. Reinstall Minecraft

Delete and reinstall Minecraft to get rid of any corrupted files currently on your device that may be the reason why your game is presenting you with an error when you access it.

Note, You will not lose any saved data if you delete Minecraft off of your device. This is because your Worlds’ will be saved in the cloud.

How to Update Minecraft

Minecraft outdated client

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Updating your Minecraft app to the latest version is the main solution for this issue. The steps to take will depend on what device you are using to access your gaming profile.

How to Update Minecraft on Xbox One

Step 1. Access your installed apps and find Minecraft

Step 2. Highlight the app and click on ‘More Options’

Step 3. Click on ‘Manage Game and Add-Ons’

There should be an option to update that you will be able to choose.

(This should work for Xbox Series X and S).

How to Update Minecraft on PS4

Step 1. Open your Game Library and fine find Minecraft

Step 2. Click on ‘Options’

You will now be able to select ‘Check for Update’.

(PS5 included).

How to Update Minecraft on Nintendo Switch

Step 1. Hover on Minecraft and press the (+) button

Step 2. Select ‘Software Update’

Step 3. Click ‘A’ to choose ‘Via the Internet’

The Minecraft app will not be updated and override the current version installed on your Switch.

How to Update Minecraft on Android and iPhone

Step 1. Open Minecraft’s store page

Step 2. Click on ‘Update’

Your app will complete the upgrade. Once it is completed, relaunch Minecraft.

How to Update Minecraft on Windows 10

Step 1. Launch the Windows store

Step 2. Search for Minecraft

There should be an option to ‘Update’ the app on your PC.

How to Update Minecraft on Java

The Java version of Minecraft can have many different versions downloaded. Whichever version you are using, needs to match the server that they are trying to connect to.

Tip, Update every Minecraft version you currently have installed on Java by selecting ‘Latest Release’.

Whichever platform you are on, your game should now play without any further Minecraft error codes.

(Did you know; The sandbox game was originally referred to as ‘Cave Game’ when it was first being developed. It was then changed to ‘Minecraft: Order of the Stone’ and then later amended to just ‘Minecraft’ for when the game was first introduced in May 2009. It was later released in November 2011).

Why is Minecraft Unable to Connect to World?

Guy playing computer game

Why is Minecraft not connecting World?

Minecraft will be unable to connect to your friend’s World if there is an issue with your friends list. A corrupt list will prevent you from having granted access to their Worlds. You will be able to enter into strangers’ worlds only. 

Besides a corrupted friends list in your Minecraft profile, there are a few other reasons why Minecraft is saying you are unable to connect to World;

  1. Enabled firewall
  2. Antivirus software has incorrectly blocked your Minecraft server
  3. The necessary permissions are not turned on
  4. Poor internet connection cannot connect
  5. Multiplayer is not switched on
  6. Minecraft version is outdated

How to Connect to Minecraft World

To be able to connect to different Worlds in Minecraft, you can action the following in-game solutions and fixes on your device;

  • Update Minecraft
  • Remove and re-add friends from your list
  • Turn multiplayer mode on
  • Switch your firewall off
  • Refresh your internet connection
  • Check you have granted Minecraft permission
  • Disable antivirus software

Once you have completed one, or a few of these solutions, you should be able to access the different Worlds on your game.

Keep in mind, if the Minecraft server is down, this may interfere with the Worlds’ loading.


With this guide, we hope you now know why Minecraft was displaying the ‘Outdated Client’ error on your screen, and that you were able to successfully update your Minecraft app on your desired platform.

If, however, Minecraft confirms it is on the latest version, but you are still experiencing this problem, you may need to contact Minecraft directly. You can submit a ticket from their online support page.

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