LG has been giving Samsung a tough time for a long time now, but their TVs are no stranger to problems. For instance, numerous users find it difficult to watch their favourite shows on Netflix because their LG Smart TV wont connect to WiFi.

LG has made its mark in the TV industry with its superb video quality and audio clarity. TVs from LG are perfect for gaming and binge-watching seasons as they contain AI-driven contextual picture enhancement and sound pro features.

Few easy fixes have been discussed in this article that will help you resolve your WiFi connectivity issues to resume watching your favourite movies.

Why Won’t LG Smart TV Connect to WiFi?

LG Smart TV won't connect fix

There are many reasons behind the Wifi connectivity issues with LG Smart TVs. One of the most common reasons behind this failure is incorrect information about the network. The other reason for the trouble is the presence of generic bugs in its operating system.

Here are some steps to resolve your issue:

  • All the LG Smart TVs come with built-in Internet clocks that are purposely used to keep track of time. If someone is using an unsynchronized network then trouble will occur.
  • Sometimes, Tv shows temporary errors in Smart functions. In such cases, an error code appears on the Tv screen and the apps stop working. This is mainly because of a generic bug. In such a scenario, wait for several hours and see if the issue is resolved.
  • Wifi is home to many devices including laptops, smartphones, tablets, and security cameras. When there are so many devices connected on the same network the connectivity issue will arise for sure. This results in a slow internet connection hence wifi will not connect with the LG Smart Tv.
  • An old Firmware also causes connection errors. Always update Tv’s firmware. It enhances the Tv’s performance, fixes bugs, clears security holes, and improves the compatibility with the device.
  • If the router and Tv are placed at far end places, the weak signals will give a tough connection time. For this, one needs a network over coax or power like an adapter for ethernet for a stable connection.

There are many reasons why LG Smart Tv is facing difficulty in connecting to the Wifi. The most common reason is signal strength or the compatibility of the router with the device. One can resolve most of the connection errors by simply resetting the Settings of Tv or by changing the router’s security settings.

How to Fix the Issue when LG Smart TV is not Detecting Wifi?

If the Tv is not detecting the Wifi network, then the most obvious reason is the defective/ faulty WiFi module. Sometimes, the WiFi network is active and easily accessible to other devices but it does not work on Tv.

TVs under warranty benefit the user in contacting the store and claiming a warranty. However, someone who does not have any warranty, and is comfortable in disassembling his electronics can easily reset and successfully remove the Wifi module.

8 Fixes When the LG Smart TV Wont Connect to Wifi

LG Smart TV fixes

After thoroughly explaining why LG Tv is not connecting to the Wifi and why it does not detect Wifi. Here is a list of some recommendations and fixes that will enable you in resolving the issues. Some of the fixes are tried and tested and always work so one should not skip them.

Change the DNS Settings to

Most of the time, change in DNS settings works and helps in overcoming connection failure. Just follow these steps:

  • Go for All Settings in the Settings Menu.
  • Now choose Network > Wired Connection/ Wifi Connection from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on the Status “Connected to the Internet”
  • This displays DNS server settings, edit the settings by clicking on Edit.
  • Uncheck the box that shows the option to Set Automatically
  • Select DNS server optionType in the address bar.
  • Click on save

Buy a Streaming Stick

Buying a streaming stick is an expensive investment, but it’s worth it in the long run. However, it is much less expensive than replacing some parts of the LG Tv or buying a new one. Streaming sticks have proved to be one effective source for Smart TVs.

Alter Time and Date Settings

This approach might sound naive or childish but some users have sworn on its authenticity. All one has to do is to change the settings manually and adjust the time and date accordingly.

For this, open Settings > General > Date and Time> Uncheck Set Automatically > Set Local Time and Date Manually

Power-Cycle Smart Tv

One of the swift ways to repair a Smart Tv is to power cycle it. This process includes draining the residual power of the LG Tv. It is one of the fastest and simplest techniques to solve the problem either with an internet connection, audio, video, or electricity connection.

Remove and disconnect the Tv from the power source and then press and hold the power button for at least 30 seconds. Reconnect the plug and restart the Tv. Now check if the devices are connected to the Internet.

Sometimes, when lots of devices are connected to the network resource, it causes an inability for LG Tv to get linked to the Wifi. This also causes buffering and congestion. Either upgrade the router to a higher bandwidth or remove extra connected devices to maintain the network connection.

Change the Position of Wifi Router

Everyone knows that Wifi transmits and transfers data through radio waves. Any interference in these radio waves results in dropped signals, sluggish network, data communication and transmission delays, and poor power of signals. These interferences cause connectivity issues with Smart TVs.

The interference is easily avoidable if the router is positioned close to the TV. It is always a perfect solution to switch off all the devices and wireless networks. Or, simply turn them off so that signals reach the Smart Tv easily.

Update Smart Tv, Firmware, and Software

Smart TVs require new updates now and then to ensure that the devices work to their full potential. Firmware updates augment the device’s features and fix errors.

Reboot the Router

Rebooting the router often works and helps the user in connecting Wifi to LG Smart Tv. Sometimes the routers are left On for a long time and they often surface connection issues. A quick restart often fixes the error.

Factory Reset LG Smart Tv

If any of the above-recommended fixes are not working then it is time to do a factory reset. Resetting the Smart Tv to its original manufacturer settings resolves compatibility issues automatically.

The user can locate this option from the Home option in settings. This mode will enable users to factory reset their devices.


The issue of LG Smart Tv wont connect to Wifi can be easily solved with the above-mentioned recommendations. The bugs can be easily fixed and connection issues can be easily solved. One can also get to know about the reasons behind the connection issue from this article.