If your LG TV dims automatically, then we understand it can be a concern. In most cases, this is actually a feature of the TV rather than a broken screen.

Usually, you will experience the screen dimming during scene changes, when the picture goes from light to dark. What is happening, is the panel processor decreases power to the backlight during those scenes where there is more dark than light.

Thankfully, we have a few tips and tricks to stop the screen automatically dimming by changing the screen settings.

Why does my LG TV dim automatically?

Your TV will automatically dim by itself because of a function called the Ambient Light Detection which measures the amount of light in the room and changes the brightness appropriately. The screen will become darker in a dark room, and brighter in a light room.

How to stop my LG TV from dimming automatically?

To stop your LG TV from dimming automatically, you can try adjusting the energy settings.

  1. Go to the picture menu and find settings > advanced > picture.
  2. Press the Energy Saving option
  3. Switch the Energy Saving to OFF.

If that doesn’t work, you can try turning off the ‘smart picture mode‘ and using the ‘expert mode‘ instead. Other things you can try switching off are the dynamic contractsuper-resolution, and the colour filter.

What to do if your LG TV is still not working

If none of the methods above worked, then it may mean you have a more serious issue with your television.

We have also heard reports that on certain LG models this energy-saving feature cannot be turned off, and something you need to live with.

For further assistance, we recommend contacting LG customer support.