Do you recently have an iPhone that turns off by itself? Are you worried that you cannot access your phone’s data and apps? Fear not, a lot of iPhone users face the same issue at some point in their lives. Join us as we explore easy solutions to get your phone working in no time.

iPhones have become an extension of our hands. A lot of our daily functions rely on the smart device and when it just stops working in the middle of an important phone call or responding to an urgent email, it can be very frustrating and even put you off the device. Don’t rush to the Apple Store. You can conduct an easy fix at home. 

Let’s look at your options. 

Reasons Your iPhone Turns Off By Itself

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There can be many reasons why your phone is turning off on its own without warning. To be able to fix the problem you need to first identify the issue with your iPhone. Below is a list of some of the most common reasons:

Faulty Battery

Has it ever happened to you that your battery indicator displays 0% but the phone continues to function and still has a lot of battery life left? A faulty battery indicator can tip the OS that the battery is drained and the phone needs to shut down.

Incompatible Software

Software conflicts in iPhones can also contribute to the issue. Corrupted software, as well as software that is incompatible with your iPhone model, can force your iPhone to just stop. 

Issues With Hardware 

The damage isn’t always internal. Physical damage to the iPhone, such as water damage, battery corruption, or a hard drop can all result in the phone malfunctioning.

Easy Fixes For iPhone Turns Off By Itself

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Once you’ve identified the issue that’s beleaguering your iPhone you can use a number of easy fixes to resolve it on your own. Select the one that applies to you and use it to resolve the error to give your iPhone a new lease on life.

Conduct a Force Restart

The method to force restart your phone varies from model to model. A forced restart will help your phone completely shut down and refresh with proper functions. We’ve listed the forced restart methods you can use for different iPhone models:

iPhone 8/X/XS/XS Max/XR/11/12/SE 2020/13

  • First, hold and then release the Volume Up button for 7 seconds 
  • Then do the same for the Volume Down button
  • Hold the side Power button till the screen turns off and then on
  • Release button when you see the Apple logo appear
  • Force restart iPhone X

iPhone 7, 7 Plus:

  • Press the Power button
  • Press the Volume Down button at the same time to force restart
  • Force restart iPhone 7

iPhone 6S, 6, SE, and earlier:

  • Press and hold Home button.
  • Hold the Sleep/Wake button at the same time
  • Hold them for 10 seconds or until the Apple logo appears
  • Force restart iPhone 6

Check the iOS Update Version

Getting an update of iOS that is compatible with your phone will also do the trick of fishing this particular bug as well as many more. To conduct an update do the following:


  • Go to your iPhone’s Settings
  • Navigate to General
  • Select Software Update
  • Tap the Download and Install option
  • Type in your passcode if prompted
  • Select Install Now
  • Wait for the Update to install fully
  • Restart your iPhone 


If your phone has already installed the latest iOS update then look to these other fixes for your automatic shutdown issue.


What to do if iPhone Turns Off By Itself

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Restore iPhone With iTunes Through Recovery Mode

One of the options available to you is restoring your iPhone with iTunes in Recovery Mode. The reason a lot of users deem this as a last resort is that the process wipes all your data. You can remove data and secure it in a file on your MacBook and opt for the restoration because it will solve most of the errors and issues you face while using it, especially the automatic shutdown.


  • Connect your iPhone to your PC or MacBook Pro
  • Go to iTunes 
  • You will be asked to restore your iPhone before it is put into Recovery Mode
  • Click Restore and confirm the option to restore iPhone to its factory settings
  • iTunes will start downloading the software which will repair your iPhone.
  • Now Restore the iPhone in Recovery Mode

Check Charging Cable and Power Outlet

The charging cable for your phone might be the root of the problem. A battery that isn’t charged properly, or completely could tip the system into automatic shut down to preserve emergency power. Check to see if the power outlet you usually use isn’t faulty. Try using a lamp in that outlet to confirm it’s working fine. If it’s not at fault, then check your charging cable for any breakage. Fortunately, replacement charging cables are easily available and can be bought from any hardware store. 

Repair Hardware Problems

If none of the above works and your phone still ups and dies when it feels like it then your problem might be greater than an easy fix. If you haven’t dropped your phone recently or faced a quick dunk in the pool with your phone still in your pocket then you’ll have to take it to the nearest Apple Store to find out what exactly is wrong with it. Expert help could be what you need to breathe life back into your phone. 


After you’ve conducted all the troubleshooting you can find on the internet, and the phone still stops working when you need it the most, then it might be time to say your goodbyes. Make sure you get your data before you move on. You can find a selection of new iPhones that won’t leave you hanging. 

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