Instagram is one of those social media platforms which requires attention to detail. If you are an influencer or content creator, the times in which you post are essential for your engagement. So not being able to post can be a huge issue. Equally, if you’re just trying to upload a picture to your Instagram, and it doesn’t work, trying to work out whether it’s from your side or due to Instagram. To make this less infuriating,

So for all the people who have messaged us saying Instagram is not letting me post, we have created a quick-to-follow guide in order to get your Instagram back up and running in no time.

Instagram not letting me post

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Instagram not letting me post

First things first, why isn’t Instagram letting you post? There are a variety of different reasons, depending on the action you are attempting to take. But here are the most common ones for trying to upload a photo to your feed.

  • Instagram server error
  • Your internet is down
  • You’ve been banned
  • Your account has been locked

Is there an Instagram server error?

This is a fairly frequent occurrence on Instagram and usually can be confirmed if you use a site such as down detector where other users of the platform report any issues, what the problems are, and if they’re fixed. It will flag a problem if the number of reports is significantly higher than the average amount.

Unfortunately, due to this being an Instagram error, there is nothing you can do about that to get it fixed. But you can regularly refresh and check to see if it’s back.

Your internet is down

You may not release it, but your internet may be down. When you try to post an Instagram picture with no internet, you will notice that it just stays on the upload screen and doesn’t upload. Eventually, you will get an error. Try to turn off your wifi and use mobile data to upload. If this resolves it- you have a problem with your router, which can be easily rebooted. However, if it still doesn’t work with either your mobile data or your wifi, we’d recommend reporting the issue to Instagram for them to look into.

You’ve been banned, or your account is locked

If you’ve posted many comments, used a large number of hashtags in a short time, or liked a lot of photos in quick succession of each other, you may have hit an antispam filter. This can result in your account being locked for some time, meaning no further activity can be done on the account. Most account locks end pretty quickly. If you’ve been signed out and are now getting an error message, you may have had your account banned. If you find this is the case, contact Instagram support for the next steps.

Why can’t I post on Instagram from my PC

Instagram not letting me post

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Instagram can now be viewed by a PC/laptop. However, the app primarily wants all functions to be done via the app. Due to this, you cannot post via a PC or laptop, which can be frustrating. However, you can post via your computer if you use a scheduling app – once you’ve queued your photos via a 3rd party app – it’ll post for you at the given time. For this, you do not require the app and can do this via a PC. But sadly, you cannot upload a picture or story as you would on the mobile app.

Comments keep getting errors on Instagram

Commenting on Instagram is a great way to create engagement and build a following, but can you do it too much? The answer to this is yes. Instagram is in a constant battle trying to stop spammers, involving those who don’t mean to spam being caught up in the issue. If you are an established account, you can expect to be able to post a lot more comments than a new account. It is reported that you can comment around 400 times a day if you are an established account. With accounts being able to comment 30-60 times per hour.

Another reason you may find yourself not able to comment on Instagram is due to limits. For example, you cannot tag more than five accounts in one comment as Instagram will not be posted. However, also posting many comments with five people in each can also be flagged.

Essentially if you are doing a lot on Instagram in a short period of time, this is more likely to get you blocked.

Instagram not posted try again on Android

If you are using an Android device and see an error which states ‘ Instagram not posted try again’, it can be really frustrating, especially when you’ve planned the perfect time to post. It is likely an error with your device instead of Instagram; however, this error can occur if Instagram is down. To fix the error on your side, we’d recommend doing the following steps when receiving this error.

Check your connection

The first place to start would be checking your network connection. If you’re on wifi and unable to post, try again on mobile data. However, if you are getting the same problem on both mobile data and wifi, head on to the next step.

Log out and back in again

Granted, you can gain access to your Instagram, head to your settings via your profile pic, then tap the three dots in the top right, scroll down and click log out. Be sure to close down the app and any other open ones before trying to reopen it and log back in. Once you’ve logged back in, attempt to post your picture again. If this doesn’t resolve your posting issue, we’d recommend clearing your cache.

Clear cache

When it comes to clearing your cache on a mobile device, it can be a little bit confusing. But not to worry, we have the steps to help you clear your cache on Android.

  1. Go to your settings
  2. Select storage and then clean up
  3. Next, choose your junk files and click clean up. This will delete the data permanently.
  4. Following on from this, go back to settings and choose apps.
  5. Then select Instagram, followed by storage.
  6. Under storage, you should find a clear cache option. Press this.
  7. If you’re still having issues, click clear data to remove any saved data from your account.

Update Instagram

If you’re using the latest version of Instagram, this may cause some issues with your device. Most programs are filled with bugs, and the glitch will still be present without removing these (via an update). To update Instagram, go to the Google Play Store, search for Instagram, followed by an update. Once you’ve done this, your Instagram should completely reboot itself and allow you to access your content once again.

Instagram errors

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Not able to post an Instagram story

If you regularly post to your Instagram story, you may already be aware of the bug as users have reported it frequently. So how do you know if you’ve been affected by the Instagram bug? You come to upload your story as you usually would, and you are greeted with an error- you’ve got an internet connection, so what is the problem? Here are some ways to troubleshoot the Instagram bug.


As with all apps, if you’re running an outdated version, you can expect the app not to work as it should. Head on to your app store and make sure the latest version is installed. If not, close down the tab and allow the app to update and reopen before trying again.

You’ve violated the terms of Instagram

Check your emails for notification from Instagram that you’ve violated their terms of service. Sometimes Instagram can impose a story posting ban if they’ve been used inappropriately.

Try uploading a different story

If your story has stickers or GIFs on, try upload one without. If it posts, it’s likely an issue with that specific content as opposed to your device or account.

Use a second account if you have one

If you have a second account, now is the time to utilize it. Try to post the story from that account, or if you don’t have a second one, ask a friend to post a story and see if they’re able to do so. If they’re unable to, it is likely to be an error on Instagram’s side. Therefore you will be unable to do anything about this, sadly.

If none of the above troubleshooting works and you’re still unable to fix this issue, it is probably out of your control. Allow Instagram time to fix the error, and if you don’t notice a change after 12-24 hours, reach out to their support desk for further information.

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Instagram won’t let me post pictures from my camera roll

When trying to post to Instagram, unless you’re taking the picture then and there, you will need to grant access to Instagram to view your camera roll. You may have declined access to this in the past.

To grant access on an iPhone, you need to head to the settings cog, then scroll down to Instagram, click, and you should see photos, with three options selected photos, all photos of none. Unless it is chosen as all photos, you’re likely to experience similar issues.

For an Andriod device, head to settings, then privacy followed by photos, and again grant access to Instagram for this.

If Instagram not letting me post is still an issue for you, please get in touch with us to assist further with this issue.