Like any social media app, there are times when your post won’t load or you receive an error code. in the case of Instagram you may find that Instagram Couldn’t Refresh its Feed

Instagram has been around since 2010, acquiring over 1.3 billion users, making them the 4th most popular social media app internationally so we understand how important it is to ensure you have access to this great app at all times.

These issues are almost always fixable, along with Instagram couldn’t refresh feed, which is why we have created this guide for you, so you can go back to scrolling through Instagram in a matter of minutes.

What is an Instagram Feed?

Instagram Feed

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The first time you download Instagram and get yourself accustomed to using the app, it can be rather daunting when you don’t know your way around the settings and how things are laid out.

What is an Instagram feed? How do you put your profile on private? These are the questions we ask ourselves.

Instagram feed is the main page, the very first page you come onto when logging into your Instagram.

On this page, the photos and videos of the people you follow will appear here, where you will be able to scroll through and take a look at all the uploaded posts.

Your Instagram feed will also show you the live stories of what your followers have posted.

Just as you will see the uploads from your followers on your feed, the individuals who follow you will see the posts you upload on their feed.

Note, to answer your question of ‘How do I put my profile on private’, use this link.

Why is My Instagram Saying ‘Couldn’t Refresh Feed’

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There are a few reasons why your Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error is coming up when you’re trying to scroll through your Instagram feed.

Reason 1. Your internet is lagging

When your internet is slow, it interferes with receiving a smooth connection to the Instagram server, resulting in posts and images not being able to load properly.

The interference in your connectivity could be because you are further away from a cell tower, making your signal weak.

It might also be because there is an overload of devices connecting at that moment in time.

Bad weather conditions can also interfere with your internet connection.

Reason 2. Your Instagram app needs to be updated

It is inevitable that performance issues will arise with an app that is still on an older version when there is a newer version available.

It creates system glitches resulting in posts not being able to download properly.

Reason 3. The date and time on your phone are not correct

Most of the time your phone’s date and time get automatically set unless you change your settings.

If the time and date on your mobile are not the same as the actual time and date, it will cause your phone to be out of sync, resulting in the Instagram server receiving clashing information when trying to process the request to access your feed.

It’s good to always set your time as automatic so you don’t have to worry about having this issue.

Reason 4. Instagram is down

This is one of those rare occasions, but it can happen.

Because Instagram is owned by Facebook, if the server is down for Instagram, Facebook would probably be down too, so you could check Facebook too.

You can use this link to check if Instagram is having any issues.

Reason 5. Instagram’s Temporary files are full

Cache files are what every app has.

When you go onto Instagram, it will store data on your device that is supposed to make the loading time of the app run quicker.

This happens every time you go into Instagram, so at some point the cache data being stored will become full and stop the app from being able to load properly.

You are able to empty the cache files on your phone.

How do I Fix my Instagram Couldn’t Refresh Feed

Logging into Instagram

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Fixing the Instagram couldn’t refresh feed is possible to fix and get right, so long as the cause of the problem is due to an error on our side and not Instagram’s server being down.

If it is the Instagram server, you will, unfortunately, have to wait it out and try get onto Instagram in a couple of hours.

However, if it is any other possible reason, you can follow these easy fixes that will hopefully sort the issues out for you;

Fix 1. Test your internet connection

Your internet may be struggling to get signal from a cell tower, or you may be in a vicinity that does not pick up a good internet connection.

You can check this by;

Step 1. Check your mobile data is definitely switched on and what connection you have by going into your settings from your home screen.

Step 2. Try your internet browser by searching for something on the web, and see how long it takes for the webpage to load. If it’s really slow and is unable to load, this will confirm it is your internet connection.

Step 3. Check the speed by using this link If the speed is really low, this will confirm your internet connection is playing up.

Fix 2. Update your Time and Date to be set Automatically

If your date and time is incorrect on your phone, Instagram will not be able to agree with your phone, causing the error to occur.

On Android

Step 1. Find your ‘Settings’ on your home page

Step 2. Select ‘Date and Time’

Step 3. Turn ‘Automatic’ on

On iPhone

Step 1. Go to ‘Settings’

Step 2. Find ‘General’

Step 3. Select ‘Date and Time’

Step 4. Turn ‘Automatically’ on

Your date and time settings are now set to automatic, Instagram will now be able to sync with your device.

Fix 3. Update your Instagram app

If there is a newer version available for Instagram to download, and you still have the older version, this may interfere with the performance of your app.

Step 1. Go to your app store on your computer

Step 2. Find Instagram and check to see if there is a newer version available to update

Step 3. Update the app if you can

Your Instagram app should now be on the latest version.

Fix 4. Relog into your Instagram account

Logging in and logging out of your account can sometimes fix the issue of Instagram couldn’t refresh feed.

Fix 5. Restart your mobile

There’s no harm in restarting your phone and trying Instagram again.

Fix 6. Amend Instagram Data Limit setting

Instagram has a feature in their settings where you can set a data limit for yourself. This allows you, as the user to put in a maximum data limit that you can use over a set period of time.

Once this limit has been met, it will stop you from being able to post or view photos.

Step 1. Go to your ‘Profile’

Step 2. Select ‘Settings’

Step 3. Choose ‘Account’

Step 4. Find ‘Mobile/Cellular Data’ 

Step 5. Increase the limit

Your maximum data limit for Instagram will now be updated.


With social media being as addictive as gambling, along with Instagram being the 4th most used social media app worldwide, it’s no surprise we get ourselves in a panic when we can’t log on, or scroll through what everyone has posted on the app.

We hope this guide has helped you fix your Instagram couldn’t refresh feed error so you can stay up to date with what all your followers are getting up to.