Is Hulu unable to start when you try and launch the app on your device?

When you experience the error message; ‘Sorry, Hulu is unable to start. Please exit and try again’ you won’t be able to reach your profile, nor the Hulu library until the issue is fixed.

Hulu will not work if your network connection is unstable, or your app contains corrupt files. A restart of your Wifi router, or a software update can help fix Hulu from not being able to open.

We have generated this simple guide to help you understand why Hulu is unable to start, and how you can fix this error, so you can get back to streaming your favourite TV shows and movies.

Why does Hulu say unable to start?

Hulu unable to start
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The ‘Sorry, Hulu is unable to start. Please exit and try again’ error message will appear on your screen when you try and access your account if your device cannot connect to the internet. The cause for this is a network malfunction, either because there is a fault with your network service provider, or your Wifi router is unable to withhold a stable connection.

Other reasons why Hulu will be unable to start include;

1. Hulu server is down

When the Hulu server is down, your app won’t be able to reach the database. The service will be unavailable when there is maintenance work being done, or if there’s been an unexpected issue that has stopped the server from being able to function.

2. Corrupt installation files

If your Hulu app contains corrupt files, this data will interfere with how well the service connects to the internet, access the server or download the necessary data required to launch the program.

Files can become corrupt if an update fails, or during a momentary system glitch.

3. Faulty app

The app on your device could be problematic, which why Hulu is unable to start when you try and launch your profile.

If Hulu is not working, it could also be because the app is incompatible with your device’s operating system.

How to fix Hulu unable to start error

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Restart your network connection to help fix your Hulu app from not working. Complete this step by unplugging your router from its power point for no less than a minute. This will refresh your internet and help get rid of any intermittent issues. Reconnect your modem and allow it to re-establish its connection.

It’s important to also make sure you receive adequate bandwidth for your download speeds so that the Hulu app can start and connect to the server without timing out.

A slow network connection can be a catalyst for other streaming issues on Hulu, so it’s important that you always make sure your service provider does not under-perform.

You can make use of to confirm your device can sustain a Hulu connection.

Other solutions to fix your Hulu app from not working are;

1. Check Hulu server

You won’t be able to fix Hulu from not starting on your device if the server is down, but you can check the service status to confirm if the problem is due to your device or not.

If the Hulu server is down, you will need to wait until the error is fixed.

2. Update Hulu app

Update your Hulu app from the play store to ensure you operate on the latest available version. Once the download is complete, restart your device to ensure any older files still present are erased.

(Did you know, Hulu was originally called ‘Clown Co.’ It was then changed to Hulu in 2007).

3. Uninstall and reinstall Hulu

If the Hulu app on your device is faulty, you will need to delete it and reinstall it. After you remove the program, complete a quick restart.

It is also beneficial to check if your device’s system software is up to date too, as this could cause compatibility issues with the app.

4. Deactivate your device

From the Hulu account page, you can deactivate your device from your profile. Once you remove it, you will be able to reactivate your device to have access to your Hulu account.

This will get rid of any system errors that could have interfered with the platform you use to successfully connect to the Hulu server.

Will Hulu work with a VPN?

Hulu unable to start
Hulu unable to start

You are able to watch Hulu with the use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). This program will allow you to have access to Hulu in a region where the app would be unavailable. This is because the VPN will hide your browser’s location. Although a VPN is handy to keep your network private, it can sometimes be the reason why Hulu will be unable to start.

It will update your IP address at intervals which can cause your network connection to become unstable.

If you have an active VPN, and your Hulu app is not working, you can check if this is the cause for the error by turning the software application off and trying to open Hulu again.

You might need to consider changing your VPN provider. PureVPN has been recognised as one of the top performing applications.

Hulu won’t play anything

Hulu unable to start
Hulu unable to start

The online video app will be unable to play anything if it cannot download the necessary amount of data onto your device to stream content. Hulu has a minimum download speed requirement that needs to be met in order to play a video at your chosen image quality. If your internet service provider cannot provide Hulu with a stable connection, your videos won’t play.

The minimum speed requirements for Hulu are as follows;

  • 3Mbps for the Hulu library
  • 8Mbps for live streaming
  • 16Mbps to display 4K content

You can make use of a download speed that’s 1.5Mbps, however, you will need to reduce your image quality so as not to experience throttling or buffering issues.


Now that you know why Hulu was unable to start, we hope you were able to regain access to your profile, and Hulu’s library with one of the solutions provided in this guide.

If Hulu still won’t open on your device, we suggest you contact them directly. You will be able to chat with one of their agents, call them, or make use of the Hulu virtual assistant.

(Quiz Question; what was Hulu originally called?).

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