If you experience Hulu streaming problems when you try and watch a program or movie, this could be because your internet connection is not strong enough to play a video on your current resolution setting.

Besides a poor network, an outdated Hulu app can be the cause for playback errors such as buffering and constant skipping.

You can uninstall and reinstall the app to help get rid of corrupt files, or simply restart your device to help fix Hulu from not working.

We have created this simple guide to help you understand what the Hulu streaming problems are, and how you can rectify the issue. We will also delve into what causes the errors, so you can prevent any further problems in the future.

Does Hulu have streaming issues?

Hulu streaming problems
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Because Hulu is an online video streaming service, it’s natural for the app to incur playback errors. These type of problems will affect the quality of your display, and the performance of the app when you attempt to watch a program or movie on your device. A Hulu streaming problem will either prevent a successful launch, or interfere with its processes when its already open.

There are a few different streaming issues that Hulu can experience.

What are the Hulu streaming problems?

Hulu will not work when you try and use the app in the form of;

  • Constant buffering
  • Freezing
  • Connection error
  • Low video quality
  • Frequent skipping
  • Hulu out of sync

Fortunately, you are able to troubleshoot the Hulu streaming problems once you know the reasons behind why these errors occur.

What causes Hulu streaming problems?

Hulu streaming problems
Hulu streaming problems

The main cause for Hulu to experience a playback error is a poor network connection. If your network service provider experiences issues, it will interfere with the app being able to connect to the Hulu server. This problem can be intermittent, or be consistent.

A network error will sometimes be associated with your internet connection. If the Wifi that your device connects to is unstable, this will cause Hulu to have streaming problems.

Other causes for playback errors include;

1. Low bandwidth

For a standard quality stream, Hulu requires a bandwidth speed of at least 6Mbps to play a video without any issues.

Because the app relies solely on adequate bandwidth, if your internet is unable to provide this, your videos will begin buffer or glitch.

2. Hulu server is down

At times, the Hulu server will go down due to planned maintenance, or if there’s been an unexpected outage.

When this occurs, the Hulu database will be unavailable. This will either stop the app from being able to work at all, or interfere with the performance of video streams.

3. Outdated software

If your app is outdated, this can cause streaming problems. Hulu will always update their app to improve its performance, and get rid of corrupt software that interferes with how well it playbacks videos.

Additional to this, if your device’s firmware is overdue for an upgrade, this can also cause Hulu to stop working.

4. Faulty cache files

Every time you launch Hulu on your device, cache files will download. These files are used to help quicken load times, and improve how well the app works.

However, over time, the cache will become too full, or contain corrupt data that will stop Hulu from streaming without any errors.

How to fix Hulu streaming issues

Hulu streaming problems
Hulu streaming problems

Complete a power restart on your Wifi router to help fix Hulu from having a streaming issue. This will refresh your network, and internet connection. To do this, simply turn your modem off and unplug it. After a couple of minutes of standing idle, reconnect your router and switch it back on.

Once your internet is back online, restart Hulu and attempt to stream content.

Note, to ensure your network supplies you with enough bandwidth, complete a speed test. If you want to stream videos with a 4K quality, you’ll need at least 16Mbps.

Other methods that will help stop the Hulu streaming problems are;

1. Check Hulu server

Check to see if the Hulu server is down. If it is, you won’t be able to fix the issue, however, you will be able to keep up to date with its status.

2. Update software

Check to see that Hulu is up to date with its software. To complete an update, access your app store and find Hulu.

If there’s an ‘Update’ option that you click on, do so to download the app onto your device.

Once the download is complete, complete a restart. Make sure you also confirm your device’s firmware is not out of date.

You should find this in the general settings section.

3. Clear cache files

If you access Hulu through your browser, you’ll need to clear your browser’s cache in order to get rid of the files from Hulu.

If you use Chrome;

Enter ‘chrome://settings/clearBrowserData’ in your search bar > Press ‘Clear Data’

The cache files from Hulu on an Android device can be erased through the ‘Application Manager’ option.

A few quick fixes that have been known to resolve the Hulu streaming issues are;

  • Restart device
  • Uninstall and reinstall Hulu
  • Change your image resolution setting

(Did you know; Hulu is only available in America and Japan. It cannot expand globally because of its rights agreement. This prevented Yahoo from being able to buy the service back in 2011).

Hulu freezing on smart TV

Hulu streaming problems

If Hulu keeps freezing on your smart TV, this could be because the firmware on your device is out of date, or contains corrupt software. Your TV will automatically complete an update, however, this can sometimes get interrupted due to a system glitch, or a sporadic network connection.

To stop the Hulu app from having issues on your smart TV, you can complete a power cycle. This will involve turning your smart device off and removing it from its main plug point.

If this does not work, you can check if a system update needs to be completed. You can find this in the settings section of your TV.


We hope this easy to follow guide has provided you with enough knowledge to be able to fix your Hulu app from experiencing streaming issues.

If you’ve tried all four solutions and the playback errors persist, there could be a hardware error with your Wifi router, or, your Hulu app is problematic.

Check out the Hulu Community for assistance. Alternatively, you can email Hulu directly at support@hulu.com.

(Quiz Question; Did Yahoo buy Hulu in 2011?). Let us know your answer through the use of our contact form.