Do you experience the Hulu error code 503 when you first try and launch the app on your device?

This issue will occur when the Hulu server is unavailable. The error 504 code is caused by the same reason. Sometimes, however, a Hulu error will occur on your device if there is a problem with your app or the platform you use to access the app.

The cache files that download onto your device when you launch Hulu from your browser could be corrupt, or, your internet connection is problematic.

In this easy to follow guide, we will advise on what causes the Hulu error code 503, and what steps you can take to fix this error so your device can access the Hulu server without timing out, or your request being rejected due to a congested database.

What does the Hulu error code 503 mean?

Hulu error code 503
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The Hulu error code 503 means that the online streaming service’s server is currently unavailable. The 503 error will occur when you try and access your account from your device, but the request cannot be processed. When this performance related issue occurs, the message ‘Service Unavailable’ should accompany the 503 error code.

The Hulu error code 503 will prevent the app on your device from reaching the service’s database, and can occur as soon as you launch the program as well as when you try and play a specific film or series.

This error message is otherwise known as a HTTP status response code, and will relate to your web and the webserver for Hulu.

The main cause for the error 503 to occur is the Hulu server being down. This could be due to planned maintenance works, or an unplanned technical issue. However, there are a few other reasons why you the 503 error code will appear on your screen.

What causes the Hulu error code 503?

Hulu error code 503
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Hulu may display the error 503 when there is a high volume of traffic on the website. Sometimes, an app can become congested with too many users trying to access the server at the same time. When this happens, the request from your device will not get processed in time, and time out. An overloaded server can create performance related issues when you’re on your profile, such as Hulu always buffering.

Other causes for the Hulu 503 error to occur include;

1. Weak internet connection

Because Hulu is an online streaming platform, it needs to connect to a stable, strong network in order to stream without any issues. If Hulu won’t connect to the internet or have trouble establishing a secure connection, the error code will appear.

Hulu requires at least 6Mbps in order to stream HD quality shows.

2. Faulty cache files

Every time you launch Hulu from your browser, cache files will download onto your device. This data is used to help fasten the loading time of the app the next time you open it.

However, if the cache becomes too full, or contain corrupt files, it will interfere with Hulu working properly.

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3. Multiple subscription

If you have the same subscription plan for Hulu twice, this may be the reason why the Hulu error code 503 occurs when you try and access your account.

Most streaming platforms are not equipped to accept two of the same order. Connection and performance issues will occur as there will be conflict on the Hulu database.

How to fix the Hulu error code 503

Hulu error code 503
Hulu error code 503

If the Hulu server is down, you will be unable to fix the error code 503. You will be able to check the service status of the online video app. This will allow you to stay up to date with the performance of the app, and know when the technical issue has been resolved. Until the problem gets fixed from Hulu’s side, you will need to patient. Hulu will actively post updates on their Twitter support page (@hulu_support) so subscribers will know when the app is back up and running.

Sometimes, however, the Hulu error code 503 is a result from an issue with your device or app. In this circumstance, you will be able to execute on of the following solutions to help rectify your device from not connecting to the server;

1. Refresh Hulu connection

If the Hulu server was congested, you may need to refresh your connection to re-establish your request to access the database.

Simply log out and back in to your account, or refresh your browser to reconnect to the service.

2. Power restart Wifi router

Whether your internet speed is too slow, or your network is unstable, a restart on your Wifi router will help improve your connection, and get rid of any temporary issues with your network service provider.

To complete a power restart, turn your modem off and unplug it. After a couple of minutes, plug it back in and switch it on. You can now relaunch Hulu.

3. Clear cache files

Erase the cache build up on your browser to clear up space and get rid of any corrupt files that are current on your device.

If you make use of Google Chrome, you can do this by going;

Open Chrome > Press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL > Tick ‘Cookies & Other Site Data and ‘Cached Images & Files’ > Select ‘Clear Data’

Tip, once you’ve cleared the cache files, restart your device.

4. Check your subscription

Make sure you do not have a duplicate subscription on Hulu. If you do, cancel one. Also make sure your account has not expired as this will interfere with your app connecting to the Hulu server.

What does error code 504 mean on Hulu?

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Hulu error code 503

Similar to the 503 error, the Hulu error code 504 will occur when your device times out before it can connect to the Hulu server. This issue will stem from a slow internet connection. A 504 gateway timeout will imply that your web server has been waiting too long to connect to the Hulu database, which is why your request won’t get processed, and instead, the error 504 code will show on your screen.

If your network service provider does not supply you with adequate internet speed, you will experience performance related issues when you try and access the Hulu program.

The 504 code on Hulu can also appear when the server is down. In this instance, just like the error 503 code, you will need to allow Hulu to fix the error on their side.

Just like the Hulu error code 503, you can troubleshoot your device by refreshing your connection, restarting your router and erasing your cache files.

Note, it’s important to make sure your Hulu is up to date with the latest version available. This will ensure performance issues have been fixed.


With this guide, we hope you now understand what the Hulu error code 503 is, and how it is caused. If the server is not down, you should be able to fix this this error with one of the four simple solutions provided.

If the issue persists, you may need to contact Hulu directly as there could be a problem with your app. You can make use of their online support page.

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