Are you trying to access your on-demand programs but your Youview won’t connect to the internet?

Youview will have trouble connecting to your home network if the device was not configured correctly during the initial setup phase, or there was a software update that disconnected your top box.

Resetting your Youview box, or changing your ethernet cable to a different port can help get your streaming device to establish a connection.

At the end of this guide, you will be able to comprehend why your Youview was not connecting to the internet, and be able to fix the issue with our four easy fixes so you can get back to binge watching from the 70+ live digital channels Youview has to offer.

Why is my Youview box not connecting to the internet?

Youview won't connect to internet

Why won’t Youview connect to the internet?

There are a few reasons why Youview won’t connect to the internet. If your box was previously connected, and now it is not, this could be due to its latest software update altering your settings, or your connecting cable has been damaged.

We will expand on these reasons;

Reason 1. Software issue

There are three ways in which the Youview software can cause a connection problem.

  1. After your Youview box completed a software update, it could have changed your current settings or caused your device to disconnect from your network.
  2. Your smart TV device could be due to an update, and it is currently trying to connect with outdated firmware.
  3. The current software is corrupted

Reason 2. Damaged cable

If you are an owner of a Youview box that is not Wi-Fi-enabled, you will be using an ethernet cable to connect your device.

If this cable is damaged, it will interfere with Youview connecting to the internet. A faulty Wifi adapter will also result in problems when trying to connect.

Reason 3. Weak internet connection

A Wifi-enabled Youview box will be able to connect to the internet wirelessly and will work over a 5GHz router.

If the Wifi router is too far away from the Youview box, the distance will interfere with how well it stays connected to the internet.

Your network connection should be stable enough for Youview to not have an intermittent connection.

How to fix Youview not connecting

Youview won't connect to internet

How do I connect my Youview to the internet?

You can fix your Youview from not connecting to the internet by reconfiguring your box’s settings, and checking that your internet connection is working without any intermittent issues. If the Youview server is down, this will interfere with your device establishing a connection. 

Fix 1. Check Youview box settings

Your Youview box may have disconnected from your network after an update, or you may have been unaware of a system error that caused your device to lose its connection to your network.

If this is the case, all you need to do is reconfigure your Youview device;

Step 1. Access the ‘Menu’ list

Step 2. Click on ‘Settings’

Step 3. Choose ‘Broadband Connection’

(It should state here if your Youview is connected.)

Step 4. If it is not connected, press ‘Edit Connection’

Step 5. Now click on ‘Auto Connect’

Note, these steps are for both a wired and wireless connection.

If Youview is connected via a Wifi connection

You may witness one or two error codes appear on your screen if your Youview box is connected via a wireless connection;

Youview error YVM102

If you are seeing the YVM102 error code, this will mean there is a ‘Local Network Connection Issue’.

You will need to go through the setup process again to regain a connection.

Youview error YVM104

The YVM104 error code will confirm there is a ‘General Network Connection Issue’ and you will need to redo the setup process with your Youview box.

Fix 2. Restart Youview box

Restarting your Youview box will refresh the connection.

Step 1. Hold down on the ‘Power’ button for around ten seconds

Step 2. Your Youview box will restart 

There should be a ‘Hello’ appearing on your screen.

Fix 3. Check your cables and ports

It’s important to make sure that whatever cables you are using, are not faulty, and the ports for them to go into are not damaged.

Another Youview subscriber reported that the actual ‘receiver pins’ in the cable socket for their router were bent out of shape, which caused the connection to be faulty when it was inserted into a specific port.

Their Youview reconnected to the internet after they changed they inserted their cable into a different port.

Fix 4. Confirm your internet connection is stable

Youview requires an aerial to tune into the Freeview channels, but it also needs a broadband connection for the box to supply you with subscriptions channels, and on-demand content.

  • 3Mbps is the minimum requirement for Youview to connect and stream on standard quality
  • 5Mbps is advised for H.D streaming

If your network service provider is not giving you adequate speeds, or the connection keeps dropping, Youview will be unable to establish a connection.

You can check the network speed here. 

If you need to, restart your wifi router;

Step 1. Turn your router off

Step 2. Unplug it for longer than a minute

Step 3. Power it back on and wait for your internet to reconnect

Tip, make sure your Wifi router is not too far away from your Youview box, as this can cause connection issues if the distance is too far.

Are you seeing the YVM302 error code on your screen? 

The Youview YVM302 error will appear on your display if there is an issue with the signal strength from your aerial.

How do I reset my YouView box?

Completing a factory reset on your Youview box will remove all your saved recordings and preferred settings.  Your box will be set back to its default factory settings, and you will need to reconfigure your device to how you would like it to be setup.

Make sure your box is connected to the internet before proceeding.

Step 1. Access the ‘Menu’ and click on ‘Settings’

Step 2. Click on ‘Information & Reset’

Step 3. Select ‘Factory Reset’

Step 4. Confirm by pressing ‘Reset’

Your screen will now present you with a number code that you will need to input. Once the reset has been completed, you can begin the setup process.

Can you use the Youview box without internet?

Yes, you can use your Youview box without being connected to the internet, however, this will limit you to only having access to live TV from your aerial, and your recordings.

If you are sitting on the fence as to whether or not you want to keep your Youview box connected to the internet, we have created a simple table for you;

Youview With Internet Without Internet
Live TV
Saved Recordings
On Demand
Backwards EPG (scrolling back)
Subscription Channels (eg Netflix)
Software Updates


Without Youview connected to the internet, there’s not much content for you to choose from. We hope with this guide, you were able to get your Youview box connected to the internet again so you can access not only Youview’s on-demand programs but also make use of Netflix, and their 7 days catch up service.

If, however, after trying all four fixes, your Youview still won’t connect to the internet, we advise you get in touch with their support team.

Depending on who your broadband provider is, you can get their contact details here ,or you can email them directly at