Did you recently break your HP laptop? Or did you perhaps drop it? Is your laptop refusing to turn on when you’re using everything in the manual? Is your hope that there is life in the laptop because of the power light keeping you from replacing it? Well, don’t worry as we’ll try our best to solve your HP laptop won’t turn on problem.

HP is one of the worlds leading brands in the technological space. Computers and printers have been the staple for home, work and school use this decade. 

Throughout the year’s HP has earned a reputation for reliable and affordable laptops. They are the face of windows powered laptops in the digital world. 

Why Are HP Laptops Important Nowadays?

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Nothing is more frustrating than your laptop not turning on at crucial moments. Laptops have been the centre of our lives in this digital boom, especially since the covid hit. Studying or working from home has become an essential part of our lifestyle and seems to be for the foreseeable future.

 To embrace the norm, we must have a working device that connects us with the rest of the world, and nothing is more practical than our trusty HP laptop.

Why HP Laptop Won’t Turn On But The Light Is On?


But when that laptop starts to malfunction, our first thought is to hope it doesn’t die. Because if it goes, so does our productivity. But what happens when your Laptop Won’t Turn On But The Light Is On?

Well, that means that your laptop is not necessarily dead. Turning on the power light indicates that the laptop is still receiving power in its processor and motherboard. In layman’s terms, the HP laptops brain is still alive. If the screen of your laptop won’t turn on, there can be several culprits such as:

  • A faulty Power Supply
  • Failed Hardware
  • Malfunctioning Screen
  • BIOS Error
  • Software Issue
  • And More

We are here to help guide you through this daunting list of errors so you don’t feel overwhelmed. With our help, your laptop will be back up running in a matter of minutes.

How Do I Fix HP Laptop Won’t Turn On But The Light Is On?

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Check Power Supply/Battery

One of the first things you should consider checking out is the HP laptops power supply as it is usually the main culprit in cases of HP Laptop Won’t Turn On, But The Light Is On. The  laptop is a portable device which means it is heavily dependent on a well functioning battery. A weak or malfunctioning battery can cause several problems such as Laptop Won’t Turn On But The Light Is On as there won’t be enough power or voltage in it to turn the screen on.

To test if you have a power supply issue, first, you need to remove the battery from the HP laptop. Then plug the power supply into your HP laptop directly. Try turning on your HP laptop. If you don’t encounter HP Laptop Won’t Turn On, But The Light Is On, the problem is your battery. You can still work on your laptop directly with the AC power supply adapter for a while. However, ultimately, you will need to replace the battery. 

On the other hand, if you find your HP Laptop Won’t Turn On, But The Light Is On, you must move on to the next tip.

Hard Reset Your HP Laptop

Hard resetting any device brings it back to its factory setting state. Doing so removes any unnecessary setting that might be causing HP Laptop Won’t Turn On, But The Light Is On. In the case of hard resetting HP laptops, you can easily go ahead because your saved data on your hard drives won’t be erased or corrupted.

  1. First, you need to remove your battery and any external devices connected to your laptops, such as external drives, USBs, keyboards, mice and cameras.
  2. Make sure you have not connected the power supply to your HP laptop.
  3. Now press and hold your HP laptops power button for 15 seconds to a minute to remove any residual power in the system. This step is crucial to reset the HP laptop.
  4. Now place the battery back in and plug in your AC power adapter.
  5. Power on your HP laptop normally.
  6. If you see something pop up on your screen, press continue and select Start Windows Normally.
  7. You should have now successfully hard reset your HP laptop.

Even if, after the hard reset, your HP Laptop Won’t Turn On But The Light Is On, then you might need to further troubleshoot this problem.

Check Screen Issues

HP Laptop Won't Turn On But Power Light Is On

If you hear noises along with the power button light whenever you try to power on your HP laptop, that indicates a problem with your HP laptop screen. To troubleshoot your screen, you need to:

  1. Remove all external connections such as external drives, USBs, keyboard, mice and cameras.
  2. Turn off all lights and make the room as dark as possible.
  3. If you see a faint glow on your screen, then that means either the screens inverter or the connections/cables leading up to the screen have failed, which you may need to replace.
  4. Another issue might be that your brightness button is malfunctioning, so try to disable it with an external keyboard with a dedicated brightness button to override it.
  5. If you see no light, then your screen itself has failed or been broken. So, it would be best if you considered buying a new screen.

Final Thoughts

We have successfully troubleshot all the necessary steps needed to solve this problem. But, if you are still encountering HP Laptop Won’t Turn On But The Light Is On, you need to contact HP customer care for professional assistance. We hope we have solved your problem with your HP Laptop Won’t Turn On But The Light Is On. 

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