Can’t hear any sound coming out of your HP laptop? Or can you hear only the faintest noise coming from those HP laptop speakers? Is it enough to ruin your immersion of enjoyment while using your HP laptop? Well then don’t worry as we’ll provide you the best solutions so you can fix your HP laptop sound too low problem.

HP is the top dog when it comes to computer hardware components. Since 1939, they have provided the demand of reliable appliances such as printers, cameras, and later computers.

Laptops is but one of their star products. There known to be affordable and reliable. But like all computer appliances they too are vulnerable to malfunctions such as HP laptop sound too low. 

Why Is Sound From Speakers Important For HP Laptops?

HP Laptop Sound Too Low

Nowadays whatever we do on our HP laptops it involves sounds. Want to instant message or chat someone? A notification sound will tell you when they have messaged back. Want to watch videos, movies, or TV shows? Well having headphones or earphones available all the time is not a guarantee, so you must rely on the HP laptop speakers. When doing creative work such as producing music, you must have sound from speakers to know from that perspective how your work sounds like.

So when a problem like HP laptop sound too low comes along it can be really frustrating as it can significantly hinder the work you are trying to do. But we have made this guide so you can get rid of this annoyance and restart your work in optimum conditions. 

Why Is My HP Laptop Sound Too Low?

Sound not coming from the speaker or coming at a very low volume is a common problem in HP laptops even if they’re reliable for the most part. This is because it can be caused by a number of factors. However, with us here to help you finding out will be a breeze so you can quickly fix your HP laptop sound too low.

  • Issue With Volume Controls
  • Audio Driver Problem
  • Using Wrong Speaker Type
  • Wrong Settings
  • Hardware Issue

We will guide you through the most common causes in the following section.

How Can I Make My HP Laptop Louder?

Laptop Sound Too Low

Troubleshoot Hardware Issue

Before you move onto the other software related tests you need to check if there is not a hardware issue. Problems like a broken or malfunctions speaker can easily be the cause HP laptop sound too low. 

Maybe you dropped you HP laptop recently making it take significant damage to the speaker. Or maybe your speaker life has just run out you need to test it.

If you can unscrew the back of your laptop, do it. Then see if the speaker is visibly damaged or has a layer of dust on it. Try to wipe the dust with a soft linen cloth as not to damage the speakers. If the speaker appears intact, then you can move ahead to the next tip. Otherwise, you need to get your HP laptop speaker replaced.

Check All Volume Controls

After you’re done checking the hardware components the fist thing you should consider looking into is volume controls. People use different type of volume controls since HP laptops give us a lot of options nowadays which can cause HP laptop sound too low.

Options such as a dedicated keyboard button, onscreen adjuster and windows volume mixer are just a few examples of ways to control volume. We have to go through all three to rule out any volume control setting error that cause your HP laptop sound too low problem.

First press and hold the dedicated volume up button on your keyboard for at least 10 seconds. Then check the onscreen speaker volume control. Drag it to the maximum. Sometimes third party media player software’s interfere with the laptops overall sound output. Windows Volume Mixer has a control bar for all third party media player applications. So make sure all the bars in the Windows Volume Mixer is set to max.

All your volume settings are now fixed so you should test the sound. If your HP laptop sound too low problem is persisting, then head onto the next step.

Run Playing Audio Troubleshooter

Windows has a dedicated troubleshooter for most common problems. So its only natural they include one for audio problems such as HP laptop sound too low. Windows is now advanced enough to recognize problems itself and can take care of it without the help of the user. To use the playing audio troubleshooter:

  1. Open Cortana on the windows search bar.
  2. Type the word “troubleshooter” in the search bar without the quotation marks.
  3. The troubleshoot settings menu should now pop up.
  4. Select the playing audio troubleshooter from the menu by left clicking it and pressing “RUN.”
  5. The troubleshooter will start to do its magic for a few minutes while you can do other task.
  6. Once it has finished scanning and repairing it will list out all the problems and their solutions it has encountered.

If the playing audio troubleshooter hasn’t encountered any problems, then move onto the next tip.

Update Audio Driver

The audio driver is responsible for your computer to communicate with its speakers and sound cards. If your audio driver version is old or malfunctioning it can explain the HP laptop sound too low issue.

To update your driver:

  1. Search in the Windows taskbar for device manager.
  2. Select the device manager app and open it.
  3. Select the Sound, Video, and Game Controllers tab to expand it.
  4. Right click the sound card option and select properties.
  5. Select the Update Driver option in the pop-up menu.
  6. Then select automatically search driver. With this window will update with the most suitable version available by itself.
  7. Restart your laptop.

Final Thoughts

 If the HP laptop sound too low issue persists, please contact HP customer support for a professional opinion. We hope we solved your HP laptop sound too low issue.

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