Knowing how to retune a Thorn TV is a simple process, and can be completed with or without a remote.

If you are needing to know how to rescan your TV, you may be experiencing problems with your channel list, or, your image quality is becoming distorted with a pixelated image.

A retune, as well as a reset on your Thorn device, has multiple benefits that not only improve your TV’s signal and program variety, but also the picture produced on your screen.

We have generated this easy to follow guide that will help you understand how to retune a Thorn TV and provide you with additional knowledge on what to look out for if your Thorn TV is due to be replaced.

How to retune a Thorn TV

Howto retune a Thorn TV

How to retune a Thorn TV

You can retune your Thorn TV with or without a remote. If you have decided you want to retune your TV without a remote because you do not have one, all you need to do is locate the ‘Preset Button’ on your TV followed by using the ‘Volume’ button to locate all the available channels in your region. 

How to retune my Thorn TV with remote:

Step 1. On your remote, click on ‘Menu’

Step 2. Access the ‘Channel Menu’

Step 3. You should now be able to select ‘Auto Scan’

Your Thorn TV will now rescan channels and automatically save them for you.

How to retune Thorn TV without remote:

Step 1. On the front panel of your TV, look for the ‘Preset’ button

Step 2. Press the button (you may need to use a sharp pin if it is inverted)

Step 3. You should now see something similar to ‘Auto VHF 1 60.00mghz’ on your screen

  • Auto = Auto Tuning
  • VHF = Frequency
  • 1 = First Channel
  • 60.00mghz = signal where your TV will start

Step 4. Click on the ‘Volume UP’ button on your TV

Your Thorn TV will now complete finding all the available programs and automatically saving them onto your program list.

Why do I need to retune my TV?

Retuning your Thorn TV does not need to be done in excess, however, completing a rescan every once in a while on your TV has multiple benefits. For example, a retune will update your program list and remove any channels that are no longer available or add new programs that may have changed frequencies.

Benefit 1. Updated channel list

A retune on your Thorn TV will update your current program list. New channels will be added, any programs that have changed frequencies will be updated.

If a channel has stopped broadcasting, it will be removed.  A retune is most important if you have moved locations, as this will update what is available to you.

Benefit 2. Improved signal

Running a retune on your Thorn TV will refresh your aerial’s signal and improve the quality of your display.

An improved signal will allow your television to potentially pick up more channels, with ones being a bit further away.

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Benefit 3. Image quality

After a retune has been completed on your Thorn TV, the clarity of the images displayed on your screen will be improved.

This will help eradicate any dimming, blurry or distorted pictures that arise due to a weak signal.

How do you reset Thorn TV?

Remote in Hand

How to reset a Thorn TV

If you power reset your TV, it is similar to a retune, however, saved settings do not get deleted. A reset will help get rid of any contaminated software that may be sitting in your Thorn TV. A power reset will involve unplugging your TV from its main switch. 

Step 1. Ensure your TV is turned off

Step 2. Remove the plug from the wall socket

Step 3. Source the ‘Power’ button on your TV and press down on it for 20 seconds

Step 4. Wait for a further 10 seconds before plugging your TV back into the plug point

Step 5. Turn your TV on

The power reset has now been completed.

How to tell if your TV is going out

If you find that you are needing to retune your Thorn TV almost too frequently because your channels keep disappearing, your display is constantly pixelated or unclear, this may be a sign that your smart TV is starting to obtain internal hardware issues, and it may be time for it to be replaced.

Reason 1. Audio issues

If you experience sound issues when you are trying to watch something on your Thorn TV, this is a clear indication that there may be an underlying issue with your device.

Your audio should be clear. If you have no sound at all, or it keeps disappearing or sounding faint, there could be a problem with your speaker on the internal hardware.

Reason 2. Fuzzy screen

Your image could be fuzzy and unclear.

Other screen issues along with the fuzziness include the picture being dottier, without being in focus.

Sometimes, this can be caused by ‘dead pixels’ on your TV screen. This issue can unfortunately not be rectified on its own, and your TV would need to go in for repairs.

Occasionally a pixelated image will appear only on a certain type of media that is being used (eg; a DVD), so try something else and see if the pixels disappear.

Reason 3. Colour change

Your Thorn TV could be producing the incorrect colours, or the colour contrast has become very weak.

If a picture should be a certain colour, and it’s coming up different, this will be a sign that there is an issue with your TV’s image display.

A fading screen will also indicate your TV is possibly breaking down as well as lines and bars showing up across your display.

Tip, going into your display settings and changing the brightness and contrast setting may help with this problem.

Reason 4. Frequent loss of channels

If you are constantly losing channels off of your program list, or they keep changing frequencies, then you are most likely having problems with your TV’s signal.

You should not have to retune your Thorn TV more than 3 times a year.


Now that you know all the added benefits that come with retuning your Thorn TV, we hope you were able to complete a rescan on your TV with or without a remote, and that your device has improved its performance and display quality.

If you have found that your TV may be on its way out, we recommend that you first check out JustAnswer TV where you will be able to speak to a professional technician that will be able to diagnose what could be wrong with the internal components of your TV.

They will be able to confirm if your TV needs to be repaired, or if you should have it replaced. You can also contact Thorn Group Ltd directly by filling out their online form.