Are you looking for a quick and easy guide to teach you how to retune your Samsung smart television? Then look no further!

Although a pretty simple process, retuning your smart TV can get a bit challenging if the accurate approach is unknown. This article will talk about the ways of retuning your Samsung Smart TV, and how the entire tuning thing is important.

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How to Retune Your Samsung Smart TV

retune my Samsung Smart TV

The very first thing you need to do is check if you’re running the TV input

  • For this, hit the “Menu” or the “Home” button
  • Navigate to the “Source”
  • Click on the “TV” option

Now you’re ready to retune the channels on your Samsung Smart TV.

  • Click the “Home” button to bring up the main menu.
  • Find and tap on the “Settings” option.
  • Hit the enter button, which is generally the center of the directional pad
  • Navigate to the option that says “Broadcasting.”
  • Tap the “Right Arrow”
  • Select the “Auto Program” and hit the center of the directional pad
  • You’ll not have the option to “Auto Program.”
  • Simply proceed by clicking “Start.”
  • Wait for a few minutes until the process concludes.

Why do you Need to Retune your Samsung Smart TV?

Why do you Need to Retune your Samsung Smart TV

Retuning your Smart TV is genuinely a healthy practice. While sometimes a quick tuning is essential to get updated with all the new stuff that your digital TV service provider has incorporated, there are many situations when retuning comes as a troubleshooting approach for a number of issues. With that being said, let us look at why you need to have your Samsung Smart TV tuned at least once in two to three months.

  • In case your TV service provider has changed the frequency of any of the channels, tuning is vital to set everything up and running.
  • Whenever a new channel is added, you’ll have to retune your TV to make sure you access that.
  • If a particular channel has been updated with a new number, you’ll need to run the tuning process to get hold of that.
  • Tuning your TV comes in real handy when you’ve just moved your residence
  • In other cases, the practice of tuning is excellent for troubleshooting antenna and other software issues that might hinder you from watching your favorite TV shows

When do you Need to Retune your Samsung Smart TV?

When do you Need to Retune your Samsung Smart TV

As already mentioned, it is better to schedule a retune every two or three months. However, if it takes a burning sign to urge you and come up with the tuning process, then here are a few issues that indicate that your Smart TV needs one right away.

  • Whenever your TV fails to load any channel
  • At any moment you realize some of the channels are missing, grab your remote and start tuning your TV.
  • Suppose luckily; your channels don’t go on a vacation but rather miss out on sticking to the default order. In that case, you should set yourself up for a quick retune and get everything arranged.

Final Words

Retuning your smart TV is indeed an intelligent practice. So, whether you’re having any issues with the TV channels or just that you want to keep everything refreshed, the steps mentioned above will help you easily retune your Samsung Smart TV.