Do you want to know how to remove the TikTok watermark on your video because you want to post it on different social media platforms to improve your engagement?

The TikTok watermark does not show while you are watching content on the FYP, however, it will automatically be placed on the video when it gets saved onto your device.

The TikTok logo will include the content creators username, however, with the simple methods we have provided in this guide, you will learn how you can remove the TikTok watermark off of your video.

We will also help you understand what the TikTok watermark is, and why it gets included onto content when you download the video onto your device.

 What is TikTok Watermark?

What is TikTok watermark

What is TikTok watermark?

The TikTok watermark is the app’s logo or text version that appears on TikTok videos once you have saved them onto your device. The watermark will be placed at the top or the bottom of your video. This logo will include the creator’s TikTok username and can be seen as a trademark to represent the TikTok creator who uploaded the video.

What is the purpose of the TikTok watermark?

The TikTok watermark is automatically placed on a video when it is saved to ensure that other users know who owns the original video, and that creator has the rights to the content.

This is to prevent copyrighting problems to arise between TikTok creators.

Now that you know what this logo is, if you want to know how to remove the TikTok watermark, we will provide you with the necessary steps.

How to Remove TikTok Watermark

How to remove TikTok watermark

How to remove TikTok watermark

The simplest way to remove the TikTok watermark is by cropping your video in a certain way that cuts out the logo. You can do so by saving the video onto your mobile device. Access it from your gallery and enter the ‘Edit’ stage. You will be able to crop out the watermark if it is placed in a position that allows you to do so.

If the TikTok watermark is placed in an area that will make cropping it out a bit too difficult, or remove parts of the main content of the video, you can remove the logo with a few other methods;

Method 1. Download TikTok watermark remover App

If you search ‘TikTok watermark remover’ in Google Play Store and Apple App store, you will find a selection of apps, such as Snaptik and Remove and Add Watermark.

The list of available apps will be dependent on if you are on Android or iPhone.

Be sure to copy the desired TikTok video link that you want to edit.

Step 1. Download the program from your app store

Step 2. Once it is downloaded, launch the program

Step 3. Paste the TikTok link to start the editing process

Step 4. Choose ‘Remove Logo’

Save these changes. You will now be able to import your video without the TikTok watermark on your video.

Method 2. Download is an application you can download onto an iOS device to edit your video to remove the TikTok watermark feature.

Step 1. Get onto the TikTok video you want to save

Step 2. Select ‘Share’ followed by ‘Copy Link’

Step 3. Open and paste the video link into the app

Step 4. Click on ‘Download’

Make sure you choose the option to download the video that states ‘No Watermark’.

Method 3. Save TikTok Video As a Live Photo (iPhone)

If you are an owner of an iPhone, you can save your chosen TikTok video as a live photo, if it gives you the option to.

Step 1. On the video you want to keep, click on the ‘share’ button

Step 2. Scroll through the options until you find ‘Live Photo’

Step 3. Once you have clicked on this, the video will appear in your gallery folder

Keep in mind, a live photo will not play automatically, you will need to press down on the image.

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Method 4. Use Overlays

If you do not want to make use of a third-party app to get rid of the TikTok watermark on your saved video, you can simply put a sticker over the logo.

This can be done when you are reposting the content onto a different social media platform.

How Do You Avoid Copyright on TikTok?

How to remove TikTok watermark

TikTok Copyrighting

Even though it is possible to remove the TikTok watermark off of a saved video, the app has strict guidelines to ensure TikTok creators’ content does not get copyrighted, or videos are uploaded with media attached to them that is not available for use. It is important to ensure you stay in line, and avoid copyrighted content.

Your TikTok account can end up suspended, or banned if you do not follow the app’s community guidelines. To avoid this, you can ensure you meet the necessary standards when uploading a video to the TikTok FYP;

  • Stick to the sounds and music available directly from the app
  • If you want to add your music to a video, make sure it is original
  • Do not upload another content creators video onto your page
  • Check that you are allowed to video in a certain location

Mistakes do happen, and you may upload a TikTok video with copyrighted music attached to it without realising.

What Happens If You Get Copyrighted on TikTok?

If TikTok notices that your video upload contains copyrighted content, there are a few things that could happen to your account;

  • TikTok will automatically take your video down
  • Your content uploaded can go under review, and be hidden from other users until confirmation has been made by TikTok’s support team
  • Depending on how many times you have gone against the TikTok guidelines, your account can get suspended for a certain period, or permanently banned
  • If you are using someone else’s content make sure you have permission from the creator

How long does a suspension last on TikTok?

A temporary suspension can last anything between 24 hours and seven days. This gets determined by the TikTok support staff, and base it according to the reason why your profile has been suspended in the first place.

For a more in-depth look at TikTok suspensions and bans, we have this guide published for you.

Can TikTok Creators See Who Shared Their Videos?

How to remove TikTok watermark

Can TikTok users see who shared their video?

TikTok creators are not able to see who exactly shares their videos onto other social media platforms, or saves them directly onto their devices. As the owner of the video, you will only know how many people have shared your video and how many reactions it has received. If you want to gain more analytics on your video, you will need to change over to a business account. 

With a business account, you will still not be able to see who the individuals are that shared your video, however, you will gain more information, like the geographical location of where majority of your shares are coming from. (This is handy especially since TikTok allows your content to reach a worldwide audience).

Although TikTok has strong community guidelines and rules when it comes to copyrighting other TikTok creators’ content, you can save videos you see on your For Your Page directly onto your device and repost them onto other platforms. This is why the TikTok watermark feature appears on a saved TikTok video.


With this easy to follow guide, we hope you now understand what the TikTok watermark is, why it is added onto saved videos, and how you can remove it with one of the four simple methods we have provided.

If you are experiencing any problems within your TikTok app, we recommend you make use of the TikTok Help Center. Here, you should be able to receive the necessary information to help you with your query.

For support, you can utilise TikTok’s ‘Report a Problem’ feature in the settings section of the mobile app.

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