Has your BBC iPlayer stopped working? Are you repeatedly getting the error code: error 02001? Ready to throw the computer out the window?. Well good news, we have pulled together a troubleshooter guide to help you finally fix the problem.

BBC iPlayer is an online media player where you can watch TV programs and films you may of missed on the BBC channels. Originally BBC iPlayer started off as a website to watch all your favourite programmes that you may of missed on the TV.

Over the years the media service has evolved to many platforms and you can now access the service on smart phones, tablets, gaming consoles and smart TVs. The only requirement to use the service is that you have a British TV license.

What is the iPlayer error 02001?

The iPlayer error code 02001 has been reported as appearing when users try to load any videos on iPlayer and for some users, all the BBC apps with video functionality have been compromised. 

Apps reportedly not working properly include BBC iPlayer, BBC News and BBC Sport. 

The error iPlayer error code 02001 will display the following message: “Something went wrong loading this programme”.

The problem however seems to be mainly affect Samsung TV users and Roku users.

Why is the iPlayer error 02001 happening?

Unfortunately there are many reasons the error message is coming up. Below are all the reported reasons to date.

IP address

  • The app thinks your IP address is outside of the uk.  Due to the rights agreement the BBC iPlayer service is only within the UK. You can only download and stream media off BBC iPlayer only whilst in the UK.

You are using a VPN

  • BBC iPlayer will not work if it detects you are using a VPN, this is to stop users outside of the UK using the service.

Your iPlayer version

  • You could have an incompatible iPlayer version to your device. You may have an old unsupported version of iPlayer.

Your device’s firmware 

  • Your device’s firmware could be incompatible with the latest iPlayer version.

How to fix BBC iPlayer Error 02001?

Depending on what the cause of the problem is determines which fix you need to perform. Please see our list of fixes below.

Resetting your internet connection

Wireless connection:

  • Physical Reset – Disconnect all the wires from the back of your internet modem, so that all the lights have powered off, leave the modem disconnected for 5-10 minutes.
  • Online Reset- Visit the WiFi settings menu on your computer and deselect your WiFi. Wait a few minutes, then select your WiFi and relaunch the iPlayer website.

Wired connection:

  • Disconnect the Ethernet cable from the laptop or gaming console for a few minutes then reconnect.

Check the App Store to see if you have the latest version of BBC iPlayer

Visit the App Store for your device, search the store for BBC Iplayer. Immediately you should be able to see if the most up to date version is installed. If it is not, the device will usually advise you to update your software.

Check your IP Addresses 

  • Use an IP Address checking website to see where your IP address is registered to. Below is a reliable website you can use: https://whatismyipaddress.com/.
  • If you discover that your IP Address is incorrect to your location, then you should contact your internet provider as chances are they have incorrectly registered you.

Turn off your VPN

  • Disable the VPN and operate on just a WiFi connection.

Try to uninstall and then reinstall the software

  • Depending on what device you are using, there are different ways to uninstall and reinstall the software. On a smartphone you can usually manage the apps from the App Store or by selecting the app.

Updating your devices firmware

  • Firmware updates normally are automatically sent to your device waiting for your installation, the easiest way to check on a television is to select the menu button on your controller.
  • View either the settings or support menu, then software updates. Once you enter this menu, it will let you know if there is an outstanding update ready.
  • Download the new firmware. Once completed, launch the BBC iPlayer app and try watch a video.

Speak to an Iplayer specialist 

If you are still seeing the BBC Iplayer 02001 error, why not speak to a streaming service specialist they can help fix the error so you can watch your favorate programs right way.


We hope this fix guide has helped you get back to binge watching your favourite programs.

However if you still haven’t been able to access iPlayer after using this guide, we recommend you contact the BBC iPlayer support team or the manufacturer of your device.