HDMI is one of the key components in any entertainment system. Samsung TV, gaming consoles, video projectors, set-top boxes and streaming devices need an HDMI cable for connection. Oftentimes, our HDMI cable wont work on Samsung TV, which indicates that either there is some fault in the cable or the HDMI cable is damaged.

PlayStation, Xbox, desktop computer, media players can be easily connected with Samsung Tv. There’s a special PS5 HDMI cable that gives users a better connectivity experience. The HDMI port in Samsung Tv will show an error or no signal when there is some issue in the HDMI port.

The connection error mainly occurs due to compatibility issues with the Samsung TV requirements. Or, there is some configuration problem with the HDMI cable. Sometimes, the configuration is fully functional but the HDMI cable causes connectivity issues with the port.

Why HDMI Cable Wont Work on Samsung Tv

HDMI won't connect issue

The connection issue mainly arises due to problems in hardware or software. For instance, there can be a problem with your Samsung TV, you may also be using a damaged cable or there may be some fault in your TV’s HDMI inputs.

Sometimes the user experiences errors and issues due to twisted HDMI cable. Or, when the wire is not connected in the right direction. For this, always make sure that the HDMI cable is plugged in the right direction. After that, go to the Source Menu and ensure that the HDMI input source is selected.

The device connection is another reason for cable detection. When the device is broken or it has some hardware issues then the HDMI cable will not give any output.

Common Reasons that Why HDMI Port will not Work on Samsung Tv

selecting hdmi

The possible reasons for the error might include:

  • The resolution of Samsung Tv and resources are not the same.
  • The Tv is in input mode and the device is not connected.
  • There is no connection at both ends of the HDMI cable.
  • The HDMI cable is faulty.
  • There is some power shortage.
  • The source is unplugged.

How to Fix Samsung Tv No Signal from HDMI Ports

There often arises issues when the Samsung TV does not give any signal even when the HDMI cable is plugged in. For this, always use high-end quality 4k cables and after that reset the HDMI ports and Tv.

  • Switch off all the devices that are connected to the Tv via HDMI cable.
  • Disconnect all the HDMI cables from the Tv. Switch off the Tv.
  • After unplugging from the wall, wait for 10 minutes.
  • Switch on and hold the power button of the TV for 30 seconds.
  • Plug back all the HDMI cables.
  • Replug the Tv and all the devices.

Electrical devices are always prone to failures. An issue solved now can arise later at any moment. But once the reasons behind the failure are identified they can be resolved easily.

Why there is No Signal on Samsung Tv when the HDMI Cable is Plugged in?

To understand the problem in detail it is vital to understand the root cause. When Samsung TV displays no signal even when the HDMI cable is attached, this displays several factors. The user, at times, puts his entire focus on large issues and ignores the small ones that include:

  • The HDMI port has some dust or other fine particles.
  • The source device is faulty.
  • Connection issue in the HDMI cable.
  • A faulty port can be repaired by a technician only.

How to Solve the Issue of HDMI Cable Wont Work on Samsung Tv?


Here are some easy fixes that you can implement on your own.

Make Sure that the Connected Device is On

Many of the Samsung TVs were launched after 2017. The latest Samsung TV Models have the ability to automatically detect devices as you connect them via HDMI. However, you need to unplug the cable to reset the connection.

  • Switch off the external device
  • Wait for almost 10 seconds
  • Switch it on again

Opt for a Different HDMI Cable

Sometimes the compatibility issues cause issues in connection. Another reason can be the faulty HDMI cable.

If someone is facing trouble while connecting their PlayStation, Xbox to Samsung Tv or any other device, he must try a different HDMI cable.

Getting a new cable is always preferred to solve the connection problem. Braided and high-speed cables are perfect for users as they have minimal damage risks.

Choose a Correct Input Source

When someone is using an external device on Samsung Tv, he has to initially select the same source on the Tv as the device.

The user must connect the console to HDMI 1 port and select the option of HDMI 1 on the source TV. If the user is unable to see any signal then there must be some confusion between the ports.

Reconnect the HDMI Cable

You should expect an error if you fail to properly connect your HDMI cable. Sometimes loose connection of the cable also causes problems.

To solve the issue, disconnect the HDMI cable from the source and TVs back. After that:

  • Reconnect the HDMI cable strongly to the external device
  • Reconnect with Tv now

Power-Cycle External Device

Refreshing and power-cycling the external device might solve the issue.

Disconnect the device from the power strip or wall. Now, wait for 60 seconds. Reconnect the input source again.

Now, turning on the power again might help in resetting the Tv.

Inspect Software Updates

Sometimes updating the input software resolves the issue. When there is a signal regarding loss of HDMI, try these steps:

  • Open Settings menu
  • Select Support option
  • Choose option of Software Update
  • Click on Update now

One can also choose to automatically update the software by:

  • Clicking on the option of Settings
  • Select the option of Support
  • Now choose the Software Update option
  • Select Auto Update Now
  • Turn on the option

Factory Reset Samsung TV

This option resets everything and deletes all the settings. The user has to enter HDMI inputs again. For this the user has to:

  • Click on the settings
  • Choose the option of General
  • Select Restart
  • Enter own Pin or 0000
  • Click on reset
  • Click on OK and the reset will be complete


There can be many reasons why HDMI Cable Wont Work on Samsung Tv. This article briefly explains the reasons and solutions to troubleshoot the issue at home. The most common reason for error arises due to incorrect input sources. These errors are easily manageable at home. Some other hardware issues are also easily solvable if the user adopts the step by step solutions in this article. However, if you are still facing errors then you must contact an experienced technician.