Tired of trying to figure out why Samsung S8 won’t charge or turn on? Here’s a complete troubleshooting guide for it.

After the whole Galaxy Note 7 battery blow-up debacle, Samsung has been super tight regarding battery charging and safety. This was one reason why the battery capacity on Galaxy flagship devices had not been upgraded from 3000mAh for the past several years in a row. The fact that Samsung has adopted Fast Charging technology for the Galaxy S8 makes it much easier to top up with some juice quickly.


However, recent reports suggest that the Fast-Charging feature on the Galaxy S8 is not as useful as promised, even when used with the original accessories. Users across the board have reported issues with the Galaxy S8 charging too slowly or not charging at all. We take a deeper look into the most commons solutions for the issue.

Ensure that the Charging Cable is Original

TOAS Type-C to USB Data Charging Cable for Samsung M30: Amazon.in: Electronics

If you are using any other charging cable besides the one provided in the box by Samsung, you must make sure that it has been certified. A proper power cable that is not damaged is necessary to ensure that the charging cable delivers power to the Galaxy S8, otherwise the phone will simply fail to charge. Even if the charging cable seems perfectly fine cosmetically, it might be damaged from the inside due to years of usage. Try replacing the cable to see if this major issue of charging is resolved or not.

Change the Power Outlet or the USB Charging Port

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Similar to the USB charging cable, even the power outlet or the USB port that is connected to the charging cable can sometimes malfunction. If you are plugging the charging cable into the USB port of a PC, the Galaxy S8 may not charge if the output voltage is too low. In such a scenario, even if the phone says that it is charging, the battery percentage might not increase. Moreover, there can also be the case of the power outlet being defective and unable to charge the smartphone, so try replacing it to fix Samsung S8 won’t charge issue.

Cleaning out the Charging Port of the Galaxy S8

How to clean the USB-C port on your phone or laptop - Business Insider

With regular usage, dust and dirt can get lodged into the charging port of the Galaxy S8, which can be a major reason why it won’t charge. With the help of a dry toothpick, you can carefully clean out the charging slot of the Samsung S8. We advise that you do not use any sharp metallic object in cleaning the power port, as you may end up damaging the internals.

Hard Reset the Galaxy S8

In some cases, the charging problem may have nothing to do with the hardware of the phone, but the software of the Galaxy S8. The first step to fixing the Samsung S8 won’t charge issue is performing a hard reset. A hard reset is just a quick way to reboot the Galaxy S8, which can be done easily with the following steps:

Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8+ - Restart Device | Verizon

  • Press and hold the Power button, along with the Volume Up button on your Galaxy S8.
  • Keep pressing and holding down the buttons together until the screen turns off.
  • Release the buttons once you see the screen light up with the Samsung logo.

Final Words

Since the Galaxy S8 is already a few years old, chances are that the lithium-ion battery has run its cycle and needs to be replaced. You will need professional help to get the battery replaced since it is glued shut between the metal and glass construction.