Are you trying to troubleshoot why Grammarly won’t open in Microsoft Word? Do you click the Grammarly option in the toolbar, but nothing happens? This guide will show you why you are experiencing the issue and what methods you can adopt to fix it.

Grammarly allows you to write in a better and clearer style in Microsoft Word. Grammarly for MS Word is embedded into the Word application rather than shown as a standalone app. With a single click on the Word toolbar, you can take your writing to the next level by checking and correcting the general mistakes.

However, many users report that the Grammarly add-in won’t launch or open in the Word document. Sometimes, users see an error that Grammarly is not detecting the document, and other times there is no activity. Let’s dig into the issue in detail and find a fix for that matter.

Does Grammarly work with Microsoft Word?

Does Grammarly work with Microsoft Word?

We already know that Grammarly is available as a browser extension, desktop app, mobile app, and online editor. But the Grammarly Inc took it up a notch and introduced Grammarly for MS Word and Outlook.

Grammarly for Microsoft Word has been available for the Windows PC version for some time. However, the developers heard the cry for help of the Mac users loud and clear. Now, you can view and utilize Grammarly’s suggestions without leaving the document on the Mac version of Microsoft Word.

Why is Grammarly not opening in Word?

Why is Grammarly not opening in Word?

If Grammarly is not opening in the MS Word document, it could be due to any one of the following reasons.

  • You are trying to launch Grammarly for blank Word document checking.
  • You have not selected the “Install for all users” option while installing Grammarly for MS Word and Outlook.
  • Other MS Word add-ins are conflicting with the Grammarly add-in.
  • The user account control feature is disabled in the PC operating system.

How do I get Grammarly to open in Word?

How do I get Grammarly to open in Word?


If Grammarly doesn’t open in Word, try the following troubleshooting steps.

Make sure you are logged in

Sometimes, Grammarly automatically signs you out of the account. When that happens, you can’t edit the suggestion on the Word document. Therefore, the first thing to check is if you are logged in to Grammarly.

To do this, click the Grammarly option in the MS Word toolbar. If you see a Login option, it means you are logged out of Grammarly. Enter your credentials again to sign back into the add-in and see if this fixes the issue.

Check Word document

If you are trying to use the Grammarly add-in on an empty document, it won’t open. You may also see an error message “No document is open, or could not detect the document.” Therefore, try to write something on the Word document or open a Word file with some content and check if the issue resolves.

Disable MS Word add-ins

You may have been using other add-ins in Microsoft Word that is creating a conflict with Grammarly. However, you can easily rule out this possibility by disabling all other add-ins. To do this, navigate to File –> Options-> Add-ins–> Manage. Next, choose COM Add-ins and disable all add-ins except Grammarly.

Enable User Account Control

User Account Control helps regulate the changes in your computer. The utility pops up a “Deny or Approve” notification when an application performs an operation that might cause harm. As it turns out, enabling the UAC feature may fix the issue you’re facing with Grammarly. You can do it in the following way.

  • Navigate to Start –> Control Panel –> System and Security –> User Accounts –> Change User Accounts Control Settings.
  • After the UAC Settings dialog opens, choose a selection step from Always Notify to Never Notify.
  • Next, launch MS Word and see if you can open Grammarly.
  • If the issue persists, experiment with other selection steps under UAC settings and check which one works for you.

Reinstall Grammarly with all users option

If all the above fixes fail to work and Grammarly won’t open in Word, try reinstalling the add-in in the following way.

  • Under Windows Control Panel, click on Programs –> Uninstall a Program and select Grammarly for Microsoft Office Suite.
  • If you see the “remove user settings and login information” message, tick the option and uninstall the program.
  • Next, at the Run command, type %localappdata% and press OK.
  • Delete the Grammarly folder under the Local folder and restart your PC.
  • After uninstalling the Grammarly add-in completely, go to the Grammarly website to download the MS Word and Outlook add-in.
  • Once the download completes, open the folder and locate the GrammaelyAddInSetup.exe file.
  • Right-click on the file and select the “Run as Administrator” option in the context menu. Also, choose the Yes option in the UAC dialog box.
  • When you see the “Welcome to Grammarly” interface, press and hold the Shift and Ctrl keys simultaneously on the keyboard and then select Get Started.
  • Now you will see the Advanced Settings dialog box.
  • Make sure that you check the “Install for all users” option box and click on Next.
  • Wait for a few minutes to allow the installation to complete, and then reboot your PC.
  • Finally, launch Microsoft Word and click the Grammarly add-in in the toolbar to log in to your Grammarly account.

How do I enable Grammarly in Word for Mac?

How do I enable Grammarly in Word for Mac?

You can install and enable Grammarly for MS Word in your MAC by doing the following steps.

  • Launch MS Word on your Mac PC and open a blank file.
  • Click on Insert next to the File option at the top menu and select Get Add-in or Store.
  • Search for Grammarly and press Enter
  • Next, add the listing for Grammarly for MS Word.
  • Finally, log in to your Grammarly account to enable the add-in.


We hope that this guide helped you fix the Grammarly not opening in Microsoft Word issue on Windows or Mac PC. We recommend that if the issue persists, try the above troubleshooting steps by temporarily disabling your antivirus or firewall applications. Good Luck!