Have you logged in to Epic Games and Fortnite won’t let you select Game Mode?

With the newest version of Fortnite, v19.30, the Game Mode option has been removed. On launching your game, you will now automatically enter the Battle Royale lobby.

From here, you will be able to access Save The World and Creative Mode.

But, what if you haven’t updated your app? If this is the case, Fortnite won’t let you select game mode if your desired mode is being worked on, or, the Fortnite server is down.

In this guide, we will go through everything you need to know regarding the latest Fortnite update, as well as expand on why Fortnite won’t let you select game mode if your app is still pending an upgrade.

What is Game Mode on Fortnite?

Fortnite won't let me select game mode

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Game Mode on Fortnite refers to the three different ways you can play a video game. These games will each have different settings and personalized features specific to their mode. The gameplay and effects will be different for each one. Epic Games will include Limited Time Game Mode (LTMs) which will only be available for a certain amount of time before it gets replaced with another one.

There are three main Game Modes on Fortnite. Each one comprises its own features and qualities.

1. Fortnite Battle Royale

This is the most popular game mode on Fortnite. This mode aims to be the last remaining player from 100 others, and win the Victory Royale.

You can choose to battle either as solo, or, as a team with one, two or three other players.

2. Fortnite Save The World

This mode can be played as single or multiplayer. The point of this mode is to battle against environmental challenges.

3. Fortnite Creative Mode

In this Fortnite game mode, players can make their personalised islands, and discover other islands that have originated from the Fortnite community.

Why Won’t Fortnite Let Me Select Game Mode?

Fortnite won't let me select game mode

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Fortnite won’t let you select Game Mode if you have upgraded your version to the v19.30 update. This is because this updated version no longer includes the game screen that would initially appear when you launched your Fortnite app. You will now automatically enter the ‘Lobby’ in Fortnite.

What is the Lobby in Fortnite?

The lobby in Fortnite is the main menu screen in the Battle Royale game mode. This means upon logging in to your Fortnite account, you will be entering Battle Royale without first choosing if this is what you want to play.

With this new update in Fortnite, where have they placed  Save The World and Creative Mode?

You will be able to select these two modes under the ‘Discover’ screen. If you click on the ‘Change’ button, it will take you to the correct menu.

(Did you know; Fortnite took six years to be created in 2011 and released back in 2017. Now, Battle Royale is the main attraction to playing this game, however, back in the developing stage, this game mode was not Epic Games main focus, and was only an afterthought).

If you have currently been playing one of these modes, they will be readily accessible under the ‘Recently Played’ tab.

Why Are all Fortnite Game Modes Disabled?

Fortnite won't let me select game mode

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If you do not have the latest version installed and Fortnite won’t let you select game mode, this could be due to an unstable network connection. Fortnite requires at least 3Mbps download speed to load game modes successfully.

Other reasons why you may be having issues trying to select your game mode include;

1. Incorrect Render Settings

Fortnite players have previously advised they could not select game mode when they had enabled ‘Performance’ mode instead of keeping the setting on ‘Normal’.

Check to see what your render setting is set to, and change it back to normal if you need to.

2. Fortnite Server is Down

Fortnite won’t let you select game mode if their server is down. This could be due to planned maintenance, or the Fortnite developers are fixing a specific error on the game.

You can keep up to date with the status of the Fortnite server by checking if it is down.

If work is being done on Fortnite, your screen should display a notice confirming the game mode has been disabled.

3. Fortnite Update Required

Your Fortnite version may be too outdated. This can cause conflict when you want to access the server as your system can become incompatible if it is too old.

Check to see if there is a pending firmware update available.

You can enable the Fortnite automatic updates option to make sure your app will update as soon as a newer version is available.

How do I make Fortnite download automatically?

Step 1. Open ‘System Settings’

Step 2. Find ‘Automatic Software Updates’

Step 3. Enable this setting

Note, this may be slightly different depending if you are on a PC, Nintendo Switch or PlayStation.

How do You Change Modes in Fortnite?

Fortnite won't let me select game mode

How do you change Game Mode in Fortnite

Now that Epic Games has removed what used to be the Game Mode selective page, and automatically put you in the Battle Royale lobby when you log into Fortnite, changing to the different Game Modes is not the same as what it used to be, however, it’s still quite simple to enter the Save The World, or Creative Mode.

We will provide you with the simple steps that will take you into your desired mode, if you are not currently in the process of eliminating your opponents in Battle;

How to Change to Save The World in Fortnite

Step 1. From the lobby, get onto the ‘Discover Screen’

Step 2. Enter the ‘By Epic’ row

Alternatively, if you have recently been playing Save The World, you can open it again by;

Step 3. Click on the ‘My Library’ tab

Step 4. Select ‘Recently Played’

You will now be able to launch Save The World.

Tip, if you ‘Favourite’ this mode, it will stay in the ‘My Favourites’ tab under ‘My Library’ for quick access.

How to change to Creative Mode in Fortnite

Step 1. Open the ‘Discover’ Menu

Step 2. Select ‘By Epic’

Step 3. Find the ‘Creative Playlist’ and choose it

This will take you to the Creative Hub.

It will also appear in the ‘Recently Played’ tab if you’ve only just produced your own island.


With this easy to read guide, we hope you now understand why Fortnite would not let you select Game Mode whether you have recently updated your version to v19.30, or, your older program is incurring performance issues.

If you experiencing issues with your Fortnite account, you can make use of the Epic Games support page. Here, you should be able to find the answer to your query. Otherwise, you can contact the support team directly.

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