Do you experience the Fortnite error code 10022 when you try and launch the game on your device?

This unexpected error is associated with the easy anti-cheat software that runs adjacent to your games application. Because anti cheat files are automatically downloaded onto your device when you install Fortnite, you won’t be able to remove the program completely to fix the error 10022 code.

An update of your device’s software, and a reinstall of Fortnite can help prevent this error to occur.

We have generated this straightforward guide to help you understand what the Fortnite error code 10022 means, and how you can stop the issue from occurring, so you can get back to joining your squad in matches.

Why does the Fortnite Error Code 10022 occur?

fortnite error code 10022
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The Fortnite error code 10022 will occur when you launch the game when the easy anti cheat software that runs alongside Fortnite has experienced an issue. This will happen if there’s a problem with the games security certificate, and will block your device from reaching the EA server.

When you launch Fortnite, the game has the ability to choose whether to use the easy anti-cheat, or Battleye software. Both of which are used to prevent cheating when you play.

Battleye isn’t known to cause the error code 10022. If Fortnite opts for EAC (easy anti-cheat), this could by why you experience the unexpected error on your device.

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Sometimes, the Fortnite unexpected error will occur when you try and access your account details. This will happen after an update has taken place.

How to fix error 10022 Fortnite?

Fortnite error code 10022
Fortnite error code 10022

To help fix the Fortnite error code 10022, you should uninstall and reinstall the easy anti cheat software on your device. To do this, find the EAC folder in the Fortnite directory on your gaming console. In the folder, open the ‘EasyAntiCheat_setup.exe’ file. You should have the option to select ‘uninstall’. Once this is complete, you will now be able to choose ‘install’.

Restart your device to refresh the files on your system before you launch Fortnite again.

Other methods that will help prevent the easy anti cheat error include;

1. Check you can connect to EAC server

In order for the easy anti cheat software to work on your device when you launch Fortnite, you need to be online, and connect to a stable internet so you can access the necessary servers.

You will need to make sure your network operates without any issues. If it’s intermittent, you can refresh your connection by restarting your Wifi router.

To check that your device has access to the EAC network, you can click this link.

2. Verify Fortnite game files

Your Fortnite game files may be due to be verified. Once you verify the application, it will get rid of any corrupt data on your device, and replace missing data.

Open Epic Games launcher > Access the library > Right click on Fortnite > Press verify

Once the scan is complete, turn your device off and on again before you log back into your account.

3. Update device and Fortnite software

Outdated firmware can sometimes be the reason why the Fortnite error code 10022 will occur. If your game still operates on an older version, this can interfere with the application reaching the server.

Make sure the device you use to launch Fortnite on is up to date with its operating system.

4. Uninstall and reinstall Fortnite

Uninstall Fortnite off of your device. This will get rid of any corrupt software that could be why the error code 10022 occurs when you try and launch the game alongside the easy anti cheat software.

Restart your PC or gaming console before you download the program again.

Easy anti cheat error unknown file version

Confused gamer
Fortnite error code 10022

If you experience the Fortnite unknown file version error, this will indicate that there is data that has been included in your game install that does not match the necessary requirements to match what is needed to play the application on your device. The data in the file will come from the game directory.

When this issue occurs, it’s recommended that you remove the file off of your PC or console. If this is a continuous occurrence, you will need to reinstall Fortnite onto your device.

It would also be beneficial to validate your game’s installation through your desired platform; eg; Steam.

Why is my Fortnite server offline?

Fortnite error code 10022
Fortnite error code 10022

The Fortnite server will be offline if the game needs maintenance work done on its database. This can occur when there is an update in seasons or a change in chapters. The necessary amendments won’t be able to be processed if there are active users online, which is why the server will be unavailable until the work is complete.

Sometimes, however, there can be an unexpected issue that interferes with the performance of the Fortnite server. In this instance, the Fortnite error code 10022 can occur.

Users with an active profile won’t be able to fix this problem, however, you will be able to stay up to date with the status of the server by checking the Epic Games system notification center.

It’s important to note, that when the Fortnite server is down, you may be able to log into your profile, but certain features and functions will be unavailable, or problematic.

During this time, it’s advised to make any changes to your account as it may go unsaved, or data could be lost.


The Fortnite error code 10022 is predominantly caused by an issue with the easy anti cheat software. Because this program will run alongside the game, it will prevent the application from launching.

With this easy to follow guide, we hope you were able to fix this issue with one of the simple solutions provided.

If the problem persists, there could be an underlying error with your Fortnite application. To get in touch with Epic Games directly, you can make use of their Fortnite Help Center.

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