Are you currently experiencing error YVM102 on your Youview box when trying to access your catch-up TV?

Also known as ‘Broadband Connection Lost’, this error code materializes from a weak internet connection or interference with the hardware (box).

If you are asking yourself, ‘How do I fix the error message YVM102’ on your Youview box, we have created this easy-to-follow guide for you to run through so you can get back to viewing all your favorite TV programs via Youview without any further setbacks.

What is YVM102

What is YVM102

Many subscribers that have their Youview box with TalkTalk have proclaimed this YVM102 error code appearing on their screens, as well as on the BT network.

With TalkTalk having over 4 million users, this issue has been questioned more than a few times on forums to find the answer and the best way to fix this issue.

So what does ‘Error YVM102’ mean?

This code will pop up on your TV screen when there is a connection issue with your TV. This is a local network issue between your box and your Wifi router.

If the network is experiencing a general connection problem (not just your network), the error code will come up as YVM104.

With this YVM102 transpiring from your side and having nothing to do with the network’s server, you are able to eradicate this issue by trying a few of our fixes.

How do I fix YVM102

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How do I fix YVM102

Because YVM102 is due to an issue between your Youview box and your Wifi network, the fixes for this issue will be primarily completed on your hardware and router.

Fix 1. Cable check

If your cables are not connected securely, this will interfere with the internet connection working steadily.

If you are using an Ethernet Cable, ensure the cable is connected between your box and router solidly.

Powerline Adaptors add an extra connecting cable that needs to be connected tightly between the ethernet cable, adaptor, router, and box. There should be 3 lights showing that will confirm the connection is secure and working properly.

If you need assistance on how to check your adaptors, you can follow this link.

Note, it is advised to plug the adaptors straight into the plug point in the wall to have a more direct connection.

Check your Wifi router is connected firmly to its power source, and that any over devices that are using your network is working successfully.

If you are using an aerial due to the type of TV model you have, you may need to remove it and replug it and complete a retune.

Fix 2. Power reset router

Resetting your Wifi router is one the most common fixes for when you are experiencing network issues at home.

Unplugging your router from the plug point and waiting a moment or two should do the trick.

Once you have connected it again, and the network has come back, you can check your TV.

Fix 3. Restart Smart TV

Have you attempted to restart your TV? Instead of turning your TV off and on again, push down on your remote’s power button for around 10 seconds.

Your TV will now complete the restart process.

Fix 4. Confirm your TV’s network connection

Your TV can be connected to your Wifi, but have a negative connection status. You can check this on your Smart TV;

Step 1. On your remote, click on the ‘Home’ button

Step 2. Find ‘Settings’ and click on it

Step 3. Click on ‘Network’ and ‘Advanced Settings’

Step 4. Press ‘Network Status’ followed by ‘Check Connection’

Step 5. Confirm by selecting ‘Yes’

You have successfully checked your TV’s network connection.

Fix 5. Use a cable checker

If any of your cables are faulty, this will interfere with the connection between your box and the network.

A faulty cable will hinder the amount of Mbps your Youview box will receive, and if it is not an adequate amount, it will not be able to play successfully.

Checking to ensure all your cables are working properly can help you diagnose this problem.

How can I improve my Youview signal

Signal sign
Improving Youview signal

If you are wondering; ‘How can I boost my TV signal strength’ specifically on Youview, you can do this by doing the following;

  • Move your Wifi router closer to your Youview box
  • If you are not using an ethernet cable, connecting one will create a stronger signal
  • Making use of an aerial booster

How do I check my Youview box signal strength

It’s always good to know what signal strength you are receiving, so as to decide if it is necessary to improve it or not.

Step 1. On your remote, click on ‘Menu’

Step 2. Find ‘Settings’ and select this

Step 3. Under ‘Signal and Connection’ click on ‘Signal Quality’

Your signal should be more than 50%. If it is lower than this, we would suggest improving it.


With Youview being one of the UK’s most popular TV channel providers, it’s inevitable it will come across some sort of error code in its lifetime.

You can make use of a Youview box with or without a subscription on BT or TalkTalk’s network, you will just be limited to not enjoying some of the perks that come with the network subscription.

With that being said, we understand how frustrating it is to have an error code pop up on your screen when you’re about to settle down with your favorite TV show.

We hope this guide has assisted you as quickly as possible, and that you were able to get rid of YVM102 off of your TV screen.