The popularity of Final Fantasy XIV has increased significantly in recent years. With so many newcomers joining the game, we decided to explore what makes the game stand out in this article, from its rich narrative and extensive content to its unique community dynamics.

In parallel with the growing popularity of the game itself, the demand for in-game services such as boosting has also increased. Teams of professional gamers actively assist in the game Final Fantasy XIV and help players complete complex content and level up their characters. At the same time, they also provide coaching services, which is an excellent start for players of any level – even those who have never played games of this genre before.


Now, probably everyone knows about the complicated history of Final Fantasy 14 and its unprecedented rise lately, so let’s not retell it all again and get straight to the point.

The game makes two things clear almost immediately. Firstly, there is no rush here. The plot develops measuredly, with an abundance of conversations that you will have to read. It’s as if you’re not playing an MMORPG, but some kind of visual novel. However, this is not bad, the main thing is that the plot is good. We mentioned conversations and not dialogues: our hero is quite laconic, and we are extremely rarely given options for answering the interlocutor’s phrases.

Secondly, as you probably already guessed, the game’s plot is linear, one might even say, on rails. Yes, different classes start in different locations, and each has its class campaign, but the central plot quickly becomes the same for everyone, and the main quest chain will lead you through it by hand. Although Final Fantasy 14 is similar to a classic RPG, you won’t be able to make important decisions that affect the story. However, one can hardly blame the game for this. In other MMORPGs, you are also driven along a linear plot, and if there is any choice, it is usually illusory.

As soon as you complete the introductory missions and find yourself in the central square of the city, you will begin to be haunted by a very familiar and pleasant feeling that you will not understand at first. It will feel nostalgic, but it’s impossible to feel nostalgic about a game you’re playing for the first time. But after standing for a while in the central square and watching the players rushing about their business, chatting and making friendly gestures, and playing musical instruments, you will understand what’s going on.


Final Fantasy 14 retains the same classic MMORPG spirit, which has long been absent from the same World of Warcraft, which is more reminiscent of a session game. Here you want to stop rushing, sit down on the lawn, and watch the bard play his simple melody for the joyful spectators. By the way, it’s worth saying a few words separately about musical instruments in Final Fantasy. The music here is a separate type of in-game art, and the musicians play each melody manually, according to notes, and do not just press the play button and go into AFK. Some players even form musical groups, tour around populated areas, and stage grandiose performances with dancing and special effects. It’s better to see it once.


In terms of dungeons, let’s say a little. Boss battles in Final Fantasy rely on positioning and knowledge of mechanics, but even if you find yourself in a dungeon for the first time and don’t know something, your more experienced allies will not scold you and will politely explain everything.

There are also dungeons of increased difficulty in the game, which are entered by your own, pre-assembled group. The game doesn’t force you to play it all the time, and it certainly doesn’t force you to engage in activities you don’t enjoy. Yes, it turns out to be another stone in the garden of World of Warcraft, where to prepare for raids you need to farm the dull Torghast and do other boring activities.

It is worth noting that the vast majority of MMORPG players are casuals. The real hardcore teams who participate in a raid race or Mythic Dungeon International can be counted on one hand, and all the content in WoW is balanced for them, and not for the bulk of players, who will never come close to this level of play, and not really to this level strives. But the creators of Final Fantasy, when developing the game and its calibration, are guided not by a few hardcore players, but by the bulk of players who play the game for fun. And as a result, the game brings this pleasure.

And finally, the main question is: is Final Fantasy XIV worth playing for a beginner in 2021? In short, naturally, yes. But choosing an MMORPG is a serious matter, so you should make this decision yourself, based on your preferences. Fortunately, trying the game is very simple: go to Steam, find FINAL FANTASY XIV Online Free Trial there, go through a simple registration procedure with SquareID and that’s it, welcome. The free version alone will have enough gameplay for hundreds of hours, and during this time you will be able to decide whether you like the game or not.