If Disney Plus won’t work on your Roku, there could be an issue with your Disney + app, or your Roku device is malfunctioning and requires your assistance.

Checking for a software update could be the solution to your video streaming service not working on your Roku, as well as a power reset on your device.

If this seems vague to you, we have generated this easy-to-follow guide to provide you with a clear explanation of why Disney Plus won’t work on your Roku, and what steps you can do to get rid of this issue so you can continue having full access to Disney’s library ranging from Marvel to Pixar.

Why is Disney Plus not working?

Disney Plus won't work on Roku

Why is Disney Plus not working

Disney Plus is not working on your Roku because the software is not supported on your device, your internet connection has failed, or your country settings are incorrect. 

To better understand the reasons why Disney+ is not working, we have elaborated on the causes;

Cause 1. Incompatible software

If the Disney Plus app is not on the latest version, this can hinder the video service from being able to stream on your device.

If you are using a Roku TV, its software will automatically be updated, however, if there is interference during the download phase the update will not be completed, or the data will be corrupted.

Cause 2. Slow internet connection

If your internet connection is not stable enough, Disney Plus will not stream properly.

The app requires;

  • 1.5Mbps download speed for Standard streaming
  • 3.0Mbps for High-Definition streaming

Besides the necessary speed requirement, an intermittent network connection will cause Disney Plus to not work on Roku.

If you are using an extender on your router, this has been known to interfere with the Disney Plus app from working.

Cause 3. Overloaded cache files

Cache files are automatically stored on your device to improve the overall performance of the Disney Plus app on your device.

Over time, the files will become full and will need to be cleared.

Cause 4. Incorrect region settings

Disney Plus is still only available in certain regions.

Your country settings could be incorrect which has caused your Disney Plus app to think you a region that does not have Disney+ available.

Cause 5. Blocked account

If your account details confirm you are under the age of 18, Disney+ can block your account. Another reason why an account can get blocked is if there is suspicious activity on your account, eg; logins from multiple different locations.

How to fix Disney Plus on Roku

disney plus wont work on roku

Photo by Jayme McColgan on Unsplash

You can fix Disney Plus from not working on your Roku device. First, check the server status of Disney+ to confirm if the issue is occurring due to Disney’s server being down before going ahead with our easy fixes.

If the Disney server is down, you will need to wait until maintenance has been completed before the streaming service will be available to use.

Reminder; don’t forget to check the status of the Roku server. It could be Roku and not Disney that is causing the issue.

Fix 1. Update software

Make sure your Disney Plus channel and Roku device have been updated to the latest software versions.

This ensures compatibility between the two and improved performance.

Update Disney Plus app:

Step 1. Click the ‘Star’ button on your remote once you have highlighted the Disney Plus channel

Step 2. Select ‘Check for updates’

If an update is available, you will be given the option to override the current version installed.

Update Roku software:

Step 1. From the home screen click on ‘Settings’

Step 2. Select ‘System’ followed by ‘System Updates’

Your Roku device will complete the upgrade. Once it is fully installed, re-launch Disney Plus.

Fix 2. Check region settings

Check that your Disney Plus account settings are correct, and set in your region.

Disney Plus is currently only available in these regions;

  • United States
  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • Australia
  • United Kingdom
  • New Zealand
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • France
  • Germany
  • Ireland
  • Austria
  • Puerto Rico

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Fix 3. Power reset the internet connection

If your internet is failing to provide a steady connection for your channel to stream, Disney Plus won’t work on your Roku device.

Step 1. Power reset your router by turning it off and unplugging it

Step 2. After 2 – 4 minutes, plug it back in and switch it on

Once your internet has re-established a connection, launch Disney Plus.

Check that your internet connection is providing adequate bandwidth speeds to ensure issues like buffering does not occur.

Note, if you are making use of an extender, remove it and connect your Roku device directly to your Wifi router.

Fix 4. Reinstall Disney Plus channel

During the initial install phase of your Disney Plus app, corrupted data may have been included in the files.

Uninstalling Disney Plus, and reinstalling it will get rid of any contaminated files.

Step 1. From your Roku home screen, click on Disney+

Step 2. Click the ‘start’ button (*) from your remote and choose ‘Remove Channel’

Step 3. Once confirmed, go back to your home screen to access the search bar

Step 4. Find the Disney Plus channel and reinstall it

Restart your Roku device once the installation has been completed.

Fix 5. Contact Disney Plus

If your Disney+ account has been blocked, you will need to contact Disney Plus to request them to unblock it.

There are a few ways in which you can contact Disney’s customer service team;

  • Email – disneyplus.id@hotstar.com
  • Facebook – @DisneyplusHotstarID
  • Twitter – @DplusID_Help
  • Complete their online form

Fix 6. Clear cache files

Clearing the cache files off your Roku device will free up space and get rid of corrupted data.

Step 1. Get onto the ‘Home’ screen on your Roku device

Step 2. Using your remote, click on the ‘Home’ button X5

Step 3. Press the ‘Up’ button X1, followed by the ‘Rewind’ button X2

Step 4. Select the ‘Fast Forward’ button X2

Once the cache has been cleared, restart your device.


Disney Plus not working on your Roku device can present itself in different forms, such as constant buffering, freezing, a poor quality image, or Disney Plus not launching at all.

We hope our guide has provided you with everything you needed to know, and that you were able to fix Disney Plus on your Roku device.