Are you watching your favorite program on Disney Plus but suddenly, an error code 83 pops up on your screen? Does the screen go black when you try to play something after getting the error? Don’t worry; this guide will explain why the error shows up and how to fix it.

Disney Plus is a video streaming service with many titles, from classics to recent hits. You can stream Disney+ programs through a subscription on supported devices such as smart TV, smartphone, PC, or gaming console.

However, like with any other streaming service, Disney Plus users often face streaming errors that leave them stranded. The error code 83 on Dinsey Plus is now a common error, and we are here to help you get rid of it with the help of easy troubleshooting steps.

What is Disney Error Code 83?

What is Disney Error Code 83?

Users report that while watching Disney Plus content, an error code 83 shows up on the screen with a “Something went wrong” message. Afterward, users can not watch the program as the error keeps showing up intermittently.

The Disney Plus support page is awfully silent on the matter. The only logical explanation they give is that the device is incompatible, which sometimes is not the primary source of the error. Our investigation revealed that the users using a compatible device are also experiencing the same problem.

Hence, there is more to the mix, and a few other reasons result in the error code 83 on Disney Plus.

Why am I getting a black screen on Disney Plus?

Why am I getting a black screen on Disney Plus?

If you are getting error code 83 on Disney Plus, the possible reasons can be:

  • You are using an incompatible device to stream Disney Plus content.
  • Your home network is experiencing technical issues.
  • The firmware on your device is outdated.
  • Disney Plus servers are down due to scheduled maintenance or a technical fault.
  • You are using an incompatible browser to stream Disney Plus web content.
  • Disney Plus app installation files are corrupt.

How do I fix error code 83 on Disney Plus?

Try the following troubleshooting steps to fix the Dinsey Plus error code 83 on your device.

Check device compatibility

You might think that you are using a compatible device with the Dinsey Plus app, but the reality can be otherwise. Therefore, the first thing to do is to check the Disney Plus supported devices list and ensure that your hardware is not the cause of the error code 83.

Troubleshoot internet issues

Slow internet speed is the most common reason for streaming app errors. Therefore, make sure that your internet speed is stable and healthy. Otherwise, intermittent session disconnection might occur, resulting in an error.

To troubleshoot your home network, restart your router or modem. Next, run a quick online test and see if the internet speed is restored. Furthermore, try to move the router or device closer to each other to eliminate WiFi reception issues.

Check Disney server status

If your internet connection is not the source of the error code 83, there is a possibility that the Disney servers are down either due to scheduled maintenance or a technical glitch in the system. Also, many users might be logging into the Disney app resulting in high demand and slower response from Disney servers.

Therefore, before trying out complex troubleshooting steps, check the status of Disney servers. This way, you can eliminate the cause of the error at your end. If Disney service is down, your best bet is to report the issue to the help center and wait patiently until the engineers fix the issue.

Update device firmware

Sometimes, an older device firmware raises issues with the installed apps. You may have downloaded the Disney Plus app on an incompatible older OS, causing the error code 83. In this case, update the device software through your device Settings menu.

Afterward, launch the Disney app and verify that the error code does not pop up while viewing a TV show. If you use a Disney web player on a PC, you can update your Windows operating system by turning on the Windows updates feature.

Use another browser

Dinsey Plus compatibility issues are not limited to devices. If you watch Disney Plus on an incompatible web browser, you may see an error code 83. Although Disney Plus provides you with a complete list of the supported browsers, it does not mean that you are out of the woods yet.

For example, a chrome version higher than 75 may stream the Disney Plus programs; however, an earlier version can trigger the error code 83. Therefore, update your browser before streaming Disney Plus programs.

Also, the Dinsey Plus website data on your PC can corrupt over time and cause a streaming error. So try clearing your cache and see if this fixes the issue on hand.

Update or reinstall the Disney Plus app

When the Dinsey Plus app releases a new version, the old ones can sometimes become incompatible and throw the 83 error code on a device. So if you are using the app on a smartphone, gaming console, smart TV, etc., update the Dinsey app to fix the error.

However, if the error persists after updating the app, the problem could be the corrupt Dinsey Plus app installation files on your device. To fix the 83 error, do a fresh reinstall.

Use alternative account

If none of the troubleshooting methods fix the Disney Plus error code 83, use an alternative account to sign in to Disney Plus app. If you don’t get the error code with the new account, you have found the source of the issue. In this case, contact Dinsey Plus to recheck your account details and sort out the billing and subscription issues.


Hopefully, one of the fixes in this guide helped you fix the error code 83 on Dinsey Plus. We recommend that you first restart your device and check its compatibility with the Dinsey Plus app. Also, if you are using cellular data to stream Disney’s content and getting the error, switch to a WiFi connection. Good Luck!