Discovery Plus won’t cast to Chromecast if both devices are connected to two different Wifi networks, and the ‘screen mirroring’ feature is disabled on your TV.

If your network is experiencing intermittent issues, this will interfere with the app establishing a secure connection for the cast to take place.

Have you setup your Chromecast device correctly? If you haven’t, Discovery+ will not be able to synchronize with your television.

Checking your settings, and making sure you have an active subscription with Discovery Plus are only two of the solutions we have generated for you to get your devices synced.

For a better understanding on why your Discovery Plus won’t cast to Chromecast, and what you can do to fix the problem, carry on reading this easy to follow guide.

Why is my Chromecast not working with Discovery Plus?

Discovery Plus won't cast to Chromecast

Why won’t Discovery Plus cast to Chromecast?

Discovery+ will not cast to Chromecast if the devices are not connected to the same network, screen mirroring has not been enabled on your smart TV, or your Discovery Plus account has unexpectedly expired. You must have a working internet connection that does not experience intermittent issues.

Reason 1. Different network connections

If you are in a household that operates with two different Wifi connections, you need to make sure the device your Discovery Plus app is on, and your Chromecast is connected to the same internet.

If they are both on different networks, they will not be able to find each other.

Reason 2. Screen mirroring is not enabled

You need to enable the ‘screen mirroring’ feature on your Smart TV for the Discovery Plus app to show on your screen from the device you are using.

If this is not switched on, Discovery+ will only appear on your mobile, PC or tablet.

Reason 3. Discovery Plus account has expired

If you were making use of a trial run on Discovery Plus, or you have taken out a subscription, your account may have expired without you knowing.

You will need to renew your account if you want to be able to cast to Chromecast.

If your profile details have changed and you have not updated your details on the Discovery Plus app, this could interfere with your payment going through and the app automatically kicking you out of your account.

Reason 4. Weak internet connection

Chromecast requires at least 20Mbps to be able to stream 4K content on your TV.

Discovery Plus needs at least 4Mbps for a High Definition quality video to play without any buffering or freezing issues.

If your internet connection is experiencing intermittent issues or continuously lagging, Disney Plus won’t cast to Chromecast successfully.

Reason 5. Software update required

Your Smart TV and the device that Discovery Plus is open on need to be on their latest operating system.

If there is an overdue software update for either device, this can interfere with the performance of the devices and prevent the cast from taking place.

How to cast Discovery Plus to Chromecast

Discovery Plus won't cast to Chromecast

How to cast Discovery Plus to Chromecast

You can fix Discovery Plus not casting to Chromecast by completing a reboot on each device, and ensuring your Wifi network is connected without any issues. Checking that you have enabled the correct settings on your smart TV and that your Discovery+ account is active are solutions that we will expand on.

Before we go through the solutions to get your Discovery Plus app cast to your Chromecast, have you checked that you have connected your Chromecast device correctly to your TV?

How to setup Chromecast on TV

Note, this is if you have the Chromecast and not Chromecast built into your smart TV.

Step 1. Plug your Chromecast stick into your TV

Step 2. Connect the USB cable to your Chromecast and Power Adapter followed by plugging it in

Step 3. On your device, install the Google Home App

Step 4. Set your Chromecast up by following the on-screen instructions

With your Chromecast device set up correctly, The Discovery Plus app should pick up your Chrome connected TV.

For extra assistance on setting up your Chromecast, check this guide.

If however, your Chromecast is connected, but Discovery+ still won’t cast to your TV, we have generated 6 simple solutions to help fix this problem.

Fix 1. Check internet connections are the same

The device you have Discovery Plus open on, and your Chromecast TV both need to be connected to the same Wifi network.

Make sure these connections match, and that each device is successfully connected.

Fix 2. Enable screen mirroring

The screen mirroring settings has to be enabled for Discovery Plus to show on your TV.

How to enable screen mirroring on Chromecast:

Tip, leave the Discovery Plus app open on your device

Step 1. Launch the Google Home app

Step 2. Click on the ‘Menu’ button

Step 3. Select ‘Screen/Audio’ 

Step 4. Click on ‘Cast Screen/Audio’

You will now be able to choose your Chromecast device. Once you have selected it, Discovery+ should appear on your TV screen.

Fix 3. Confirm your Discovery Plus subscription

If you have not recently checked your Discovery Plus account, your subscription may have already expired, or you have not updated amended details.

Log into your profile and check to see if you need to ‘Renew’ your subscription. If your account is not active, the service will not be able to stream through to your Chromecast.

(Did you know, you can join Chromecasts ‘Preview Program’ that will allow you to see all the latest features before they’re released to the general public).

Fix 4. Check your internet connection

Check your internet speed to make sure you are receiving adequate bandwidth for Discovery Plus and Chromecast to work properly.

If you find your network connection is lagging, or it is not as strong as it should be, power reset your router to refresh the connection.

Step 1. Power off your modem and unplug it

Step 2. After a couple of minutes, plug it back in and switch it on again

If you are having internet issues, your Discovery+ service might appear with an ‘Error 400’ code on your display.

Fix 5. Update software

It’s important to make sure your smart TV, as well as the device you are casting Discovery Plus from, has been updated to their latest operating systems.

This will improve their overall performance, and make sure each device is compatible for the casting to take place.

Fix 6. Check synchronization

Your Chromecast TV, and the device you are using for Discovery Plus need to be synchronized.

This means their date and time settings need to match one another.

Make sure each of these are correct. If they are not, rectify the difference and reboot the device before trying to connect it again.

Why is my Chromecast not connecting anymore?

Your Chromecast may not be connecting if you have not refreshed your Chromecast’s network connection, or, its USB cable or power adapter has come loose. Check that all connections are secure, and no cables have been damaged. Reconnecting your Chromecast to your TV will help your device re-establish a connection.


With this guide, we hope you were able to successfully cast your Discovery Plus app to your Chromecast TV, and that you gained a better understanding on what can impact the success of your two devices synchronizing.

If you have tried all six fixes, and you are still unable to cast your Discovery Plus service to your Chromecast, we advise you contact Discovery+ directly.

You can submit a ticket here, or you can make use of their virtual assistant chat by selecting ‘Need Help’.

If you’ve confirmed the problem does not stem from your Discovery Plus subscription, you can contact Chromecast by following their support page.