“Unable to open file: Bad activity result code: 96, for request code: 800”

Is this Discord Error 96 code showing up on your screen when you are trying to change your profile picture by cropping it or changing server icons?

Discord has features where you are now able to personalize your account, allowing you to add a picture to your profile and change up your avatar.

So why is Discord not allowing you to add a profile picture to your account?

We have generated this easy to follow guide to help you make sense of what the error 96 means, and what you can do to try and fix this problem from occurring.

What is Discord error 96

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What is Discord error 96

The Discord error 96 is an error code that transpires on Discord when you attempt to make use of the in-app crop function when trying to set a profile picture on your account.

This error code also seems to come up when you try and change a server icon.

Error codes arise when the necessary information that is required to complete an action does not make it to the Discord server because a connection has been lost, or the app is glitching.

Why doesn’t Discord let me crop my PFP?

Before we delve into the Discord error 96 code when you’re trying to crop your profile picture, first confirm that you have not tried to change your profile picture too many times in a short period of time.

Discord allows users to change their profile picture only twice within a few minutes, and as soon as you hit the third time, you will be locked out.

So how long is Discord PFP cooldown?

If you have come to realise that you have in fact changed your profile picture twice already, and are now locked out, you will have to wait around 5 minutes before you will be able to proceed with making any further changes.

How do I fix Discord error 96

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How to fix Discord error 96

Discord error 96 unfortunately does not have an official resolution for this problem, but there are certain troubleshooting fixes that one can do that should help eradicate this problem when you are trying to edit your profile image.

Fix 1. Remove Discord folder

If you are experiencing this issue on your mobile, which seems to be where this error code predominantly occurs on, deleting the Discord will help get rid of th error 96 problem.

Step 1. Go into ‘Files’ and find the ‘File Manager App’

Step 2. Find ‘Photos’

Step 3. Now search for the Discord file and delete it once found

Fix 2. Uninstall and reinstall the app

Removing the Discord app off of your device and reinstalling it will refresh the data downloaded, which may have had corrupted software in the version.

Step 1. Remove the app off of your device

Step 2. Go to your app store and download Discord again

Once the app has been downloaded again, restart your device and launch the app again so as to clear out the connection.

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Fix 3. Use Google drive

It has been reported that uploading your profile picture from Google Drive can be a way to get around the error 96 code appearing when yuo try and crop your photo for your profile.

When you go to upload your picture, choose the option to upload the image via Google Drive and not your camera roll.

Fix 4. Check for updates

It’s important to make sure yuor Discord application, and the operating system you are accessing Discord on is up to date to the latest versions.

Apps and systems are continuously being updated to improve the performance of an app and get rid of any bugs that may be interfering with the software.

If there is an option to select ‘Update’ for Discord as well as your operating system, click on this so the newest versions can override what is currently installed.

Fix 5. Reset internet connection

With the Discord Error 96 not having an official fix, Discord users can only troubleshoot their device.

You can ensure your app is connected successfully to the internet, and can reach the Discord server without any interruptions.

Resetting your network can help Discord get a cleaner connection, and improve the speeds it’s receiving.

You can check your internet speed here to ensure it’s fast enough.

Step 1. Reset your wifi router by switching it off and unplugging it

Step 2. Plug it back in and turn it on after 2-3 minutes

If you are on your mobile device, reset your internet connection by enabling ‘Airplane Mode’ for a couple of minutes before disabling it again.

One thing to remember with Discord, is that if the server is down for planned maintenance, or there has been an unexpected outage, this will interfere with the successful functioning of the app.

Issues on Discord can appear in many different ways (Eg; Error 96)

A server issue is an internal problem, which cannot be rectified by yourself.

You can however, keep up to date with the server status of Discord by using this link. 

If you are an avid Discord user, you can keepupto date with the status of Discord’s server by clicking here and signing up to get notified when the Discord server goes down.


Discord is an app that is creating communities between individuals from all over the world, where users can interact with one another and play games that they choose.

Discord is improving its user experience by including in-game overlays where someone can carry on chatting to their friend even when they are playing a game, as there is now an available chat box.

With all these features on Discord, you want to be able to set your profile account up the way you want it to be, and not have to deal with not being able to upload your profile picture because Discord won’t let you crop the image.

We hope this guide has helped you understand why you were seeing the Error 96 code, and that you were able to fix this problem, even though there is no official fix for this error code.