Are you making use of Discord as your instant messaging service but you are experiencing the Discord error 404 come up on your screen?

The Discord error 404 will state ‘Wizards behind curtains’. What does this mean and why is this glitch presenting itself when you are launching your app.

Discord is an online chat service that brings individuals together into one community, which can be extremely important for certain individuals, which is why we have generated this easy to read directory to guide you through what the Discord error 404 means, and what you can do to sort this problem so your app can operate successfully.

What is the 404 error on Discord

404 error

What is Discord error 404

Discord Error 404 will come up on your screen when you try and boot up the app.

What does this error code mean?

This error will transpire when Discord is attempting to make a connection that is not a connection to the users’ network in the background.

The server is, therefore, unable to find the requested files because you do not have access.

What does Error 404 indicate? 

When a user starts playing a game on discord, the server will pick up on this and bring up the game’s information to the server. The Error 404 will show up on the whole screen when the information is unable to reach the server because of a failed connection.

With the server not being able to get the requested information for the game you are wanting to play, it results in an ‘overlay’ glitch which is the error picture that comes up on your screen.

Error 404

Error Code 404

How do I get a 404 error page?

There are a few possible reasons as to why you are experiencing this error page on your overlay in Discord;

Reason 1. Unstable internet connection

Discord needs to be connected to s strong, stable internet connection to load and process data effectively.

If your internet connection is weak and not fast enough, you won’t be able to connect to the server, resulting in the information required being lost.

You need at least 5Mbps for Discord to be able to process the required data successfully.

Reason 2. Conflicting background data

Certain background data is required to run when you are launching Discord in order for it to operate properly.

Occasionally, some of the background processes that transpire when you launch Discord will cause conflict with Discord, resulting in the app not working properly.

Reason 3. Overlays in Discord

Overlays in Discord allow users to have more than one feature open at a time.

For example, while playing a game, you can still be able to have your chat box open in a separate window.

When one of the overlays gets blocked, it will stop the game or feature from receiving the required information, bringing up the error 404 image.

Reason 4. Firewall blocking the required data

If you are accessing Discord on a PC, your firewall may be mistaking certain data as suspicious, and block it from reaching the Discord server.

The firewall will prohibit the network from reaching the information, and cause the error to come up instead.

How do I fix Discord error 404

Fixing tools

How to fix Discord error 404

Fix 1. Check internet connection

You need to ensure you have a solid internet connection to be able to launch Discord, and actively be online.

Make sure your wifi router is connected properly, and check your internet speed is adequate enough by clicking here.

It will be beneficial to reset your internet router as this will refresh the connection.

Step 1. Unplug your router

Step 2. Pause for a couple of minutes

Step 3. Plug the router back in and turn it on

Once your device has reconnected, launch Discord again.

Fix 2. Disable Overlays

With enabled overlays being one of the main reasons why the Discord error 404 is transpiring on your screen, disabling this feature should help fix this problem.

Step 1. On Discord, go into ‘Settings’

Step 2. Find ‘Game Overlay’

Step 3. Turn the button to disable Game Overlay

The overlay feature will now be switched off. Exit Discord and reenter t refresh the connection.

Fix 3. Restart App

As simple as it sounds, restarting the Discord app can get rid of the error coming up as it will reconnect without any possible glitches still in the software.

You can exit the app completely with getting rid of the background data as well by using the task manager function if you are on a PC;

Step 1. Click on CTRL + ALT +DELETE at the same time

Step 2. Select ‘Task Manager’

Step 3. Press on ‘Discord’ from the list and select ‘End Task’

This will close the app completely. On any other device, exit Discord and do a restart.

Fix 4. Disable Firewall

If your firewall is blocking Discord from reaching its server and processing the required information to be able to load properly, you will need to disable your firewall or have your firewall enabled, but give it permission to allow Discord to run.

You will need to go into your firewall settings and select ‘Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall’

This will grant access for Discord to process its information without being flagged up as suspicious.

Fix 5. Use browser and not app

Log out of your Discord app and access your account through your browser directly.

Entering Discord through a web page and not the app will stop certain files from being downloaded which may be the reason why the error 404 is happening.

Note, ensure your browser is on its latest version to ensure it will be compatible with Discord.


Discord has become one of the most popular platforms for users to engage in their communities and play games while still being able to chat to friends, with the help of the Discord in-game overlay features.

We know how important these apps can be, and how frustrating error codes are when you are trying to finish a game, or at least start one up that you have been looking forward to playing.

We hope this guide has assisted you in understanding what the Discord error 404 is, and that you were able to get rid of this issue on your screen with one of the easy fixes.

It is recommended to disable the overlay first, as this has been recorded as one of the main reasons for the error 404 on Discord.