Does Crunchyroll have a Black screen when you try and stream an episode, or when you first log into your account?

Crunchyroll has been known to experience this display issue if you have an active pop up blocker on your browser, as well as an adblocker. These software programs will prevent the app from having access to the internet.

Did you know Crunchyroll will sometimes block old browsers from having access to their site? If you don’t ensure yours is up to date, this could be a reason why you experience a blank screen.

We have generated this easy guide to help you understand why Crunchyroll has a Black screen, and provide you with five straightforward solutions you will be able to execute to help fix this image problem so you can get back to watching you favourite Anime shows.

Why am I getting a Black screen on Crunchyroll?

Crunchyroll Black screen
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You will get a Black screen on Crunchyroll if you enable a pop up blocker application on your device. When you access the app through your browser, a pop up blocker program is known to prevent Crunchyroll from being able to open. This software will prevent pop ups to appear when you’re open on the app, however, it can sometimes interfere with the Crunchyroll app instead.

Browser extensions such as an adblocker can have the same effect as a pop up application.

Other reasons why you’re getting a Black screen on Crunchyroll include;

1. Browser performance issue

The browser in which you use to access your Crunchyroll profile may be the reason for the Black screen issue.

Active users that use Firefox as well as Chrome have confirmed that their browser was the cause for the display error.

Crunchyroll will block outdated browsers from accessing their site. If you still operate on an old version, this could be why you experience the blank screen error.

2. Faulty Cache files

The cache files that download onto your device every time you launch Crunchyroll could be corrupt or too full. If this data is faulty, it will interfere with the performance of the app when you open it.

3. Episode format

Sometimes, Crunchyroll may upload a specific episode or movie that contains the incorrect format. When this happens, you will be unable to play the video.

4. Device issue

If you see the Crunchyroll Black screen as soon as you log in, or when you push play on a video, it could be due to the device you are using to access the app.

(Did you know; Crunchyroll was created in 2006 by a group of students that attended the University of California, Berkeley. The online video service is now owned by Sony, who acquired the app in 2021).

If the Crunchyroll server is experiencing issues, this can stop your app from loading certain features, and functioning properly. The server could be unavailable due to maintenance work, or an unexpected outage.

Unfortunately, when this happens, you will be unable to fix the technical error, however, you will be able to check the Crunchyroll service status.

How to fix Crunchyroll Black screen

Crunchyroll Black screen
Crunchyroll Black screen

To prevent a Black screen display when you launch Crunchyroll or play a video, you will need to disable your pop up blocker application, as well as any other browser extensions you may have active on your device. This includes an adblocker and any third party programs such as a firewall. Once you disable these additional features, restart your device before your launch Crunchyroll again.

If you do not make use of any of these software programs, you can help fix your online video app from showing a blank screen with one of the following solutions;

1. Change your browser

If your browser is the cause for the Crunchyroll Black screen error, try and access the app through a different browser. If you’re current on Chrome, try Firefox and vice versa.

Confirm that your browser is up to date with the latest available version. This will stop the chances of Crunchyroll blocking your browser from having access to their site.

2. Clear cache files

Erase the cache files that are currently stored on your device from launching Crunchyroll.

This can be done through your browser settings. If you make use of Chrome, simply go;

Open Chrome > Press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL > Tick ‘Cookies and Other Site Data’ & ‘Cached Images and Files’ > Clear Data

Once you erase the cache, restart your device to ensure you delete any leftover files.

3. Try a different episode

Crunchyroll may get stuck on the loading screen when there is a format error with a specific Anime episode or video upload on the library.

Try open a different show or movie on the app and see if the error persists.

4. Swap your device

Previous Crunchyroll users who have experienced the same issue, advised that they would see a Black screen display only on a specific device.

If you are currently using an iPad, swap over to your mobile or PC and log into your profile (and vice versa).

How do I fix Crunchyroll Black screen when streaming?

Crunchyroll Black screen
Crunchyroll Black screen

If Crunchyroll shows a Black screen when you’re streaming content, you may need to change your resolution display setting to a lower setting. This will help prevent the app from experiencing playback issues like buffering and lagging. A lower image quality will require less bandwidth to stream compared to a high-definition picture. An HD image requires at least 2.5Mbps, whereas a SD picture will only need 0.6Mbps.

To change the image quality on Crunchyroll, simply press the settings icon followed by the ‘Quality Auto’ button. From here, you will be able to change the setting from auto to your desired option.

Alternative methods you can use to help fix a Black screen display on Crunchyroll when you stream include;

  • Update the app
  • Restart your Wifi router
  • Change your device
  • Uninstall and reinstall Crunchyroll

Another reason why you may experience a playback issue on Crunchyroll, is if your geographic location setting does not support a certain program on the app.

To avoid such a issue, you can make use of a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to hide your browser’s location. This will get rid of any limitations associated with your region.

Why can’t I screen share my Crunchyroll?

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Crunchyroll Black screen

Many users that access Crunchyroll through Discord experience an issue where they’re unable to screenshare the app from their Discord profile. When they play a video, only a Black screen will appear. This error is caused by the hardware acceleration setting that is configured in your chosen browser. If you want to rectify the screen sharing issue within Discord when you want to stream Crunchyroll, you will need to disable this setting.

To disable the hardware acceleration in a Chrome browser simply;

Open Chrome > In the search bar input ‘chrome://settings/?search=hardware’ > Turn off ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’

Once this has been set to off, restart your device and launch Crunchyroll again from your Discord account.


You can experience Crunchyroll to display a Black screen when you launch the app, or as soon as you attempt to play a video.

With this easy to follow guide, we hope you now understand why the blank screen display error occurs, and that you were able to fix your Crunchyroll image with one of the five solutions provided.

If the issue persists, you may need to inform Crunchyroll’s support team directly. You can submit a request where one of their members will pick up your query, and get back to you.

(Quiz Question; Who is Crunchyroll owned by?).

Make use of our online contact form to submit your answer.