If your Chime won’t connect to your Wifi network, your device may be running on outdated firmware.

This software, however, should update automatically. If, after reading this guide you notice that your version is behind, you may need to contact Ring’s customer support.

Have you placed your wireless notification device further than thirty feet from your router? Distance is one of the reasons why your Chime Pro won’t connect to the internet.

A change in position or Wifi configuration is just two of the simple solutions you can use to fix your Chime device from not working.

We have created this easy directory to expand on why Chime won’t connect and provide you with additional methods you can use to fix this error so you can get back to being notified when someone rings your doorbell.

What is Ring Chime?


Ring Chime is a notification device that functions through a wireless connection to all your Ring devices by connecting to your Wifi network. The purpose of this device is to allow you to hear notifications better. This can be when someone uses your doorbell or creates motion in front of your Ring camera. 

The Ring notification device will pair to your doorbell as well as any security cameras you may have by using the Ring mobile app to connect to all other devices in your household.

This device connects to a wall outlet. You won’t need to move it unless your Chime won’t connect.

Why is my Chime not connecting?


Your Ring Chime won’t connect to your network if you have plugged the device too far away from your Wifi router. Ring recommends that you place your Chime device halfway between your router and doorbell or camera. Wherever you plug your Ring Chime in, the distance should not exceed 30 feet.

If the space between the devices is further apart, you can sometimes experience connection issues. This will be due to how strong your internet connection is. This is included in the additional reasons why your Chime won’t connect;

1. Weak internet connection

Because the Chime is a wireless notification device, it needs to be able to connect to a strong network, otherwise, you will experience issues with its performance.

(Did you know; that Ring Chime was originally called ‘DoorBot’. This device was created by Jami Siminoff who wanted to find a doorbell that could sync with his phone because he would never hear his ring. He later found out that there was nothing available when he Googled it, which is how he came about to invent the smart device).

2. Outdated Chime firmware

If the firmware of your Ring device is outdated, this can sometimes be the reason why your Chime won’t connect.

The firmware could also be corrupt with faulty files. This will interfere with the performance of your device, and prevent it from actioning its notifications.

3. Incompatible GHz network

Ring Chime is compatible with a 2.4GHz network. If your Wifi is set to 5GHz, this can be too much for the device to connect to.

4. Missing password

Your wireless Ring device needs to have a password to connect successfully. If the network login does not initiate a password to be inputted, this could be why your Chime won’t connect.

How to fix Chime won’t connect

Chime won't connect

Chime won’t connect

You can fix your Chime from not connecting by moving it to a power outlet that is closer to your Wifi router. Try to keep the distance less than 30 feet between the two devices, this can help improve the signal strength for your Ring Chime. If you can position it between your modem and Ring device, the better.

Other steps you can take to fix your Ring Chime from not working are;

1. Refresh the internet connection

The stronger your internet connection, the better. With Ring Chime being a wireless notification device, it will need to receive adequate signal strength.

This is especially important if you have placed it in an outlet that is further away from your router.

Turn your router off and unplug it. Leave it off for a couple of minutes before you plug it back in.

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Once it is back on, check the Ring app to ensure your Chime is connected.

Tip, check your internet speeds to confirm your network is supplying you with the necessary bandwidth.

2. Check Chime Firmware

Your Chime should have the latest firmware installed to avoid performance and connection related issues.

You can check what version of firmware your Chime is currently on;

Step 1. Access the Ring app on your mobile

Step 2. Select ‘Menu’

Step 3. Click on ‘Devices’ followed by ‘Chime’ or ‘Chime Pro’

Step 4. Now choose ‘Device Health’

It should state that the firmware is ‘Up to date’, as Chime will automatically install a new version when it’s available.

3. Change GHz network

If you can change your Wifi’s GHz network from 5 to 2.4, this will stop Chime from not connecting to your internet.

4. Enable a network password

Chime requires a password to connect to a network. If you currently do not have enabled, update this so you can input one when you want to connect your Ring Chime device.

5. Reconnect to Wifi network

You may just need to refresh your Ring Chime’s connection to your Wifi network.

Step 1. Open the Ring app on your smart device

Step 2. Click on the menu button followed by ‘Devices’

Step 3. Choose your Chime device

Step 4. Select ‘Device Health’ and then ‘Reconnect to Network’

Your Ring Chime device will re-establish its connection.

Add Wifi booster

Chime won't connect

Chime won’t connect

If you add a Wifi booster to your router, it will improve the signal strength your Ring Chime device will receive. This will allow the device to stay in a wall socket that is further away than the recommended distance.

A Wifi booster will improve the overall performance of your Ring devices, as well as any other electronics you have.

Amazon has a wide variety of Wifi boosters you can choose from.

Ring Chime factory reset

Chime won't connect

Chime won’t connect

If Chime still won’t connect, you may need to perform a factory reset on your wireless device. A factory reset will, however, erase all your saved settings and preferences. It will take the device back to its original settings before anything was configured or connected. 

How to factory reset Ring Chime:

Step 1. Make sure your Chime is inserted into a wall socket

Step 2. Find the small pinhole which should be on the side

Step 3. Using the tip of a pen or a small pin, press down on the button

Step 4. Hold down for no less than fifteen seconds

Step 5. Release the button

You should now be able to reconnect to your Wifi network.


With this guide, we hope we were able to help you understand why Chime won’t connect, and that your wireless notification device is now paired to your Wifi network.

If you still experience connection issues, we suggest you contact Ring directly. Here, you can choose to either text, call, or utilise the Ring community.

(Quiz Question; who invented Ring Chime?).

Make use of our online contact form to submit your answer. Include any queries or feedback that you may have for us.