The volume of information sent and received via your BT broadband connection can vary, fluctuating bandwidth can decrease and increase your download speed.

British Telecom is one of the leading ISPs in the UK and offers some of the fastest and most competitive internet packages on the market with some options offering way over 100 Mbps customers can usually look forward to a stable fast bandwidth and consistent connection.

From time to time like many internet service providers you may experience fluctuating bandwidth when surfing the web using your BT broadband, this is why we have created this simple guide to help locate the cause of your fluctuation and help you to secure a consistent, secure bandwidth when using your BT broadband.

Why does my BT bandwidth fluctuate so much?

When you have just had your BT broadband installed you may notice fluctuating bandwidth due to the stabilization period this process normally takes around 8 to 12 days and will result in a more consistent connection and bandwidth, as your connection reaches its maximum hertz frequency.

Placement of your HUB and rooter can affect your BT bandwidth as the walls in your home can block the signal that you receive, applications, devices, and programs running in the background can also play a part in lowering your bandwidth as streaming sites and downloads taking place in another room of your home can decrease the amount of bandwidth available for you to use.

During certain hours throughout the day you may notice a reduction in your bandwidth this can be due to a lot of people trying to access the internet all at once, this may be due to a huge sporting event or new release on a streaming service.

Is BT throttling my broadband?

BT does not restrict the speed of the services they provide so it is very unlikely that the decrease in your broadband bandwidth is due to BT themselves restricting the speed of your download or upload.

Internet congestion can occur at peak times when many users connect at the same time, this could be the cause of your fluctuation and has nothing to do with BT throttling your service.

If all of a sudden you notice your bandwidth slowdown check to see if a pattern is taking place at similar times throughout the day.

(Did you know: BT trialed their first ever high-speed internet back in 1992 this was then made available commercially by Telewest in 2000)

How to increase bt broadband bandwidth

Moving your HUB or rooter to the center of the property and ensuring it is in an open space can help increase your bandwidth.

If your BT broadband continues to fluctuate taking these steps could help to maximize your connection and increase your bandwidth.

Step 1. Using an ethernet cable to directly link your device to the HUB is a great way of securing your maximum bandwidth as this does not require a signal to be sent via WiFi

Step 2. Make sure to check that your firmware is up to date, an outdated version could be causing the fluctuation of your broadband bandwidth.

You can simply update your firmware by using your BT app and checking for the latest version.

Step 3. Is the router itself outdated? if you have been with BT for a long time chances are there may be a new router available, get in contact and ask them if there is a newer version that can be sent to you.

Step 4. Reboot the BT HUB by simply holding the power button, once the lights turn off wait for 30 seconds before turning the HUB back on, when you turn the HUB back on wait for the Green light to become a solid Blue light as this displays that your HUB was able to successfully establish a connection.

Step 5. Using an internet booster can help secure a faster connection especially if you are in a room that is located far away from the main BT hub, once installed it is likely that you will receive more bandwidth

What is the fastest broadband service by BT

BT’s super-fast service called full fibre is the company’s next generation rapid broadband.

With download speeds of up to 900mbs and equally as fast upload speeds, having this service installed in your premises is especially good if you have multiple devices that require a connection.

With no copper cables, it is by far the most reliable broadband solution from BT.


Your BT internet connection will take some time to establish itself after it has just been installed so be prepared to wait for around 10 days for an accurate reflection of the bandwidth, by following our steps in this guide we hope you have been able to maximize the bandwidth you receive through your BT broadband.

BT themselves offer great assistance to their customers so we highly recommend contacting them if your broadband continues to fluctuate

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