In a time where more of us are working from home than ever before, implementing software such as Asana makes jobs easier for a lot of companies.

However, despite Asana being great for working from home and project management, it doesn’t come without its issues. With more users reporting an issue with using Asana and AdBlock. If you are experiencing this issue disabling Adblock when using Asana, can help to fix this error.

Although we understand Asana has other bugs which may also be causing Asana Errors. Therefore we have compiled a troubleshooting guide that shares resolutions to some of the most common problems in Asana.

Asana Error Not Loading

Asana Error

Using Asana for work can be frustrating when it is not working correctly, especially when working from home. Some of the reasons you may be having issues with Asana are

  • Outdated Web Browser
  • An outdated plugin
  • Your WebSockets aren’t running correctly
  • Your WiFi is down

How to fix Asana Not Loading Error


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Fix 1. Turn off Adblock

Asana users who are having issues with Asana Error, not loading have found switching off their AdBlock to be beneficial and fix the issue at hand.

If you are looking to turn off Adblock just on Asana but keep it on other sites, you can right-click on your AdBlock icon and you should get options to choose from. These include ‘pause on this site’ and ‘hide something on the page’.

Fix 2. Use a private window

The purpose of using a private browser allows for a clean browsing experience. With a normal tab, you are likely to have numerous programs and data stored, this could be impacting the usage of your Asana.

By switching over to a private window (incognito mode), you are able to browse without existing extensions and other browser data being present. If you notice Asana works when doing this, it is likely linked to something on your browser. Most of the time this is linked to a plugin.

If you are using plugins that are required, using the private window may be the only option when it comes to using Asana, however, other users have reported that Asana sorted itself out for them after a  while.

Fix 3. Update your browser

We have also found updating your browser can be beneficial to making Asana function correctly. If you are unsure about how to update your browser, here is a guide on how to update Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

How to update Chrome?

A large number of Asana users are on Chrome and have found this issue occurs for them. Therefore, here’s how to run the latest version of Chrome.

  1. Open up your Chrome browser
  2. In the top right there are 3 dots, click these followed by help
  3. Next, choose About Google Chrome > Update Google Chrome
  4. Then click Relaunch

If you are unable to see Update Google Chrome in the settings then this is likely to mean you are running the latest version.

Updating Safari

If you are using an Apple device for Asana, we’d recommend looking into updating Safari. Here’s how to do so:

  1. Select the Settings on your device
  2. Then choose General followed by Software Update
  3. Install any updates shown, as if you are not running the latest version of iOS, Safari will also be outdated.

Can I update Firefox?

Updating Firefox is easy to do and can be updated in a few minutes

  1. Click the menu button in Firefox
  2. Then click help followed by About Firefox
  3. A window will pop up About Firefox
  4. If there is an update to be done, it will be automatically be done
  5. When the download is completed, press restart and you will be on the latest version.

Fix 4. Check the WebSockets connection

Using Asana requires WebSockets in order to work correctly. However, Asana users have encountered issues with strict corporate firewalls or old antivirus software. Asana advises if you are having issues that may be caused by either of these issues to use their diagnostics tool.

The diagnostics tool provides a guide of whether there is currently an issue with your device and Asana. When your device has run the report, you can then save a screenshot and share it with customer service if an issue occurs.

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Fix 5. Is Asana down?

Although this may seem obvious, some of the times when sites aren’t working it can be due to the site being down. If you are unsure as to whether Asana is having the issue or whether it is your connection, we recommend using the Down Detector.

The Down Detector can provide information on the current status of a website is, alongside what the issues are.

Why is Asana Not Working in Chrome?

If you have found none of the other five troubleshooting methods to not help your issue, we’d recommend clearing your cookies and cache. This removes any outdated data which is no longer required on your PC. Those who use Chrome often have issues with Asana not working in Chrome. Therefore one of the quickest ways to fix any issues with Chrome is to remove old data.

By removing this, your Asana will load quicker and be able to function as expected. This is also a good thing to do if your Asana crashes a lot.

If you are unsure of how to clear your cookies and cache, here’s a quick guide on how to do so:

  1. Head to the 3 dots in the top righthand corner of Chrome
  2. Then choose ‘More Tools’
  3. Followed by Clear Browsing Data
  4. Tick clear Browsing history and Cache images and files
  5. Once this is done you can reboot your Chrome and you should have no further issues with the loading speeds of Asana on Chrome.

What does the 400 error mean on Asana?

The 400 error on Asana is related to a network-based error. Therefore this is likely to be an issue on your end as opposed to one with Asana. A network error is usually linked to WiFi or other connection errors. If you are getting the 400 error, rebooting your WiFi or switching to Mobile Data can help you figure out if either of these is an issue.

Is Asana safe to use?

Asana uses an SSL connection, making this secure to use as part of your business. All data access within Asana is subject to checks in order to prevent anybody from outside of the company from viewing data.

Therefore if you are looking into whether Asana is safe to use for businesses, the answer is yes.


Although Asana is a great project management tool, we understand when it has problems it can be very frustrating. Therefore, we hope our guide into Asana errors has been helpful. If you require any further tech support, feel free to get in touch with us.