Amazon Prime Video is a great way to watch exclusive shows, enjoy your favourite episodes of old shows and watch plenty of movies. If you have Amazon Prime on your account, you will be able to access a huge catalogue of films and shows for free.

Most Panasonic models come with Amazon Prime installed, therefore all you need to do is sign in and you should be ready to go.

However, some users have reported issues occurring when trying to watch Amazon Prime on their Panasonic TV.

Therefore in order to fix this, we have compiled a guide to help you with any troubleshooting issues you may be having with your TV.

Why is Amazon Prime Not Working on my Panasonic TV?

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Amazon Prime Video will not work on your Panasonic TV if the app is outdated. Like most apps, smart TV apps require regular updates in order to allow them to work. If you don’t update your Amazon Prime app on your Panasonic TV for a significant period of time you may notice you are unable to open the app at all.

Usually, the fix for this is simple, head to the app store on your Smart TV, search for the app and click update. Once this has been done, allow your TV a few minutes to install the update and try again.

Besides an outdated app, there are numerous other reasons why Prime is not working on your Panasonic TV:

Your subscription has expired

If you keep getting an error when trying to sign in to Amazon Prime, you may have an expired subscription. As the subscription is taken out directly via Amazon, you will need to head on to their website and check the subscription is still active.

The app is not supported by your TV model

Unfortunately, if your app keeps crashing or you are greeted with a message which says ‘this app is not supported on your TV’ you will no longer be able to watch the app via your TV. If this is the case, you will be unable to resolve this issue without using a 3rd party device such as a Firestick.

The app is currently down

As with most technology, Amazon Prime Video can encounter issues with its app. If you are unsure whether it is your TV or the app which is the issue, checking the Down Detector is a great way to see if other users are experiencing the same issue. If you notice a high number of reports surrounding the app, it is likely to be an app issue.

Although this is not ideal, you will be unable to do anything until the app is up and running again.

VPN issues

The app may encounter issues if you are using a VPN on your TV. Often users can run into issues when trying to watch video from another location. If you are attempting to watch a catalogue from a different location, you may find your VPN is unable to connect properly.

It may be due to the country you are trying to watch having Amazon Prime banned. This includes China, North Korea, Iran and Syria.

How to fix Amazon Prime Not Working on my Panasonic TV

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In order to fix Amazon Prime on your Panasonic TV, it is worth attempting these simple troubleshooting ideas.

Fix 1. Check your TV model is supported

Although this may seem obvious, your TV model may now be outdated for certain apps. The models of TV which are able to run the app are constantly changing, therefore your older Panasonic smart TV may have once been able to run the app but now is unable to do so.

TV models from 2009-2013 are now unable to play Amazon Prime directly from their Panasonic TV. Here’s a full list of models which are no longer supported.

Fix 2. Power cycle your device

If your TV model is still supported, we’d next recommend power cycling your Panasonic TV. In order to do this, here’s what you need to do:

  • Turn off the TV and then unplug it from the mains
  • Allow 3-5 minutes, then plug your TV back in and turn it on
  • Launch the app and see if the error still appears.
  • If you notice the error still appears, attempt this method again.

However, if this method does not work after two attempts, try the next troubleshooting tip for further help.

Fix 3. Update your smart TV software

The next fix involves updating the software on your smart TV. This is a lot easier than it sounds, and we’d recommend doing this if the above steps do not work. Updating the software ensures your television has all of the latest features.

Here’s how to update the software in your Panasonic TV:

  1. Head to the Menu via your remote
  2. Select Network
  3. Then choose Software Update
  4. You will then be shown the current version you are on and what the latest version is
  5. If there is a newer version available select update.

Fix 4. Reset the app

If you are still having issues with your Panasonic app, here’s how to reset the app via your TV remote:

  1. Go to the menu from your remote
  2. Open up Amazon Prime
  3. Press the following buttons in a sequence – up twice, down twice, left once, right once, left once, right one and up four times
  4. Once you have done this, a deactivation screen will appear, deactivate it and it will log you out of the app.
  5. Finally, sign back into the app and see if this issue still occurs.

Fix 5. Remove the app and download it again

After resetting the app, the next troubleshooting fix is to remove the app completely and then download it from the play store again. In order to remove the app, you need to do the following:

  • Head to settings followed by Apps
  • Choose the app you are looking to delete e.g. Amazon Prime Video
  • Select it and press delete
  • Turn off the TV
  • Turn back on the TV and head to the app store and redownload Prime.

How else can I watch Amazon Prime Video?

If your smart tv is outdated, you will be unlikely to get any apps on it. Therefore finding an alternative way to watch Amazon Prime Video and other streaming apps is essential. Here are some alternative ways to stream Amazon Prime:


The first method is via Amazon’s own Firestick. The Firestick can provide apps such as Discovery +, MTV and of course, Amazon Prime. It is quick and easy to install a Firestick by simply plugging it into a USB port on your TV. This saves you having to buy a new TV for smart channels, whilst still being able to watch them with ease.

Users enjoy the Firestick as it allows them to use Alexa voice commands for features on their TV. E.g. finding the latest episode and changing the channel.

Stream from your laptop via HDMI

Streaming from another device is another way to watch channels on your TV that you may not be able to watch otherwise. Although this method is longer if you already have an HDMI cable and a laptop it is more cost-effective than buying an additional device. Here’s how to go about doing this:

  1. Grab an HDMI cable, as well as your laptop.
  2. Plugin one end of the HDMI cable to a port on your TV
  3. Once you’ve plugged your HDMI into the TV, put the other end into your laptop
  4. Switch the source to the HDMI port you have plugged your laptop into
  5. Open up the app you are looking to stream, and press play

Now you should be able to watch the latest episode of your programme on TV.


Similar to Amazon Prime is Roku, this device plugs directly into your TV and provides access to channels such as Netflix, Disney + and Now TV. Users find Roku a great alternative to using a smart TV as it has a simple and easy to use interface.


We hope these methods have been successful when it comes to resolving your Amazon Prime not working on your Panasonic TV error. However, if you are still experiencing issues with your Amazon Prime TV, get in contact with Prime Video for further support if you believe the app to be the sole issue.

If you believe your TV is causing the issue, here’s how to get in touch with Panasonic.