Recently, Amazon Fire Stick has become a staple in almost every smart home but an error such as the Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Freezing one can cause problems. This device is able to convert any TV into a smart TV. All you need to do is plug this USB-looking device into your TV or a power outlet. Connect it to your WiFi and enjoy access to multiple streaming platforms. These include Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, as well as Amazon Prime Video.  

Undoubtedly, devices such as the Stick have made out entertainment routine a lot more exciting. Thus, it can put a damper on your evening’s plans when they malfunction. A common complaint amongst users is that the Amazon Fire Stick keeps freezing. If you’re running into a similar problem, this article is just what you need. 

In this article, we will be guiding you on why your Amazon Fire Stick keeps freezing and how to resolve this issue. 

Why My Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Freezing

Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Freezing

While the Fire Stick is an extremely handy device, it can run into some issues. This typically happens when the device is shipped to you with little onboard memory. This can often lead to the Fire Stick lagging or freezing. 

Although this is a primary reason why your Amazon Fire Stick keeps freezing, there can be more pressing reasons for this. Keep reading to find out. 

Your Stick’s Memory is Full 

As we’ve mentioned, Fire Sticks have limited onboard memory. Thus, it’s extremely easy to find yourself out of space. Most of the time you’ll be displayed a low storage error

This is usually displayed when you either install the app. The best way to fix this issue is by freeing up some space on your device. However, the problem can still persist even once you’ve taken all the necessary measures. At this point, you may have to reset your device.

These issues arise because your Fire Stick’s software is designed to use available space to store app history. Since this is always shown as free space, it’s difficult to calibrate how much actual space you’ve got.  Check your memory by following this: 

Setting> Device> About

Your Fire Stick is Stuck on the Boot Logo

This is probably the first thing you should check. See if your Fire Stick is turning on completely. If you find that your FireStick is frozen on the boot logo, this could be due to one of the following: 

  • Hardware failure
  • HDMI connection failure
  • Software failure

Your Remote is Malfunctioning

Perhaps the last reason why your Amazon Fire Stick keeps freezing is that its remote is compromised. Try using your mobile phone as a Fire Stick device to be certain of this. 

If you’re able to carry out all the functions on your phone, there’s a high chance that the issue lies with the remote. A quick fix to this is replacing the batteries with new ones and then resetting your remote. Be sure to connect it back to the internet afterwards! 

Fixes to Try If Your Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Freezing

Fixing Your Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Freezing

Now that we’ve discussed some of the most common reasons why Amazon Fire Stick keeps freezing, we’ll move on to the solutions. 

Check Your Internet Connection 

This is helpful if you find yourself able to navigate through the Fire TV interface but the video content gets frozen up. Your internet connection is likely to blame. A great feature of the Fire OS is that it allows your to check internet/ WiFi connectivity. Here’s how:

  • Head to the Settings tab on your Fire TV interface. 
  • Navigate to Network, move the cursor to your WiFi network and then click Play/Pause on your remote. 
  • On the Connection Status page, make sure Connected to WiFi and Connected to the Internet options are checked. You should also make sure that the Signal Strenght reads “Very Good”. 

However, if you’re having issues with network signal strength, then consider the following: 

  • Restart your router
  • Reconnect your Amazon Fire Stick to the WiFi.

 If you’re not gaining a network connection, check the router’s admin panel and make sure your Stick has access to the internet.  

Unplug Your Fire Stick

It’s been noted that sometimes using your Fire Stick for extended periods of time while background apps are running can cause the device to freeze. Fix this by unplugging your device for a few minutes. 

This method is referred to as power-cycle—unplugging a device to force restart. It’s quite simple to perform:

  • Remove/ unplug your Amazon Fire Stick from the TV 
  • Plug it back in. Enjoy! 

Restart Your Fire Stick 

Another helpful solution when your Amazon Fire Stick keeps freezing is to restart the device. Do this following the easy 2-step process below: 

  • Press down on the Select and Play/Pause buttons at the same time.
  • Hold for 10-15 seconds until the device turns off and begins restarting. 

Congrats on successfully restarting your device! The great part about this solution is there are two ways of going about it. Here’s how you restart from the settings: 

  • From your Home screen, access Settings
  • Next, find the Device tab and click Restart
  • Firestick will begin restarting within a couple of seconds. 

Holding Down The Home Button 

You may be wondering how this could help your Fire Stick from freezing. Our source confirmed that this could help for a couple of reasons. 

  • Your Fire Stick remote is unpaired: A common issue is that the Fire Stick remote comes disconnected from the Fire Stick device itself. By holding the Home button down, you can repair the device within a couple of seconds. 
  • It Wakes Your Fire Stick Up: Keep in mind that a reason your Amazon Fire Stick keeps freezing could be because it’s asleep. This happens due to long periods of inactivity. To wake up, essentially un-freeze, your Stick, makes sure your remote has sufficient battery. Secondly, ensure that the remote is paired to your Fire Stick device. 
  • An App Caused a Glitch: If you’re using third-party APKs, chances are they’ve caused your Fire Stick to glitch and freeze up. Holding the Home button can help overcome this issue.

Concluding Thoughts on Why Amazon Fire Stick Keeps Freezing

We hope you found our guide on why your Fire Stick might be freezing and the ways you can resolve these issues. If you find that the problem still persists, you can post a query on Amazon’s forum, or get in touch with their customer careIf you found other solutions that were helpful, be sure to share them in the comment section down below! Our main aim is to provide helpful insights regarding tech and digital problems to its readers.