The buzzing sound of electronics, the persistent hiss of background interference, and the intrusive chatter of ambient surroundings are some of our recordings’ most common auditory intruders. The consequence? Distorted voices, muddled conversations, and a diminished overall listening experience.

Picture this scenario: You’ve captured a heartfelt interview, an essential podcast episode, or a memorable video, only to discover later that intrusive sounds plague the audio. These annoying sounds make it difficult for your audience to grasp the intended message.

To optimize such poor-quality voices into crystal clear sounds, an AI audio enhancer tool comes in handy!

Audio enhancer tools use AI and machine learning technology to clean up voices to optimize sound quality. These tools promise not just noise reduction but a transformation of audio recordings and ensure that the intended message is conveyed with crystal-clear precision.

In this article, we explore the 05 best voice enhancer tools with their capabilities for optimal audio quality.

So, without further ado, let’s start!

05 Best Audio Enhancement Tools

1) is your go-to online tool for enhancing the audio quality of your audio-video content. This professional-grade audio enhancer uses AI-powered technology to optimize sounds.

What sets it apart is its user-friendly interface that eliminates the need for expensive equipment or intricate studio setups. With just a few clicks, this software takes your sound quality to the next level.

Moreover, the versatility of shines through in its customizable enhancement options. You can fine-tune your audio based on specific needs, choosing from a range of enhancements, including:

  • Improve Quality: Enhance overall audio clarity and precision.
  • Reduce Background Sound: Minimize intrusive noises for a cleaner audio experience.
  • Clean-Up Speech: Focus on refining speech patterns and eliminating distortions.
  • Fix Loudness and Levels: Ensure balanced and consistent audio levels.

Beyond enhancement types, the tool caters to various content categories. You can select the specific type of content they want to improve, such as:

  • Mobile video
  • Interviews
  • Meetings
  • Voice recording
  • Video recording
  • And more.


It’s completely free. You can access the full suite of features and unlimited usage without any cost.


  • Intuitive interface.
  • Eliminates background noise for cleaner audio.
  • Enhance the clarity of speech content
  • Fine-tune voice loudness and levels to meet your preferences.
  • Unrestricted free access to all features without any charges.
  • Maximum file size constraint of 50MB.
  • Limited to recordings up to 5 minutes in length.
  • Elevate ordinary audio quality to a professional standard.
  • Tailor enhancements by choosing the type of content you want to improve.


  • Restricted to a maximum file size of 50MB, which may be limiting for larger recordings.


If you’re looking for a voice enhancer that deals perfectly with distracting background noise, is here to rescue your audio recordings. This AI voice enhancement tool offers a hassle-free and budget-friendly solution for content creators and podcasters.

Using this tool is easy and fun. Similar to, you simply need to select the preferred audio enhancement settings and content type.

Next, simply hit “ Enhance Audio” and the tool will improve the sound quality as per your selected settings.

Using this tool allows you to remove background noises, fix loudness, clear up speech, and improve the overall sound quality of your audio-video content.


Just like, this AI audio improver is entirely free to use with all of its features.


  • Effortless one-click noise removal.
  • Fast processing time.
  • Maintains audio quality.
  • Unlimited free usage.
  • Four different enhancement settings to choose from.
  • Supports different types of audio-video content.
  • AI-powered voice enhancer tool for noise removal.


  • Restricted by a cap on file size and duration.
  • Not best for larger recordings.

3)   Kapwing Audio Enhancer

Kapwing stands as a comprehensive creative studio with audio enhancement features — best for both personal and business users. Whether you’re removing background noise, silences, or boosting volume, Kapwing’s audio enhancer provides a wide range of features for optimal sound quality.

You can simply upload your audio file to Kapwing. It supports various formats like MP3, WAV, AVI, M4A, and more.

Next, you can utilize the available audio editing tools to enhance your audio – adjust volume, remove background noise, or automatically remove silences.

Once your enhancements are complete, export your project as an MP3 or add visual elements and overlay audio for an MP4 video. Share or download your new file effortlessly.

Beyond audio enhancement, Kapwing offers tools for resizing videos, creating animated subtitles, removing video backgrounds, and more.


Varies based on usage. Its Premium Pro subscription starts from $16.


  • Comprehensive audio enhancement options.
  • Cloud-based collaboration for teams.
  • Diverse toolset beyond audio enhancement.


  • Not all of its features come for free.
  • May feel overwhelming for simple tasks.
  • Some advanced features may require a learning curve.

4)   HitPaw AI Audio Enhancer

HitPaw’s AI audio enhancer is a widely-used sound improver tool that efficiently removes background sounds like hums, hisses, clicks, and beeps. This tool ensures clear, audible, and pleasant voices by recognizing and filtering unwanted distractions in the background of audio or video recordings.


  • Weekly: $0.71/day
  • Monthly: $0.33/day
  • Yearly: $0.27/day


  • Improves sound clarity and overall quality.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Reduces echoes in recordings.
  • Cleans up voice in real-time audio or video calls.
  • Removes background distortions.


  • Expensive for regular users or non-professionals.
  • Some features are restricted to premium subscribers.

5) is designed specifically for podcasters and offers a complete set of tools for podcast creation. It includes a paid AI audio enhancer tool that claims to make your audio sound like a studio-quality recording.


It costs you around $11.99 per month.


  • Tailored for podcasters’ needs.
  • Specialized AI audio enhancer.
  • Comprehensive podcast creation features.


  • Limited application beyond podcasting.
  • It may not be as feature-rich as all-in-one solutions.


All the above-mentioned AI audio enhancer tools work best to optimize your sound quality and transform your audio recordings into professional-grade experiences. While each tool has its unique features and strengths, the ultimate choice depends on your specific needs and preferences.

For the most accessible and free solution, both and stand out with their intuitive interface and versatile enhancement options at no cost at all.

So, do try them out and enjoy optimal sounds in your audio-video content.